It’s Panel Challenge Submission Time!

Posted on April 30, 2021 by prairiemoonquilts in Challenges

Woohoo! But seriously, how is it April 30th already??

Do you have your Panel Challenge projects finished?

It’s time to submit them for the voting. I gave instructions for it in my last Panel Challenge update, but I’ll repeat them here. We already have 23 entries as of this morning! So I’m expecting a lot more over the weekend, as folks finish up. I’m so excited!

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Email a photo of your project to me at An attachment works great. Once I receive it, I will respond to your message to let you know I received it so you will know that it came through. That way, we can know it’s not lost in the ether of cyberland, and you will have a legitimate entry in the challenge. So if you send me an entry, and you don’t hear back from me, please check in so we can get it figured out. I don’t want anyone to get left out inadvertently.
  2. The deadline is officially today, but I’m giving you until midnight on Sunday, May 2nd, to get your photos submitted, since it’s a weekend, and if we have email snafus or whatnot, we’re covered and no one gets excluded. So that’s a few extra hours you can use to get finished up!
  3. Remember, your project needs to be finished (if it’s not a quilt), and if it IS a quilt, then it can be a finished top, but completely finished is even better. But no partially completed projects are eligible.
  4. When you send your photo, please provide your name as you wish it to appear for voting, and a name for your quilt or project, so I’ll have a clear way to identify it for the voting.
  5. If you have more than one completed project you’d like to submit, go right ahead. Submit as many entries as you like.
  6. There will be THREE prizes: a first, second, and third Viewer’s Choice, determined by the voting. I’ll probably also do an Honorable Mention . . . we’ll see. I’m just hoping there’s not a tie that I won’t know how to handle! I’ll announce the official prizes on Monday.
  7. My plan is to post all the entries on Monday, May 3rd, where you can browse them, choose your favorite, and then go vote. That may have to happen on a separate page that you will have to visit because there are so many entries (a good problem to have), and then there will be another link to a page where you vote — I’m still getting it all set up — let’s hope I can make it work! If there’s some sort of snag, we’ll just keep trying till we get it working. This is highly informal!

My Panel is slowly turning into blocks!

I’m not eligible for the voting, so I’m taking my time! (Excuses, excuses!)

I’m looking forward to some more panel submissions, so get finished, and send yours in! If you have any questions, or issues submitting your entry, just give me a holler, and I’ll do my best to help, so no one gets left out. This is gonna be so fun!

13 responses to “It’s Panel Challenge Submission Time!”

  1. Bernie says:

    Phew! My quilt top is just now finished! Talk about procrastination. But I am very happy with how it turned out. I will get a photo to you in a little bit. Thanks for hosting this. I am excited to see what everyone chose to do with their panel! It should give me inspiration for the next panel project.

  2. mimisdarlins says:

    I’m just attaching the binding to the back of my wall quilt. It has about 8,000 parallel stitching lines in the quilting, so I’m surprised I finished it. Maybe I’ve exaggerated a bit, but it’s a lot of quilting. I had fun though, thanks!

  3. Wow, just finished mine last night. My post was published today and will be sending you a pic and the link to my blog post!! Thanks for spurring me along with this challenge!

  4. Amanda M. says:

    I had aimed to get mine done but that didn’t happen. I really need to become better at time management. I did get my panel found and cut apart so I’m happy with that much progress!

  5. Your panels are so lovely in the center of the stars. Thanks for organizing the challenge, happy stitching!

  6. Angie in SoCal says:

    I laughed when I read “so I’m taking my time (excuses, excuses).” You bring happiness to my day. Mine’s winging it way to you thru cyberspace.

  7. Janet M Smith says:

    I had mine almost finished, then life happened. Darn, and it’s going to be so cute.

  8. I love the fabrics, colours and progress on yours so far Shelly. Looking forward to seeing the finish. Thanks for organizing another fun Challenge. Mine is as done as it can be until I can travel to my studio and you have my photo.😉

  9. Andrea MH says:

    I am so looking forward to seeing what others have done as well as my own in with them all.

  10. Joan says:

    Sorry, no time to complete this by the deadline… Looking forward to seeing those that are entered.

  11. Pam Desilets says:

    I have sent my picture of my panel quilt, but no response from you?


    I hope you received my entries. Waiting to hear from you. Thanks.

  13. Kathi Benchley says:

    Not done, but further than I was! Ran out of border fabric and by the time that arrived, I was busy starting seeds for my garden. Looking forward to seeing everyone else’s panel quilts.

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