December 350 Blocks Report

Posted on December 31, 2020 by prairiemoonquilts in 350 Blocks Project

This is it! The final report of 2020! Our last chance to count our blocks made this year.

I didn’t have a productive month of December, at least not as far as making blocks goes. I made two lone little 9-Patch blocks, and didn’t even take a photo of one of them! Here’s the one I did take a picture of:

So my December total is TWO, for a yearly total of 844 for me this year. Better than I expected, given how things were going! But that’s part of the fun of counting — finding out you did more than you think you did, and how it all adds up!

I know December is a hectic month for a lot of people. Christmas preparation, end-of-year activities and things to wrap up, and time off for the holidays themselves.

So how did you do?

Leave a comment and report in your totals. I have the Project Page updated from last month’s report, and I’m giving you until Jan. 8th to report in your final totals. Then I’m gonna wrap things up, and hand out the prizes, so we can get started on the 2021 version of The 350 Blocks Project! That’ll kick off on the 15th, so be sure and check back in. Don’t forget to start counting your 2021 blocks tomorrow, tho!

The  November prize winner is Sharon G. And since there are two Sharon Gs, I’ll just send you both a prize, then there’s no confusion! Sharon G #1 had 490 blocks at the end of November. Sharon G #2 had 362 blocks at the end of November.

I’m excited to see what our end-of-year statistics will be! Stay tuned for the report!

56 responses to “December 350 Blocks Report”

  1. Meloney Funk says:

    I have a final total of 1575 for blocks or equivelant completed this year.
    It’s not been a great year for me, but almost 300 yards of fabric used. I bought more than normal too. 🙁

  2. Judy Sovereign says:


  3. Judy Sovereign says:

    Not sure what happened but got 125 done. Lots of EPP. Hope all have a good new year.

  4. sharonG says:

    I finished 32 blocks this month for a total of 522 for the year. I also have a -76.5 yds of accumulated fabric (new purchases – used) I only counted completed projects and spent the year buying mostly absolutely necessary fabric to complete projects. I donated more than 50 yards but that doesn’t count in my accumulation.
    No worries, I still have more than I can use in 3 lifetimes

  5. Wendy says:

    64 blocks for me this month, for a year total of 679. Thanks for continuing to host this, Shelly!

  6. Danice says:

    Only 2 blocks for me in December. Thank you for another fun year of 350 Blocks.

  7. Sharon Gratz says:

    Thank you, Shelly. 2021 is starting out good to me. lol I only made 29 blocks in December but that’s ok since I reached over the goal of 350. There were other things I accomplished this year because of you and your posted challenges, Shelly. Thank you.

  8. KT says:

    Just 15 blocks for me in December, but I did finish the few Christmas gifts I made in time to get them wrapped and under the tree before Christmas day.

  9. Elle says:

    I made 176. A great month for me!

    202 was a terrific sewing year overall. 52 finishes and 264 masks. Over 350 yards were sewn up 🙂

    Thanks for doing this every year!

    Happy New Year everyone 🥂

  10. Deanna says:

    When a person isn’t sleeping much, they have more time to SEW! 126 blocks for December. 570 for the year. That is the most since I started keeping track. Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. Amanda M. says:

    In December I made 349 blocks for 9 projects and only 1 of them was a new one. That brings my year total to 1,001! I can’t believe I made that many but looking back through my notebook I have projects I forgot about. I also have 7 projects that the blocks need sewn together so that I can then get them quilted and gone. Sure nice to have my own long arm to quilt as I get the motivation. I’m definitely in for ’21 as I have my notebook set up and ready to go. More ice overnight means more sewing time! Thank you for doing this !

  12. denniele says:

    129 blocks for December! But very soon that huge temperature quilt will be able to be counted!!!!Well done on the cooking and weight thing! It isn’t easy. Hoping the New Year is a great one!

  13. Cathy Wight says:

    Only 4 for me this month…

  14. mimisdarlins says:

    So, I’ve been super busy the past few months, made nine quilts for my family for Christmas! Many did not have regular blocks, so my block totals have been rather sparse since Sept. But I can add 55 blocks for December, not quite reaching my yearly goal but so great to see all those smiling faces on Christmas morning 🙂
    Thanks for another year of motivation and support!

  15. Louise says:

    98 blocks for me this month.

  16. Maxine E says:

    I made zero blocks for December. I barely had enough Christmas spirit to put up the tree and hang up the stockings. It was not a very productive year for me. I did start quilting the Christmas quilt gift the day after Christmas, so she will get it by end of January. Here’s hoping to a better mindset in 2021. Happy New Year everyone!

  17. Susan says:

    I have lost track of everything, so I’m reporting 0 blocks for December, which gives me a total of 221 blocks for 2020. You did great for the year!

  18. Diana S says:

    I managed 4 blocks for the month. Wasn’t very focused this past year. Flitted from one thing to another!! Did get some UFOs off the books. Still have more to work on and hopefully finish. Looking forward to being more productive in 2021. Thanks for doing this Shelly. It’s fun. Happy New Year!

    New email.

  19. Julie M. says:

    I had 39 blocks for December. A total of 725 for the year. How come my stash doesn’t reflect it? I’m excited to see if I can beat that number for next year.

  20. Marsha P. says:

    19 blocks in Dec. but almost 200 yards used in quilts, charity sewing and donation to a local mask making project. Looking forward to participating in 2021. I appreciate your “cheerleading” efforts.

  21. Paula Mu in NE OH says:

    I ended up with 14 blocks this month. I made the 12 Days of Christmas top with Temecula Quilt company and a few small 1 block wall hangings. I was in a funk this month and couldn’t get motivated to sew much. Thanks for organizing this. It was lots of fun.

  22. Fran says:

    Was busy sewing things for Christmas and only made 35 blocks.

  23. Wanda says:

    14 blocks for 350 blocks. I’m nowhere close to 350. I have spent hours organizing downstairs. I had two rooms of fabric in basement that I have had major advances.

  24. Christi Bentley says:

    I finished 84. Participated in a couple of quilt-alongs, so that helped.

  25. Hi, Shelly. Put me down for 21 blocks. Are we doing this next year?

  26. Barbara B says:

    I completed 84 blocks in December. Happy New Year

  27. Karen E. says:

    I completed 107 blocks in December for a YTD total of 1854.

    Thank you, Shelly, for all you do for us. I’m sending warm wishes for a healthy and happy 2021 for you and your Cowboy.

  28. Linda Knight says:

    Finally I got to make some blocks and finished 72 for December. I also quilted and bound 4 throw size quilts thanks to my sister, Rose Marie, piecing tops for donation quilts and sending them to me. We are on a quest to use up scraps to lessen the stash but no matter how many scraps we use it seems we still have MORE!
    I now have 2 more to quilt and will then have 11 ready to donate.

  29. Debra Freese says:

    45 blocks for December.
    16 for the Scissors Happy wall quilt.
    18 using the GoMe fabric cutter from my daughter.
    6 for #dollquiltswaptbns2021
    and 5 log cabin scrap blocks.
    If my math is right I made a total of 757 in 2020.

  30. Dianne says:

    Only did 52 blocks for December (surprised I did that many!) BUT I DID get 6 Quilts completely DONE!!! (Well, one I’ll finish binding while watching football this weekend) Thank you – I’ve never kept track of my work so this was an interesting project! Thank you and totally enjoyed your messages all year!!!

  31. Raewyn says:

    It sounds like some people managed some good tallies for December – I got to 64 – yaay!! I challenged myself to make/blog a block and surpassed my expectations…to make up for some very low other months, but I still didn’t hit 350. Happy New Year – I hope the snow clears for a bit so all the animals can have a bit of fresh air…

  32. Clara says:

    64 blocks for my December total. Other sewing finishes included a binding done on a quilt to be gifted in February for an anniversary, one baby quilt and two Christmas placemats. I’m looking forward to several projects in 2021…it’s hard for me to resist mystery BOMs and I’ve seen a couple to tempt me. Hopefully, my fabric supply will have all the ingredients.
    Happy New Year to you and your Cowboy, Shelly!

  33. Sally H says:

    27 blocks – made long Chevron braids , so divided into 10” sections to get block count (3 x 70” + 6 11″ sections.) It’s so amazing to look at block totals for the year–sometimes I don’t feel productive, though I quilted a lot of charity & gift quilts and only have one top waiting.

  34. Raewyn says:

    Hi Shelly, and Happy New Year! This month I challenged myself to sew a block a day (and blog about it) and totalled 64 -yaay!! It was a good way to end the year as I’ve had some pretty slow months lately.

  35. Mary D. says:

    The only blocks I made in December were for the Flock Together sew along Sew Sweet had. I made mine larger and am counting the flying geese in groups of 6 to make 24 blocks.

  36. Beverly says:

    I am not counting any for December as I am waiting to finish making the blocks for that quilt, which is one of my UFO’S.
    I am hoping to be able to make more blocks in 2021, as I did not get many done in 2020.

  37. Pam says:

    86 blocks for December

  38. christopher thomas says:

    well this has been a year that we will never forget, but I for one am glad that it is over….

    i was able to get 402 blocks done this month of december,

    i sent out over 200 christmas cards to friends and family and they all had a nine patch in them just a little something that they can look at from time to time or whatever they would like to do with it

    i will be hitting the ground running next week and i would like to do a quilt a week….best part is that i will cut the fabric on monday thur thursday and sew it all together on the weekends……so i think i might be able to reach my goal….we will see…

    i finished up the last ufo that i had on new years eve so i was glad to report that i am starting the new year clean….lol….

    so happy quilting everyone and have a fablous new year

  39. Marsha Y. says:

    I finished some units for blocks, but my completed block total for December is zero. I do want to thank you for the challenge to clean up sewing area and cutting table. It inspired me to get started on 2021 in a positive way so hopefully I will have a good total for January!!!! I also want to thank you for your kind words during the years as I struggled with health problems which prevented me from completing many of my projects. I always enjoy your blog! May God bless you!

  40. Debbi says:

    Guess I missed this post and didn’t report my Dec blocks. Well it was a measley 20 blocks but there were bindings and finishes for the month so I’m good.

  41. Barb Roberts says:

    I made it to 92 this month, mostly for a new quilt I started just before Christmas. If my math is correct that puts me at 1141 blocks for the year! Really fun and challenging blocks this year.

  42. December wasn’t my best month for making blocks but here’s my count;
    December 28 Blocks
    Previous Total: 1177.5
    YTD Total: 1205.5
    I’m happy with my year, but hoping next year will be better 😉. Happy New Year to all!

  43. Ginabeth says:

    I had a total of 16. Better than I thought because we moved. My sewing room is a total mess. I wanted to do your 3 day push, but I only came up with some ideas. Hope you keep me down for 2021 365 blocks.
    Thanks for all you do!!!

  44. Darlene says:

    I have a total of 20 for December. A lot of binding happened! Finished 4 quilts for grandkids for Christmas. Once my cutting table is cleaned I will start the other 2 for birthday gifts in August.
    The next few weeks need to be for organizing.

  45. Delana says:

    I have a zero for December. Between COVID and getting ready for Christmas, I didn’t even go near my sewing machine.

  46. Karrin Hurd says:

    With the making of Christmas gifts, I only got 13 done in December, a total of 580 for the year. Thanks so much Shelly for this motivation!

  47. Randy Menninghaus says:

    33 blocks for December. I decided to make a Bonnie Hunt pattern that had yards of string borders so my block count we down. I didn’t count for a couple of months but got back to quilting and counting After multiple losses of lists I now put painters tape on my machine and use that each month to check off my totals.

  48. Joan says:

    My December total was 86 blocks. Total for the year was 2160 blocks. Was interesting looking back over the months and the quilts made with those blocks. AND the fabric that got eaten up!
    I am most proud of the fact that I kept ontop of all the little one inch strips and pieces made into blocks that I continue to work on… I have four quilts in progress that use those tiny pieces. It took a pandemic to address this issue!

  49. I think I forgot to report in. I completed 79 blocks for December. A great way to finish the year.

  50. Suelynn Williams says:

    Sorry to be late – only finished 2 blocks at the beginning of the month. 4 languished the rest of the month on the ironing board needing pressing and fusing.

  51. PAULA M MORGAN says:

    Dec. was a blur, everything started out well, I have no recollection to having completed any blocks… a few rows managed to get sewn… Truly holding out hope 2021 will be a better year for sewing!

  52. Stephanie says:

    I spent all of December assembling things and quilting. So, pretty much no blocks. Right at the end, I made two 12 piece rows of an allover tumbler pattern, so I’ll call that two blocks.

  53. Marlene Clausen says:

    84 blocks for December. Ended the month with a flurry of UFO completions. All were quilt tops waiting to be quilted. That meant nice, relaxing evenings doing hand work and binge watching Madam Secretary.

  54. Stephanie says:

    I spent December assembling and quilting, so zero blocks for me this time.

  55. Michele says:

    I had 38 blocks, for a total of 618 for the year.
    Looking forward to 2021 🙂

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