Panel Challenge Update #2

Posted on April 21, 2021 by prairiemoonquilts in Challenges

How are you doing with your Panel Challenge quilts?

If you want in on the Panel Challenge, the rules are HERE. You still have time to get in on this! Did I mention there will be prizes?

One of our prizes is from Needle and Foot — Bernie is donating a $35 gift certificate to her shop!

I’m slowly moving mine along. I finished cutting:

And started sewing:

And there’s a good week left, so I have plenty of time!

I didn’t mean for it to be a red and green quilt, but that’s how it’s turning out, so I guess it’ll be OK.

I think I have it all worked out with my web folks as to how to handle the Viewer’s Choice voting. Since this all happened on a whim, I was caught a bit off guard, so I had to investigate how to actually conduct the voting here on the ol’ blog.

To submit your Panel Challenge quilt for the voting, it’s gonna work like this:

  1. Email a photo of your project to me at An attachment is fine, and you can do this anytime, if you’re done with your project — you don’t have to wait until the deadline. Once I receive it, I will respond to your message to let you know I received it so you will know that it came through. That way, we can know it’s not lost in the ether of cyberland, and you will have a legitimate entry in the challenge. So if you send me a photo, and you don’t hear back from me, please check in so we can get it figured out.
  2. I will post one more update on April 30th, to remind you about the deadline for submission and give you any additional information you might need. The deadline is April 30th, but I’m going to give you until midnight on May 2nd to get your photos submitted, since it’s a weekend, and if we have email snafus or whatnot, we’re covered and no one gets excluded.
  3. Remember, your project needs to be finished (if it’s not a quilt), and if it IS a quilt, then it can be a finished top, but completely finished is even better. But no partially completed projects are eligible. The challenge was offered up as a way to make us finish something, so no rewards for adding another UFO to our list!
  4. When you send your photo, please provide your name as you wish it to appear for voting, and a name for your quilt or project, so I’ll have a clear way to identify it.
  5. I was asked if it’s OK to submit more than one entry, and I decided “why not?” — if you have more than one completed project you’d like to submit, go right ahead. Me, I’ll be lucky to get one top finished!
  6. There will be THREE prizes, a first, second, and third Viewer’s Choice, determined by the voting. Depending on how it goes, I may throw in an Honorable Mention . . . we’ll see. I’m just hoping there’s not a tie that I won’t know how to handle!
  7. My plan is to post all the entries on the blog on May 3rd, where you can browse them, choose your favorite, and then go vote. Let’s hope I can make it work!

So keep sewing, and I’ll start keeping an eye out for your photo submissions, and if you have any questions, or if you think of something else I need to address, let me know.

It’s gonna be so fun to see the panel projects you all come up with!

10 responses to “Panel Challenge Update #2”

  1. mimisdarlins says:

    I signed up for this but haven’t started. This is because I’m focused on finishing UFOs…Two so far this year, and a third is nearly finished. But I’d love to also get the panel project done.

  2. Wendy Tuma says:

    I started quilting my panel today, so hopefully I should have it finished by the 30th!

  3. Cindy Wienstroer says:

    Mine are done so guess tomorrow i will try to send the photos. It is nice getting them done!

  4. Amanda M. says:

    Yikes! I forgot all about this so thanks for the reminder. Now I have to go dig through and find the bag with the panel and coordinating fabric. I have a fairly simple layout planned, just need to take the time to do it. I already bought the backing and I even have a recipient in mind along with a quilting plan. I guess I’m going to have to get up earlier and get more done. Has anyone saw my motivation?!

  5. Just finished mine tonight!

  6. Elaine says:

    My project is almost finished, just need to put the binding on. It was a simple make and I like it a lot.

  7. Angie in SoCal says:

    The top is done. I need to sandwich and start quilting. But a week I think is not going to do it. I’ve become a caregiver for my Mom, so two days of the week I’m gone from home. She is in advancing dementia, and things change daily. Should I sent a photo of the top?

  8. Rose Marie Smith says:

    I have a panel/poster quilt almost put together. I will email the pic to you.

  9. Roseanne says:

    Hi Shelley! Thank you so much for this fun challenge. It really did motivate me (and two friends) to get a panel finished that was purchased in 2017. I will over a picture today. ~smile~ Roseanne

  10. Shelley my top is made, but I won’t get it quilted. Our province is restricting travel since our third wave is still going strong, and my longarm studio is 5 hours drive away. Looking forward to seeing how everyone else did though and cheering everyone on. I can see some responses from friends so I know they are getting it done! 😉

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