Welcome to Cultivating Your Creativity with Prairie Moon Quilts!

This page has links to all the Creativity Challenges I’ve posted over time.
Do one, do all, pick and choose, it’s up to you — but I do hope you’ll join in!
Read more about the Creativity Challenges HERE.
Read all the challenges individually HERE.

Challenge #1: Doodle for at least 30 minutes

Challenge #2: Make your initial out of something

Challenge #3: Write down random words you hear

Challenge #4: Color in your coloring book!

Challenge #5: Illustrate an object 4 different ways

Challenge #6: Make a drawing using only crayons

Challenge #7: Start a junk journal or smash book

Challenge #8:  Go back and work more on some of your previous challenges

Challenge #9: Read some poetry

Challenge #10: Illustrate a passage from a poem

Challenge #11: Add more doodling to the beginning doodle, or add color to it

Challenge #12: Make a mini quilt

Challenge #13: Color with crayons!

Challenge #14: Set yourself up for being more creative

Challenge #15: Divide a page into small sections and make daily drawings in the sections

Challenge #16: Draw something with colored markers

Challenge #17: Illustrate something you don’t particularly care for

Challenge #18: Work on some hand lettering

Challenge #19: Use something unexpected as a base for a drawing

Challenge #20: Use watercolor paints

Challenge #21: Illustrate your name

Challenge #22: Go back and work on a previous challenge that you don’t have finished

Challenge #23: Paint a watercolor background

Challenge #24: Read a book on Creativity

Challenge #25: Doodle or draw on top of your watercolor background

Challenge #26: Make some tiny art on a sectioned page

Challenge #27: Learn something new

Challenge #28: Illustrate a word three different ways

Challenge #29: Pick something you’re working on and give it a little extra