The 350 Blocks Project 2019 Winners

Posted on January 13, 2020 by prairiemoonquilts in 350 Blocks Project

It’s once again time to find out the winners in last year’s 350 Blocks Project!

Are you ready to see what our statistics are from last year? This is always the exciting part for me!

2019 statistics:

  • • We had 121 participants sign up this year.
  • • Of those 121, we had 102 reporting participants.
  • • Of those 102 participants, 73 were considered active participants, by reporting in at least 6 times during the year.
  • • Of those 73 participants, 55 made it past the 350 mark!
  • Nine of us made it past 1000! I think that’s more than ever that made over 1000! But still . . . one of us made over 2000 blocks, and another one made over 3000 blocks — WOW!
  • • The greatest number of blocks made by one participant was 3299, made by Christopher. Wow! I’m reasonably certain his sewing machine might be a tidget overheated.
  • • Cheryl came in second this year with 2019. What a perfect number, right?
  • • The third slot is held by Meloney, with a total of 1999. So close to 2000!
  • • The average number of blocks made by our group each month was 3993. That’s nearly 4000 quilt blocks a month — just stop for a second to think how many quilts that will make!
  • • The total number of blocks made this year by our entire group was 47,918! Wow! Look what we did!

So much dedicated sewing. We seriously blew away all of our previous records — how exciting! I’ve put an updated graphic on the Project Page, so you can see the year-by-year comparisons. I’ve also updated our final totals by person, and I’ll leave those up for another week or so, so everyone has a chance to look at it if they wish.

Let’s do it again, shall we?

But first, I need to announce the rest of this year’s prizes . . .

Our December monthly prize winner is Danice, who made 256 blocks this year!

For the Project as a whole, there’s a Grand Prize package, and three other prize packages. The Grand Prize package is valued at around $120, and the other three are valued at just around $75 each. I always gather goodies all year to put in the packages (all stuff I’d like to get my ownself, if I were eligible!): gift certificates to online fabric stores, books, patterns, fabric, notions, etc. — so I hope you think it’s worth your time to keep track of all your blocks and report in!

The Grand Prize winner is drawn from among all the participants who made it past the 350 blocks goal. The other prize winners are drawn at random from among all the active participants, regardless of how many blocks you made, and it also doesn’t matter if you’ve already won a monthly prize — your name gets thrown back in for the grand prizes. The only rule is that you must have reported in at least 6 times throughout the year to be considered an active participant, even if you reported in late, and even if you reported a ZERO for the month.

So here we go . . . The Grand Prize winner is:

Mary Durham (729 blocks)

The other three prize winners, in no particular order, are:

Pam D. (1304 blocks)

Amanda (780 blocks)

Carolyn (356 blocks)

Congratulations to all the winners, and as always, thank you ALL so very much for joining in and playing along with the Project this year. I appreciate all of you taking the time to participate.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the start of the 2020 350 Blocks Project. The rules are the same as last year — it’s still easy, free, and has prizes! So check back in tomorrow and get signed up!

6 responses to “The 350 Blocks Project 2019 Winners”

  1. Paula Morgan says:

    Congratulations to the winners!!!

  2. Christopher Thomas says:

    It was so much fun to do and share with everyone. Look forward to what this year will bring to all of us.

    Congratulations to all the winners. We all did a great job and should be proud

  3. Danice says:

    Oh wonderful! I replied to your email yesterday. Thank you so much. Today is my late twin sister’s and my birthday. Perfect time to win and cheer me up a bit.

  4. Sharon Gratz says:

    Shelly, Just to let you know that even though my name wasn’t drawn for a prize, I’m ecstatic that I completed my goals of making more than 350 blocks and helping to make a greater number count at the end of the year for you. 🙂

  5. Linda Knight says:

    I like seeing the comments from everyone each month. It spurs me to make as many blocks as time allows which compared to some sewers is not much. LOL

  6. Amanda M. says:

    I am so stunned that I won something; thank you very much! I enjoy seeing how much everyone else completes and they motivate my production. I have a goal for myself to hit the 1,000 mark this year; maybe that will put a dent into my UFO’s. 😉

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