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Posted on September 19, 2019 by prairiemoonquilts in Garden Path Sampler

The Garden Path Samplers Block-of-the-Month program kicked off last Saturday at Sew Sweet Quilt Shop!

If you’re signed up, you should have Block 1 by now, and if you’re not signed up, why not? If you’d like to get in on this one, just call Sew Sweet Quilt Shop at 660.548.3056, and they can set you right up!

If you missed it earlier, here’s the traditional version:

And here’s the modern version:

You can read more about them HERE.

If you don’t want to participate in it as a BOM, then you can buy the booklet by itself and work at your own pace, using your own fabrics. The pattern is available exclusively at Sew Sweet Quilt Shop while the BOM is running.

Just as I did last year, for the duration of the BOM, I’ll be periodically posting extra stuff to go along with it, such as hints and tips, tutorials, and bonus patterns. If you subscribe using the little form at top right, you’ll automagically be notified when I post something new, or you can check in every so often, and find all the related posts under the Garden Path Sampler category in the pop-up menu in the sidebar.

To get you started off right, I’m going to first refer you to this post from last year’s BOM, on getting your notebook set up for ease of use: Setting Yourself Up.

Another handy tip for when you really get rolling and start to use those labels, is to use Wonder Clips to keep everything together.

I just clip the label to the group of pieces, then it’s easy to pull out just one piece, and still keep the others all clipped together neatly until I’m ready for them.

I did not make individual labels for all the appliqué pieces, but if you want to label your appliqué pieces, simply write on the blank labels provided, and use Wonder Clips for those, too.

Look for Wonder Clips at your favorite quilt store — they come in several sizes. I used the small ones for my labels.

(From the looks of it, it’s time for me to look into getting a new cutting mat!)

I’m excited to see all your quilts start to take shape. Have fun with Block 1, and check back in soon!

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