The 350 Blocks Project, 2020 Winners

Posted on January 8, 2021 by prairiemoonquilts in 350 Blocks Project

It’s time to wrap up last year’s 350 Blocks Project.

This is always the most exciting post of the year for me, because I get to see a recap of what we accomplished as a group, and announce the prize winners!

Here’s our statistics from last year . . .

2020 statistics:

  • • We had 111 participants sign up this year.
  • • Of those 111, we had 98 reporting participants.
  • • Of those 98 reporting participants, 75 were considered active participants, by reporting in at least 6 times during the year.
  • • Of those 75 active participants, 58 made it past the 350 mark!
  • Twenty of us made it past 1000! That is way more than have ever made it past 1000 in any year! And . . . two of us made over 2000 blocks — WOW! Were we stuck at home or something? Haha!
  • • The greatest number of blocks made by one participant was once again Christopher, with 2425 blocks. Wow! And I know it would have been more, but for the fact that he made more face masks than I can even fathom, plus was working to open a new storefront.
  • • Joan came in second this year with 2160.
  • • And Karen E. holds the third slot, with a total of 1854.
  • • The average number of blocks made by our group each month was 4723. That’s dangerously close to 5000 quilt blocks a month — I think we could cover the entire world with quilts! But isn’t that what quilters do?
  • • The total number of blocks made in 2020 by our entire group was 56,674. Wow! I’m so amazed. It’s more than ever! I’m so proud of us! How are we gonna top that? We’d best get to sewing.

I’ve put an updated infographic on the Project Page, so you can see the year-by-year comparisons. I’ve also updated our final totals by person, and I’ll leave those up until the 15th, so everyone has a chance to look at it if they wish.

Every year, I debate with myself if I should continue this, but this year, there was no hesitation. We’re doing this again, and I hope you’ll all join me. And tell your friends, so they can join, too! What’s to lose? There are lots of prizes along the way!

But before we kick off the 2021 350 Blocks Project, I need to announce the rest of this year’s prizes . . .

Our December monthly prize winner is Katie Z., who made 1431 blocks this year! That really helped with our grand total, for sure!

For the Project as a whole, there’s a Grand Prize package, and three other prize packages. I usually gather up goodies all year and combine them with online gift certificates, but this year, I didn’t go anywhere to gather any goodies, and since we’ve all been trying to stay home more, I decided this was a good year to do all gift certificates. So here’s the breakdown:

The Grand Prize package is a $100 gift certificate, and the other three are $50 each. Besides, this way the winners can buy exactly what they want, instead of me picking something for them that they might not like.

The Grand Prize winner is drawn from among all the participants who made it past the 350 blocks goal. The other prize winners are drawn at random from among all the active participants, regardless of how many blocks you made, and it also doesn’t matter if you’ve already won a monthly prize — your name gets thrown back in for the grand prizes. The only rule is that you must have reported in at least 6 times throughout the year to be considered an active participant, even if you reported in late, and even if you reported a ZERO for the month.

So here we go . . . The Grand Prize winner is:

Shirley Brown (385 blocks)

The other three prize winners, in no particular order, are:

Fran (1546 blocks)

Diana S. (391 blocks)

KT (361 blocks)

Congratulations to all the winners, and as always, thank you ALL so very much for joining in and playing along with the Project this year. I appreciate all of you taking the time and making the effort to participate.

We’ll kick off the 2021 350 Blocks Project on the 15th. The rules are still gonna be the same as last year — it’s still easy, free, and has prizes! So be sure and check back in to get signed up!

27 responses to “The 350 Blocks Project, 2020 Winners”

  1. Shirley B. says:

    Thank you so much. I will enjoy using the gift certificate. I’ll be participating in 2021! Agin than you.

  2. mimisdarlins says:

    Congrats to all the winners! Thanks Shelly, for this little challenge that keeps me on my toes all year long. I’d be sewing anyway but I always have the challenge in mind and it often motivates me to make those few extra blocks.
    So, count me in for 2021!

  3. Barbara B says:

    I’m looking forward to another year, maybe we can set another record. Happy New Year

  4. Wendy says:

    Congratulations to the winners, and to Christopher (wowza!!). Thanks for sharing the stats with us, it’s so fun to see. Yay for another year, too! Thank you for all the work you put in to this!

  5. Fran says:

    Being a winner was wonderful, thanks! Even more exciting was making and reporting my blocks. That was such fun! Please sign me up for 2021. I am so happy that you are doing this in 2021.

  6. denniele says:

    Congrats to the winners! I love keeping track each month it helps me see that I DID accomplish something ! Thanks for all you do, Shelly!

  7. Angie in SoCal says:

    Congrats to all the winners. This challenge keeps me motivated. If the end of the month is coming up and I’ve been hand sewing or quilting and not much piecing done, it spurs me to make blocks for charity. Thanks, Shelly

  8. Diana S says:

    Thank you again Shelly for hosting this. It id fun and a great way to keep us on our toes! I will certainly enjoy using the gift certificate. That is so very kind of yo

  9. Kerry says:

    Well done – such a lot of sewing! I lost count in the end! But it was fun – I’ll be ready for the next one!
    Cheers Shelly

  10. christopher thomas says:

    Congrats to all the winners!!! It was a long year that we all went through!! I have a lot of fun keeping track of the number of blocks that I do each month and it is fun to see what everyone else does.

    For the last 2 days I have been working on house blocks with all the scraps left over from the masks that I made last year, I cut enough out and sewed them together to make 2 queen size quilts to use for fundraisers or what ever may come along. I am going to keep on making the house blocks the rest of the month to see how many I can get done.

    I had my shop open today so I just set there with the sewing machine and plugged away as people come in to shop.

    I hope everyone is doing well and maybe one day soon we will all be back to a some what normal way of life again.

    Happing quilting everyone

    Shelly talked about the mask that I made here is the run down of what I did and used.

    3,280 masks made
    380 yards of fabric
    16,800 yards of thread
    6, 560 yards of ribbon
    150 pre wound bobbins

  11. Wow I love seeing our totals at the end of the year. Congrats to the winners. Though we are all winners with what we made. Looking forward to count my blocks in 2021 with everyone.

  12. PAULA M MORGAN says:

    Congratulations to the winners…and the mask making – holy smokes! Well done everyone, here is to 2021 being a great year….it can only go up right????

  13. Judy Sovereign says:

    Sign me up again. Did get me moving. Now to get all them quilted.

  14. Tonia says:

    I am signing up this year–and will remember to post numbers every month! Congratulations to all the folks who quilted and “masked” and remembered to keep data! And a thank you for this challenge each year, it does encourage us to see what we have accomplished at year’s end.

  15. Raewyn says:

    Congratulations to everyone with the great tallies! I’m looking forward to having another go at hitting 350 this year!

  16. Debbi says:

    Thanks Shelly for hosting this block challenge. Amazing amount of sewing happening! Congrats to all the winners…although I think we are all winners for getting blocks made😊

  17. Shelly I can’t thank you enough for all you do for our community. Finding your Block Challenge helped me stay on track this year. Congratulations to all of the year’s winners. Looking forward to seeing how we all do in this new year. Let the fun begin!

  18. Meloney Funk says:

    Awesome stats!
    Thank you for hostessing this!
    It keeps me motivated to do more.

  19. Ginabeth says:

    What a wonderful total! Thank you, thank you for doing this. It has kept me motivated so many times when I just read my phone instead of sewing. I love being accountable but not pressured. I’m using your sheets to write my counts on this time. I have it right next to my sewing machine.

  20. Marlene Clausen says:

    Thank you for hosting this challenge. I find that it helps me keep track of what I’ve done each month. Am I the only one who starts each month with sewing goals and, at the end of the month, can’t recall everything I did? I now have a small notebook that travels with me from room to room and sewing machine to sewing machine. I write down what I did daily, sometimes over a stretch of days. I record everything I work on, not just blocks. For me, it is not how many blocks I make; but, the keeping track of what I am doing. Turns out, I DO need some discipline in my life!!

  21. Rose Marie Smith says:

    What a great challenge. It was fun. I like the place where one can check the previous winners. I knew I had won once and did find it. I keep lots of lists and blocks is just one of them. Thanks.

  22. Randy Menninghaus says:

    covering the earth, unblock at a time…

  23. Betty Keene says:

    Total Jan Blocks 32

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