The Rambling River Art Quilters

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Last fall I got invited to a quilting retreat with a group called The Rambling River Art Quilters, as an “extra”.

A few months later, they called me up and asked me to join the group! They’re a really fun bunch, so of course, I said YES!

The group is divided into the East Side and the West side, since part of the group is from the St. Louis area, and part of the group is from the Kansas City area. Then there’s me, smack in the middle — but the West side adopted me!

Each “side” meets up a few times a year, and stitches together, but . . .

A couple times a year, the two sides meet in the middle, and the last few times, they’ve chosen the Brunswick Lodging & Event Center as their meetin’ place — a wise choice indeed — and it’s connected to Sew Sweet Quilt Shop, so there’s plenty of shopping that can be done while retreating!

Last weekend was my first retreat to attend with them as a bona fide member! We had so much fun!

They’re all still working on some group projects they’ve had in the works for a while, but we also got marching orders for our next group project, and I get to be in on this one — I’m so excited! You won’t see it for a long time, because thankfully, they give us ample time to work on our pieces, but rest assured, I will show you when I can.

Here’s the group, taking a break from sewing to go shopping. I know more than one of us needed more fabric just to make it through the weekend!


After the first day, when Michelle sewed through her finger with her sewing machine, and Candy tried to break the sidewalk by flinging herself down on it, the weekend went pretty smoothly. Well, up until My Cowboy tried to give Edie a heart attack by attempting to run her down on the main street with his truck!

During the first retreat I attended with them, one of the girls said: “What happens at retreat, stays at retreat!” to which I replied: “Unless you’re at retreat with a blogger who collects random quotes and publishes them on her blog!” I don’t think they believed me, until my retreat recap was posted.

So now the girls have learned that whatever they might say during the course of the weekend is fair game for showing up here on the ol’ blog, so I was told upon my arrival that they had been talking about all the things they didn’t want repeated before I got there — and after I got there, I was threatened every once in awhile with “if that shows up on your blog, I’ll . . .”, even though I assured them that none of the quotes I publish are ever attributed to a specific person . . .

And you know I’m not about to let them completely off the hook! Since there was no formal show and tell this time, and I didn’t take any other pictures, here’s a few choice quotes from our weekend:

“Mama needs a double-wide!”

“I like mimosas in the morning.”

“I don’t think anyone has any questions about where your mind goes.”

“I need a cowboy.”
“Shelly’s got one. Maybe he’s not busy this afternoon. Should we call him up?”
“He likes to ride.”

“Did anybody else see those Oreo Cows on the way into town?”

“I brought some Babka.”
“Did you say vodka?”

“My gosh, Cheri, I’ve never seen you so horny!”

“Shelly, do you have a donkey?”

“You’re just a charm-pack virgin, aren’t you?”

“My dancin’-on-the-table days are over.”

“You’re at every retreat. You’re just a Retreat Ho!”

“There’s still some Babka left.”
“I’ll take some vodka!”

“Could you imagine ridin’ a donkey with a UTI?”

“I got a feelin’ yer not readin’ my emails.”

“Since my pants got wet, I decided to change my shirt.”

“I’ve had just about enough o’ you people.”

“I gotta unfur my shirt.”

“Hey! Is there any of that vodka left?”

4 responses to “The Rambling River Art Quilters”

  1. candy says:

    dang I knew you were over there doing that. I’m going to have to watch you although some of those were you. glad you are on board

  2. KwilterKat says:

    I laughed so hard I almost had to change my shirt! I love retreats.

  3. Susan says:

    Your retreat quotes always crack me up.

  4. Marsha says:

    I laughed almost as hard reading this as I did hearing some of these during retreat. I can’t wait for the next retreat. (We waved at the oreo cows on the way home.)

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