The 350 Blocks Project

Welcome to The 350 Blocks Project: 2017

Here you will find information on each month’s goals during the project, plus the list of participants and how many blocks they’ve made so far. For more information on how the project works, click HERE.

February’s Block Goal: 35

Year-to-Date total: 62


Amber: XX

Amy: XX

Andrea: 186

Angela: 36

Angie: 44

Barb B.: 0

Barb S.: XX

Barbara B.: 59

Barbara W.: 475

Becky: 83

Becka: XX

Betty K.: XX

Beverly: 10

Carolyn: 134

Cathy S.: 12

Celine: XX

Cheryl: 61

Cindy S.: XX

Crystal: 108

Colleen: XX

Coralie: XX

Cynthia: 8

Darlene: XX

Deanna: 45

Delana: XX

Denniele: 77

Donna: 12

Elaine: XX

Elizabeth: 10

Eva: XX

Hope: XX

Jackie: 6

Janet D.: XX

Janet V.: 202

Joy: 17

Judy: XX

Julie G.: XX

Julie S.: XX



Karen E.: XX

Kathi: XX

Kathy F.: 10

Katie Q.: XX

Katie Z.: 68

Katy Katy: XX

Kirsten: XX

Kris: XX

Leah: 29

Leslie: XX

Linda C.: XX

Linda Kn.: 6

Lori: 47

Louise: 115

Margaret: XX

Marlene: XX

Mary: 69

Mary D.: 33

Maxine: XX

Melissa: XX

Meloney: 69

Mimi’s Darlins: 64

Pam D.: 48

Pam M.: XX

Pat: XX

Patty: XX

Randy: 49

Rebecca: XX

Rose Marie: 78

Shelly (that’s me!): 12

Sherry V.: 6

Sheryl: 150

Stephanie: 93

Suelynn: 91

Susan: XX

Susan N.: 29

Wendy: 77

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The statistics and winners from 2015 are posted HERE!