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Posted on May 16, 2019 by prairiemoonquilts in Inspiration, Quilt-Alongs & Bees

I’ve been seeing so many cute things that look like they’d be fun online lately. It’s all I can do not to start some of them!

So, I thought I’d share them with you, and just live vicariously through watching other people do them, until I get my own mess a bit more under control.

Let’s begin with the one project I WILL be doing, because I have the perfect recipient in mind for it, and it’ll be quick, AND I don’t have to buy anything in order to make it, which will help in the stash reduction efforts going on in my studio. Win!

It’s this Butterfly Patch by Lella Boutique — isn’t it darling?

She’s doing an online Quilt-Along for it right now, so if you want to join in and be eligible for prizes, just visit her blog HERE to get in on that. Also, the pattern is on sale right now, so . . . Bargain! I’m not doing it as part of the quilt-along, because I know myself well enough to know I can’t keep up, but I love it so much, I bought the pattern and will be making it real soon for a special person.

I totally stole this photo from Vanessa just to tempt you. Did I mention the pattern is on sale?

Here’s another one I’m sorely tempted to make, because . . . chickens! It’s by Allison Harris of Cluck, Cluck, Sew, and you can get the pattern HERE. I refrained from stealing her photo, so you’ll have to click over to see it. You’ll love it! I may go ahead and buy the pattern and stash it away for future use. Because . . . chickens!

And lastly, here’s an entire post with links to free pixel quilts. I’m in love with several of them, and they would be great scrap busters. Where to start first is the only question!

I’ve already downloaded the rose quilt pattern from Riley Blake, so I’m getting ready . . .

Enjoy the links, and I’ll be back soon with some machine quilting inspiration.

9 responses to “Sum Fun Lynx”

  1. I have seen the butterfly design and think it would make a wonderful quilt. I hope to see you working on it soon.

  2. Tia Hockenberry says:

    Eeeeeee…. I need the chickens!! So adorable!

  3. Shirley Guier says:

    The pixel quilts look like big cross stitch! I have to get all my quilts that have been started or fabric bought for under control also. Where do you find all the time to even find more stuff. I don’t want to look at new things until I get more done here. I did good last month!

  4. Cindy Spearman says:

    I love the chickens quilt. I made one quite awhile ago, but I really like this one.

  5. Diana says:

    Love the butterfly. Shouldn’t but will probably get it! Will look at the others later. Did anybody ever tell you that you are an enabler?😊 after all if I had any resistance to patterns and fabrics I wouldn’t be do far behind on my want to make list!

  6. Ginny says:

    Thank you for sharing. The butterfly and chickens are great. Know who is going to get the Butterfly, I think I have most of the fabric for it too! Yes, you are enabler but I can handle it. I am responsible for myself. I wouldn’t see most of what you share without you.

  7. I love the butterfly and the chickens. I may have to try to do one of them…

  8. Scarlett says:

    Too many projects, too little time! I saw that adorable chicken quilt at Market!

  9. Meloney Funk says:

    You did so well. I made 22 blocks this month. πŸ™ that is why when I bought fabric, I went in the red for the month, but not the year. πŸ™‚

    Love that butterfly

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