The Great Quilt Batting Relay

Posted on March 30, 2014 by prairiemoonquilts in Miscellaneous, People

In my extreme unorganization, I finally managed to break down into a full-blown panic attack yesterday afternoon.

I had just pulled a quilt off the longarm, and was preparing to load the next one, when I realized I needed a particular type of batting. A type I didn’t think I had on hand.

My friend, Cindy, was here visiting, and after she watched me ransack my house and come up empty handed, she asks again, “Are you sure?”

Me: “Um, look at this mess! How can I possibly be sure?” Then we both laughed . . .

But it wasn’t funny. It was Saturday afternoon, everything would be closing soon, and I still had lots of weekend work to do.

So I called up Sew Sweet Quilt Shop and talked to Linda. Yes, they have some. OK, I might go get it. But it’s so far away from me, by the time I get ready and drive down there, they’ll be closed.

Hmm . . . what to do?

Oh, wait! Norma! Norma is there sewing at the church just around the corner. She’s my neighbor. I’ll just see if she’ll bring it home with her and I can get it from her. I ring up Norma . . .

“No. I just left. I had to leave early to go to a birthday party. But Michelle is still there. If she’ll bring it home with her, I can stop by her house on my way back through and get it from her.”

I ring up Michelle. “Sure! I can do that, but I don’t know what time I’ll be leaving. I’ll check back with Norma.” And the relay begins . . .

But this just goes to show you what great friends I have, and the lengths to which they will go to help me pull the fat out of the fire . . .

I call Jeannette at the shop, and tell her that Michelle will pick up the batting for me.

She says: “I will have it ready. And I won’t make her pay. I’ll just make you a ticket and you can pay the next time you’re in.”

Fab. You. Luss. Quilt Shop. I love them!

Michelle and Barbara go to the shop, and Michelle gets the batting.

Norma calls Michelle when she’s on her way back, but Michelle and Barbara are still at the church sewing.

Rather than make Norma wait, Barbara enlists the help of her blissfully unaware husband, Rodney.

Rodney comes to the church, picks up the batting from Barbara and Michelle, and runs it to the next town over.

Norma comes an extra town over to pick up the batting from Rodney, and just takes a different route home.

She calls to tell me she’s on her way.

My Cowboy answers the phone. “It’s OK. We decided we don’t want it.” Joker!

As punishment, I made him ride along with me down to Norma’s house to pick it up from her.

And I got the batting before the day was through!

See what great friends I have!?

And our little text chat group had the messages and jokes just flying to go over the story of the Great Quilt Batting Relay.

As I thank them and apologize for imposing on them all, they all say: “No problem! It was fun and makes good memories! We all understand a quilting emergency.” And I’m sure glad they do!

And while I’m still not sure poor Rodney even knows what happened, he sure was a champ to just play along!

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  1. Andrea O'Brien says:

    I feel like since I started quilting a year ago, the new friends I have made are of a different breed, who go to the ends of the earth to help each other, and completely understand the need to be there for each other. (I have only had a couple non-quilting friends like this in my life.) So reading your story is something I think many people who have friends who “get you” can probably think of circumstances where they may have their own quilt batting relay experience!

  2. Susan B. says:

    Love your account. Like Andrea said I wish all my friends were like quilting friends. They are sure a special breed.

  3. Judy says:

    I agree about those great quilting friends. Just tell your cowboy that paybacks are h…

  4. Barbara D says:

    Rodney was great and really sweet about it! I can tell you MOST of the time I appreciate him too! And he was a great sport to blissfully trot off ( in his truck) to meet Norma and telling both of us I(!!!!) would owe him BIG time!

  5. Carol S says:

    Barb it sounds like Rodney gets maybe dinner at the railyard in Brunswick!
    Shelley I would’ve gladly helped had I been up there this weekend and the quilting friends that I have are the best!

  6. Susan says:

    That is the quintessential quilt story! If there were prizes for quilt stories, you would definitely have a first place ribbon. =)

  7. Scarlett R says:

    Love it! Great friends are worth their weight in gold!!

  8. Rose Marie says:

    Remember my story of the stolen Depression glass pickle dish? Malia M asked me if I made it up and I responded that it was all true. The more details the bigger the story………… So this story rivals the Green Pickle Dish Caper and its all true.

  9. Hope says:

    You have the BEST stories!

  10. Donna Hill says:

    What a great story! It made me laugh out loud and envious of your great and wonderful friends!

  11. Shar F says:

    That is to funny. I was doing the some thing Saturday. We decided I could do it another way and get the same look. I was so excited, because the batting I want would not be in for 2 weeks.

  12. Kathy says:

    Drama!! One word explanation. QUILTER!

  13. Shirley Brown says:

    Too funny! It’s nice to have great friends whether they like to quilt or not.

  14. Barb Bevell says:

    Oh, the fun you have!

    And Scott’s comment “It’s OK. We decided we don’t want it.”–rendered me speechless. (I think I would have clobbered him once I recovered!)

    So, when do you want me to come organize your studio? Offer still stands……….. 😉

  15. Bev J says:

    I must say…. Knowing all the parties involved, I’m not surprised! What a great group of gals ( plus one great guy)!!!!

  16. Jane B says:

    You are BLESSED! So now are you going to order a whole roll of the stuff so you can’t hide it?

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