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Posted on March 22, 2018 by prairiemoonquilts in Quilts, Studio News, What's New

We’re past Hump Day already, and I don’t feel like I’ve done one single productive thing yet this week.

Fortunately, I was at my guild’s spring retreat last weekend at Sew Sweet Quilt Shop’s fabulous retreat center, where I did move a few projects forward with some uninterrupted sewing time.

We got to watch the Brunswick St. Patrick’s Day parade, which lasts all of 7 minutes, but is really fun, because they hand out lots of goodies in that 7-minute period!

And lots of sewing was going on, some of it mine, even! My sister-in-law Melissa finished her TurnStyle quilt top while we were there. This quilt is from a pattern by Amy Ellis, and Melissa and I took a workshop together from her a couple summers back. Mine is still not finished (I’m sure you’re shocked at this piece of news).

Donna finished the center of her Hazel’s Diary quilt, and it looks wonderful so far!

I finished two quilt tops at the retreat. One was a mystery quilt from a guild challenge that will be unveiled at next month’s meeting, so I’ll show it to you later. The other top I finished was this quilt from an old Chez Moi (for Moda) jelly roll. I started this quilt several years ago. I had sketched this design in my sketchbook at one point, and had started sewing, when one day I walked into a quilt shop, and there hung a pattern very much like it. I had been thinking I was so clever! But it really does prove that “there’s nothing new under the sun”, I guess.

Since coming home, I’m not even completely unpacked from the retreat yet, and here it is Thursday. On Monday, I started going to an Aquatic Exercise class. I’m not calling it “water aerobics”, altho my flailing around to try to keep from drowning in 3 feet of water might qualify as aerobic! I can’t swim, and I could swear my butt is made of lead, but the class is still really fun, and will be good for me no matter what. And the teacher is a lifeguard, so I’m hoping she won’t let me drown.

And I’ve been taking care of my babies. Really, I should call it:  trying to keep the babies from killing themselves by making sure they don’t eat things they’re not supposed to (like lamps and sewing baskets).

Since the weather has been so strange and cold and wet, I haven’t gotten to let them outside as much as I’d like, or as much as they need, so I have to turn them loose in the house periodically just to get exercise, and boy, do they exercise! (There’s a video on my Instagram feed of them playing with a cardboard box.)

We did get to go outside for a little bit yesterday. The cats think they’re new playmates!

Please note Patch at the door looking out — he doesn’t really want outside, but he doesn’t like being left inside alone — too funny!

The girls think it’s really funny to raid the trash can when I have my backed turned, too!

Tuesday, I had to run errands, which takes a big chunk out of a day, and last night, I went to my guild meeting. Show and Tell was wonderful — here are a few highlights . . .

Marsha showed this wonderful plum/purple quilt she made for the anniversary of some friends of hers. She said this is the Disappearing Hourglass II pattern from Missouri Star Quilt Company.

Linda showed her Star Storm quilt made from Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s pattern (which you can find HERE if you feel compelled to make one of these for yourself — they’re fast, and way easier than they look!):

And Rose Marie showed her version of the Woman’s Work quilt from my book — I love it!

And she also showed the quilt that I quilted for her last month, now that she has the binding on it:

This quilt was made from the Mrs. Bumble’s Garden quilt pattern by Elkhorn Quilt Company:

Here’s an in-progress shot of it while I had it on the frame:

And a shot of the back side of it that I took when I got finished with it. It was a fun one to quilt!

This morning, we woke up to the furnace not working, so as I write this, I’m waiting on the repairman to make his appearance, hopefully before it gets too awful cold in here.

That disappointment has sort of been offset by the arrival of Happy Mail! One of my faithful blog readers, Randy, sent me the best gift — fabric! Cowboy fabric, at that — look at these great white-on-white pieces of hats, boots, and horseshoes:

Thank you so much, Randy! What a sweet thing to do! I’ll have to dream up a special project to use these in.

Speaking of projects, I’m hard at work on lots of new ones, which I will show you as I get them done and they’re not secret any more. One of those projects is the next new Block-of-the-Month for Sew Sweet Quilt Shop, so for now, I’ll leave you with a sneak peek of the fabrics we’ve chosen for the traditional version . . . lovely lovely blues with cream . . . just wait till you see what I’m turning these into!

And that’s my news for now! I suppose I should go try to fit in something productive before the week is completely gone . . .

Happy Stitching to all of you!


9 responses to “This Week”

  1. Judy says:

    Love, love, love those blues and creams!

  2. Shirley Guier says:

    I love your blues and creams too! I did water aerobics years ago and never did like it. I was always cold in the water and it didn’t matter how hard I worked. I always enjoy pics of the kids! How do you get your curved lines so even and precise? Do you have a guide or ruler?

  3. Angela Neese says:

    I can so relate to the “I can’t seem to get anything accomplished!!” blues! I swore I wasnt going to buy ANY MORE FABRIC til I got a little caught up… And then MO * offered that cool heron fabric this morning… If I can’t die til my quilting projects are done, I’m gonna live forever. And I cannot imagine compounding that with goats on the loose!

  4. Virginia Smith says:

    Thank you Shelly for your advice and encouragement on Naomi’s Quilt. It made in UPS Tuesday. Turned out great but pictures are not good. Always good to get to see what you have dreamed up and are working on. Now to March blocks

  5. Julie Craven says:

    I am on my way to order Mrs. Bumble’s Garden. Yea me!!!!!

    Was there a winner in February of the 350 blocks project? Did I miss it?

  6. Sandy Weber says:

    I love so much of what’s in your post. Marsha’s two color quilt, the quilting you did on Rose Marie’s quilt, and your fabric choices for the BOM!

    Megan is making (at least she was before the baby) the Smy Ellis quilt. She had to make some pattern adjustments to make it work. Do you remember any issues or tips?

    See you at HFQG show! Are you going to Hamilton to see Tula ?

    Oh, also love the cowboy fabric!

  7. Suelynn Williams says:

    Sending your weekly update is productive! It is really fun and inspiring to see what keeps you on the go – it’s a wonder you have any time after taking care of your adorable babies and kitties. A happy life for all!

  8. Thelma says:

    What a great update. Your guild has some wonderful inspiration. I’m guessing your cowboy got along fine with the babies while you were on a much deserved retreat.

  9. Catholic Bibliophagist says:

    I love how you quilted the Mrs. Bumble’s Garden.

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