The 350 Blocks Project, May Report

Posted on June 3, 2013 by prairiemoonquilts in 350 Blocks Project

I knew May would be a very hectic month, and that I probably wouldn’t get very much done on any of my own projects. I was right.

I did, however, advance my total by 10 blocks, in spite of myself!350button13

Three of them I can’t show you yet, three of them I gave away without remembering to take a picture, and four of them were blocks like this:TinyHST

Real industrious, wasn’t I?

This little block will finish at 1 1/2″. I’m making lots of these in various sizes, and still haven’t come up with my final plan yet. It’ll take several to make a quilt at this rate, so I’m not too worried until I have enough of them to do something with. I’ll keep you posted.

For June, we’ll be doing another 30 blocks. Some of you have already reached the 350 goal, and I applaud you. Will you be going for a second 350? You obviously have time!

Although I had good intentions, I never got around to announcing last month’s winners, so here they are, before we go any further:

For reaching the month’s goal, Peggy C. is our winner.

And for simply participating, Cathy P. gets the prize.

And now, the next monthly and year-to-date totals have been posted on The 350 Blocks Project page, so you can go see if your total is correct, and see what you have to accomplish for the month of June.

That means it’s time for all of you to let me know your final totals for May. You can leave a comment on this post, and if you write your own post about it, be sure and leave us a link. You can also email me your total, or use the contact form HERE. As always, you need to give me your updated total, and let me know you’re participating, so you can get in on the prize drawings. I’ll draw one random winner from everyone who met the goal of at least 137 blocks, and one random winner from all the participants in general (excluding myself, of course).

Don’t forget to let me know if it’s just for May (and I’m supposed to add it to your already posted total), or if it’s your complete total altogether. That way I won’t have it posted incorrectly. And please check to make sure that I have your total listed correctly, so I can correct it if it’s not. Thanks!

I’m really hoping I can do a little catching up this month . . . time will tell. It’s already June 3rd — time really gets away from me!

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  1. Heather says:

    This is such a fun challenge to follow. i didn’t join in, but am watching the progress of a few of my online friends. I do think about it and it does urge me along on a few of my longterm projects. Thank-you.

  2. Deanna says:

    I’m still moving along–slowly! But, three days in June is looking like a winner. My total for May was 17 which puts me at 150 for the year. Thanks for this challenge. It is fun to see all that really does get done. 350 blocks seemed nearly impossible, but…one at a time they add up.

  3. Diane Jarvis says:

    What did I do last month? It wasn’t spending time at the sewing machine. This months count is only 16, so that makes a total of 365.

  4. Cassandra says:

    I still haven’t added any blocks. 🙁 My husband teases that I like the idea of quilting more than the actual quilting. Who knows? He might be right. I did join a knitting group and have finished several knitting projects. But I really want to get back to my quilting… I have a top that needs the sashing added before it’s completed. And I have a set of blocks that need sewn together into a top. Hmm… projects for June! 😀

    Good luck with your quilting!

  5. Cathy S says:

    Here is the link to my update..

    May = 95
    Running Total = 438

  6. Katie Z. says:

    Not as much done this month, but my yearly total is posted! I’m at 444 blocks. I might as well aim for 700!

  7. Rose Marie says:

    I think that the only blocks I made in May were 10 blocks for a guild raffle quilt. I did do a few other things but not block piecing.

  8. Jane B says:

    I had a very productive month. I finished the last 25 blocks for my Road to Oklahoma quilt. They are 8″ blocks and I’m setting them 10 x 10. Its totally scrappy, but I selected scraps to make color blocks, so I have a sort of rainbow effect with lots of browns, greys, blacks in there too. The other big project was finishing the final pieced border on my Color Challenge quilt from the 15 Minutes Play blog. 36 “criss-cross” blocks set on point with setting triangles plus 4 more corner blocks. So my total for May is: 65!! Glad I’m ahead of the curve for the year. This month is going to be putting tops together and quilting!

    Thanks for hosting this great challenge! 🙂

  9. Well, it’s just been nuts for me. Do I see improvement in the future? Probably not. I may need to learn to be satisfied with less sewing time. I will be okay with that if I feel more productive at work. 🙂 Hope you are hanging in there. And look at it this way, you beat me by 6 blocks! LOL. I can’t believe that block finishes at 1.5 in. Wow!

  10. Barb says:

    Well, I really don’t know how many blocks I did in May…. somewhere between 1 and a million. I’m kinda pooped out.

    I made progress on some little things, mostly handwork and ironing. If each yard of ironing counted, I’d have about 70 yards just from Paducah alone!! Then I bought several boxes of fabric from Vera’s estate sale, washed and dried 17 loads of her fabric and am now ironing a little every day. What treasures I found! I feel scrap quilts breeding as I type……

    Ok, put me down for completing 10 official blocks for May. Half-square triangles by the mile don’t count, right?

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