July 350 Blocks Report

Posted on July 31, 2019 by prairiemoonquilts in 350 Blocks Project

I didn’t blog much this past month! Part of my problem is that it has suddenly become nearly impossible to get my photos from my iPad onto my computer. I have to fuss with it for way too long just to get it to work, and I haven’t had time to devote to that. But I hope to get back to a regular schedule soon.

I’ve also been really hard at work preparing the new Block-of-the-Month quilts and pattern for Sew Sweet Quilt Shop, and the big reveal happens August 10th at the shop, so I’m really excited to have the quilts done and get to show them to you! So excited. Really really excited for you to get to see them. Really! If you’re not within range of the shop to come see them in person, keep your eyes peeled here on the 10th and I’ll post them here.

I did much better on blocks this month because I went to a retreat and sewed like the wind for 5 days!

My total this month is 151 — woohoo! My best month yet, but I have no more retreats scheduled, so this may be my best month all year.

Wanna see what I worked on?

I made 63 of these blocks from Cowboy fabrics. Now to finish getting them set together.

I made 8 more blocks for my guild mystery quilt, which I’ll just wait and show you when the quilt is finished.

I made two guild exchange blocks for Sandra. A propellor block . . .

. . . and a bow tie block:

I made 26 of these sawtooth stars for the border of a panel I can’t show you just yet until this quilt is gifted and in its new owner’s hands, so here’s just a sneak peek for now:

And I finished the Butterfly Quilt for my daughter’s best friend’s sister’s new baby, Sophia Georgette! I put the link to the pattern in THIS post. This came out so cute, I just may need to make another one!

Now . . . it’s your turn! What did you get done in July?

As usual, I’ve updated the Project page as current as I can get it at the time of this post, and I’ll update it again in a few days after most of the new totals have trickled in. Please report in with your new totals, and let us all know how you did this past month. We’re full into the second half of this year now!

Our new block making goal for August is 35 blocks, for a year-to-date total of 227.

The prize winner for June is Pam M., who has made 330 blocks so far this year — yay!

I’m wishing us all a productive sewing month of August! I know it’s a busy month, so good luck to us all on getting that sewing time in!

Happy Stitching!

61 responses to “July 350 Blocks Report”

  1. Crystal F says:

    Only 20 blocks this month…the call of the weeds keep me busy.

  2. Linda Knight says:

    I made 16 blocks this month, all of which are trees of various shapes and colors. I need 30 for a quilt and I finished the last one today.

  3. Louise says:

    I made 110 blocks this month. I also machine quilted and bound two lap size quilts for donation to my local cancer treatment center. After being treated for two different cancers in the last 12 months, I am very cognizant of the need for comfort items for cancer patients.

  4. Angela says:

    I’m so happy to hear you got your quilting mojo back!
    I made 197 log cabin blocks this month and completed two applique blocks.

  5. Scarlett Ragas says:

    Great job! No blocks for Jason or I, too many kids in the house. ..lol

  6. Wanda Marvel says:

    Well, I made 2 blocks. 😼

  7. Maxine E says:

    11 blocks for me this month. I am slowly getting back to wanting to sew. I hate being in this funk!

  8. denniele says:

    I am always excited to see where your mind has gone for the BOM! 100 blocks this month. How it ended up such an even number…I have no idea.

  9. Randy Menninghaus says:


  10. Ginny S says:

    Well 12 blocks for July. I have 41 blocks almost done but that doesn’t count.

  11. Debbi says:

    Whoa! The month went by fast! Made only 2 blocks but have been cutting kits so there are lots of future blocks to look forward too😁. Looking forward to seeing your reveal!

  12. Karen E. says:

    I made 222 blocks during July. They were simple blocks, and now I need to get busy sewing those blocks into charity quilts. That should keep me plenty busy during August!

  13. Kari Elliott says:

    I have lost my quilting mojo.,,have 10 all ready to sew but have yet to step foot in room to do so…my total is 0! The good news is there is another month next month. I am knitting at present working on a sock and a sweater so at least I am doing some hand work! I am working for the least blocks completed this year…think we need this as a category…😂

  14. Sandy says:

    I love it all Shelly!! Especially the western blocks. Did the butterfly go together quickly? I have the pattern.

  15. Peggy says:

    I fashioned the bird blocks and a pinwheel block made last month into a 25″ x 25″ table topper for my daughter’s birthday in August. Did all walking foot quilting on it. In addition I started a custom quilt for a friend, making 84 flying geese blocks and 4 pinwheel blocks. So thats’s 88 blocks for July.

  16. Stephanie says:

    A mix of blocks for me this time, some easy, some with loads of pieces. 4 different projects. 48+25+20+7 for a total of 100 – woohoo.

  17. Rose Marie Smith says:

    I did 122 blocks this month. I wonder sometimes if I spend too much time at the sewing machine. Okay, enough of worrying about that. On with more!!

  18. Angie in SoCal says:

    Been too busy having summer fun, plus trying to stay cool, so put me down for 2.

  19. Marcia in TX says:

    I did 9 patriotic coasters, 19 16patch blocks, 21 snowballed angel blocks, then put a 3 inch plain border around them to bring it to a flimsy. Then I quilted a Quilt begun earlier this year. I have no idea how to count the snowballed blocks so we will just count the coasters and 16 patch blocks making my total for this month 28.

  20. G. Catherine Wight says:

    I forgot to keep track exactly but it was about 25 blocks. Going to retreat in about a week or so – hoping to increase that exponentially!!!

  21. Beverly Vendt says:

    None. Went to kids camp for a week. Had to get ready for our next adventure. I can’t wait till I’ll be able to quilt again.

  22. Diana S says:

    I love your cowboy blocks Shelly. And that butterfly quilt is a keeper! I had a productive month 136 blocks. 60 for 1 top, 10 for different table runners and 66 for blocks for donation quilts. Will need to get some of these put together into tops in August!

  23. Amanda M. says:

    Thanks to retreating to Uncle’s house and bringing down the big old dining room table for all of my paraphernalia in the living room I stayed productive through the hot weather. I worked on blocks for 8 projects for a total of 125 blocks. I’m very happy that I now have some of the UFO’s closer to being done; they just need constructed into tops or just get quilted.

  24. Wendy says:

    As far as I can remember, only 15. I’ve been doing a bunch of secret sewing, and I haven’t kept good track. So we’ll go with 15 because I can account for those.

  25. Paula M says:

    I completed 34 blocks for the 100 day 100 block sal- my other cutting endeavors will be added to next months tally – Faded Glory flag quilt, plus Kevin the Quilter 2 color scrappy SAL – still in the collecting and cutting stage and its already month 2!

  26. Ginny says:

    I messed up. I realized after I wrote yesterday that I had missed several blocks so my total for July is 21 not as in my earlier post.
    I have been making the cutest tree hanging from pinterest. good use of left over pieces of material

  27. KT says:

    36 blocks for me. I’ve been busy with work and trying to finish up a couple of gift quilts–the graduation quilt is done and gifted, just one more to finish for Saturday….wish me luck!

  28. Betty K says:

    I can’t believe I made 103 blocks for July. Most of them for a new quilt top but a few cat mats and 1 BOM and 5 BOW.

  29. Deanna says:

    42 blocks for me. Total 274. It has been a good summer…but I am in awe of your totals this month. Well done!

  30. Tonia says:

    I am working on creating flying geese out of leftover snowball corners–I think they are part of a scrappy star something–I did finish a top with sashing and borders that is headed for the quilter this morning. Oh, and I am working on a small wall hanging/flag that is an iron on applique that has been haunting me for years. I determined that the hummingbird will be DONE by Sept. 1–so the sad story is, a lot is accomplished for July, but only 4 blocks. Congratulations to our Prairie Moon quilting friends who got lots of blocks done this month!!!

  31. Carolyn Schomaker says:

    Got two blocks completed. A number of string blocks under construction. After reading your posts I did make 144HST for mystery quilt. They will probably be part of larger block so don’t know whether they count or not.

  32. Debi Franklin says:

    I’ve been busy sewing when it’s too hot outside, and then in the yard when it cools down. I pulled together 3, yes three, quilts last month. I’ll need to focus some time to quilt them, but quilt wrestling will be on hold for a bit while we travel some more. My total block count for July was 95!

  33. sharonG says:

    SHaronG I made 80 blocks and quilted and bound 2 quilts in July. For me a really good month.

  34. Clara says:

    I look forward to seeing this year’s BOM for Sew Sweet Quilt shop. The shop sends me the blocks by mail since I do not live close by.
    31 blocks for July–I am also sewing the 100 Days 100 Blocks project using my scraps. It’s fun. My other major project was completing the quilt top for my LQS BOM with blocks that were counted in previous months.

  35. Julie M says:

    I completed 51 blocks for July in spite of a vacation without a sewing machine.

  36. Joy says:

    Was able to get 23 blocks made in July. Not too bad since I was away a lot.

  37. Christi Bentley says:

    I did 110 very simple blocks for a quilt, and I got them webbed and completely sewn together. I also did 2 blocks for the BOM and 3 of Bonnie Hunter’s new leader/ender challenge, so in total, 115! Somehow, it didn’t feel like I got that many completed! Looking forward to seeing your new BOM for Sew Sweet!

  38. Karen says:

    Glad you got your sewing mojo back. Love those cowboy star blocks and that butterfly quilt is amazing! I’m afraid my total is a big zero for July.

  39. Cheryl says:

    I did 32 blocks in July. Your butterfly quilt is adorable!!!

  40. Marilyn Holder says:

    July blocks: 60. Using up scraps and other fabric making 2 give-away quilts.

  41. Marilyn Holder says:

    July blocks: 60. Using up scraps and other fabric making 2 give-away quilts. Love your butterfly!

  42. Pam Martin says:

    75 blocks for me in July – I finished 2 quilts from panels for a quilt camp challenge among friends. I’ve started a third panel and have made 14 star blocks so far.

  43. 28 blocks for me in July. I also quilted and bound 1 baby quilt, and did extensive embroidery this month.

  44. 57 blocks for my July total, bringing me to 258 for the year. August is going to be more of a finishing month, but I still hope to have at least 30 blocks to stay on track! I love all your star blocks, and a 5-day retreat sounds like Heaven to me.

  45. Sherry says:

    68 for me, but have a retreat in September so hopefully I will get a lot done.

  46. Joan Powell says:

    Gorgeous Baby Quilt! I completed 4 New York Beauty blocks this month-sigh… Two months under the count for me… But I did enter many completed quilts from the last two years in the fair. Fun to see them on display. Enjoy your posts. Thank you.

  47. Cynthia says:

    I had a good month with 151 blocks. Technology is great when it works but when it doesn’t I want to throw it out a window.

  48. Cynthia says:

    I had a good month with 151 blocks. Technology is great when it works but when it doesn’t I want to throw it out a window.

  49. katie z. says:

    256 new blocks for a total of 1196 for the year! Oh, yes, and I had a baby!


  50. I made 15 blocks. I finally have a sewing space! Yeah Me.

  51. Marsha Y. says:

    Only two blocks this month. I have many blocks in various stages of being finished so hope to have a much better total next month. Spent too much time with long arm quilting this month and tendinitis is my right foot didn’t help either. Love your blocks with cowboy fabric!!!

  52. Shirley Guier says:

    I finished Victoria’s farmhouse large and doll quilt. I’ll call that 25 for the big one and 5 for the doll quilt. I also had 4 blocks for the guild. Total of 34 blocks. I’m still quilting on farmhouse but almost done. Its taken me a long time because I couldn’t decided on what to do where! Too much think time!

  53. Darlene says:

    Hi, Total of 14 blocks for me. I also sewed 5 rows of a quilt I will count when completed as I don’t feel right counting all the 1 1/2” 4 patches😊!
    I can’t wait to see the big reveal on the 10th and your completed cowboy quilt at a later date.

  54. Judy Smith says:

    I’m participating in Kevin the Quilters Mystery so made lots of little 9patches. 95 of them so far. That should help my numbers.

  55. Janet D says:

    My completions are lagging lately…9 blocks in July. I’ve started a quilt that has multiple small blocks to make 1 larger block, so there’s LOTS of piecing but it seems to go nowhere for ages…still so much fun though.

  56. Marlene Clausen says:

    Nothing like be a “little late” in reporting in! Saw your post, went to count, forgot count, repeat. Forgot to report. That was pretty much how July went and August is going. The good news is that I am running a little late; but, actually getting a lot accomplished.
    Count for July: `124

  57. Mary D. says:

    Put me down for a big ole goose egg. I can’t remember ever not sewing so much. I have worked on a few things, but not enough to count any blocks. Lots of babysitting, cattle chasing, gardening, fair going and laziness instead!
    I’ll do better next month…..I hope.

  58. Barbara B says:

    I completed 65 blocks in July.

  59. Sharon Gratz says:

    I thought I had posted but don’t see me. Maybe I forgot to click I am not a robot. lol My July number is 46.

  60. Danice says:

    Forgot to post my July total of 36 blocks. Things have been hectic around here,

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