The Eyes Have It

Posted on February 16, 2017 by prairiemoonquilts in Miscellaneous

My Cowboy and I got new glasses today.

I was skeptical about new spectacles going in (say that fast three times!). This is my third pair of trifocals, and after 3 years, I was still struggling with them. I finally quit falling down stairs, tripping over air, and running into door jambs, and the headaches and carsickness feeling had gone away for the most part, but I could never seem to hold my head just right. I looked like a bobble-head doll trying to figure out which part of the glasses I’m supposed to be looking through to see certain things.

And then there’s the eyestrain that comes with that — it was exhausting. To the point I would simply refuse to wear the glasses at all, and Doc Tod would just shake his head, grin, and then tell me I was being a menace to society without them, rather than try to explain to this stubborn old woman that he does, indeed, know best.

I put the new ones on today, and entered a whole new world! I think I’m finally gonna get along with these new ones. Whew! I’m sure Doc Tod will be glad that my whining is gonna come to an end.

This is My Cowboy’s first-ever pair of glasses. He finally had to admit that his arms were no longer long enough for him to be able to read, and that his dollar-store reading glasses just weren’t cutting it.

In his usual style, he entertained during his fitting appointment.

The technician said: “Give me your birth date, please.”
He shot back: “Why? Don’t you have one of your own?”

She finally managed to locate his information in spite of him, and found his glasses for him to try on.
He put them on, and she began to make adjustments to them.

She said: “Let me look behind your ear.”
He said: “A magician told me that one time.”
She said: “Well, I’m not gonna be pulling any quarters out for you!”

After she got him all fixed up, he turned to look at me, surveyed me up and down like he hadn’t seen me for awhile, then said: “Hmm, I can see some things are gonna need to change around home!”

The big joker!

And as we were leaving the doctor’s office, he smacked full-on into the door jamb! Karma!

7 responses to “The Eyes Have It”

  1. Liz says:

    OMG Shelly…I was laughing as I was reading and then could not stop laughing at the end of story!!! Too funny!

  2. Candy Beardsley says:

    I literally LOL-ed…..Gotta love Karma!!

    Candy B.

  3. Bobbi says:

    Your husband sounds like a hoot!

  4. Susan says:

    I know him running into the door jamb wasn’t REALLY funny, but the way you led up to it in this post, I really did laugh out loud. So sorry, Cowboy. I need to go again. I just got glasses in December and they are so wrong. I need to go back to the place I went before, because they were so right … 5 years ago. LOL

  5. Darlene says:

    That story had me laughing!!!! Your husband sounds like mine on a dr. Appt. usually by the time we are leaving the dr. Office I have a stomache from laughing.
    I sure hope this pair of glasses works out for you.

  6. Jackie Hale says:

    Too funny!

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