The 350 Blocks Project 2018 Winners

Posted on January 8, 2019 by prairiemoonquilts in 350 Blocks Project

Here we are at that wonderful point in time when we find out the winners in last year’s 350 Blocks Project!

But first, those statistics! I’m always so excited to see how we did as a group.

2018 statistics:

  • • We had 95 participants sign up this year.
  • • Of those 95, we had 80 reporting participants.
  • • Of those 80 participants, 54 were considered active participants, by reporting in at least 6 times during the year.
  • • Of those 80 participants, 40 made it past the 350 mark!
  • Eight of us made it past 1000! But even more impressive than that, is that TWO of us made over 2000 blocks — simply incredible!
  • • The greatest number of blocks made by one participant was 2295, made by Phillis. Wow! That’s over 6 1/2 sets of 350 blocks! So many blocks!
  • Meloney came in second this year with 2050.
  • • The third slot is held by Katie Z., with a total of 1677.
  • • The average number of blocks made by our group each month was 3026. We made it past the 3000 mark again this year! That’s a lot of blocks . . . that means a lot of quilts!
  • • The total number of blocks made this year by our group was 36,309! Wow! We’re not even that large of a group, but look what we did! We made 259 fewer blocks as a group than we did last year. If we’da just had one extra participant . . . but still . . .

I am so proud of all of us yet again this year! That’s a lot of sewing!

And I’m ready to try it again in 2019 — you know what my UFO list is like, so you know I have lots of blocks to make this year! I hope you’re with me.

And now, to announce the rest of this year’s prizes . . .

Our December monthly prize winner is Clara, who made 310 blocks this year!

For the Project as a whole, there’s a Grand Prize package, and three other prize packages. The Grand Prize package is valued at around $120, and the other three are valued at just around $75 each. I’ve been gathering goodies all year to put in the packages (all stuff I’d like to get my ownself, if I were eligible!): gift certificates to online fabric stores, books, patterns, fabric, notions, etc. — so I hope you think it’s worth your time to keep track of all your blocks and report in!

This year, we actually had a sponsor for one of the gifts that is included in the prize packages. Sam Hunter of Hunter’s Design Studio generously donated some patterns. You should go check out her website — she has a great book called “Quilt Talk”, with a paper-pieced alphabet you can use to put any words you want on your quilts. (Yes, I have the book, and yes, I’m planning a quilt that says something!)

The Grand Prize winner is drawn from among all the participants who made it past the 350 blocks goal. The other prize winners are drawn at random from among all the active participants, regardless of how many blocks you made, and it also doesn’t matter if you’ve already won a monthly prize — your name gets thrown back in for the grand prizes. The only rule is that you must have reported in at least 6 times throughout the year to be considered an active participant, even if you reported in late, and even if you reported a ZERO for the month.

So here we go . . . The Grand Prize winner is:

Pam M.!

Pam made a total of 536 blocks, well over 350!

The other three prize winners, in no particular order, are:

Angela S. (439 blocks)

KT (526 blocks)

Maxine (463 blocks)

We had another great year! I’m excited to see what happens in 2019!

Congratulations to all the winners, and as always, thank you ALL so very much for joining in and playing along with the Project this year. I appreciate all of you taking the time to participate.

And I have one more appreciation gift for those of you who were active participants in 2018 — read on:

If you were an active participant in 2018, meaning you reported in at least 6 times throughout the year (even if you reported a zero), I’m giving you your choice of one free PDF pattern from my pattern shop, if you want one. To get your free pattern, go look HERE (you have 33 choices), decide which one you want, and then contact me to let me know which one you want, and what email address you want me to send it to, and I’ll email you the pattern for free just for participating last year — thank you!

I’ll be back on Friday with the start of the 2019 350 Blocks Project. The rules are the same as last year — it’s still easy, free, and has prizes! So check back in on Friday and get signed up!

18 responses to “The 350 Blocks Project 2018 Winners”

  1. Darlene says:

    That sure is a lot of blocks!!!! Thank you so very much for hosting and encouraging us all year!!!
    I am looking forward to participating this year. Hoping to improve my number.
    I spent 45 min tonight cleaning/ unburying the cutting table ….still not finished yet.

  2. Cynthia says:

    Wow we did fantastic as a group. I know I was down in total for 2019 but I am looking forward to a better sewing year in 2019. Congratulations to all the winners. Thank you for hosting us.

  3. Clara says:

    Thank you, Shelly. Joining the project was a great motivator for me and I’ve enjoyed seeing all the progress everyone makes. I’ll be signing in for 2019.

  4. Wendy says:

    What fun statistics to read, Shelly! Thanks for hosting this. I always enjoy reviewing the number of blocks I made each month. It’s often more than I think! Congrats to all the winners!

  5. Angela says:

    Congratulations to all the winners!
    Please count me in for 2019 too. 😊

  6. Pam D. says:

    count me in for 2019, I hope I have a better year!

  7. Rose Marie Smith says:

    Congratulations to all the winners. I really appreciate getting one of the monthly prizes. Everyone should be participating in this! I went to the Etsy shop and you won’t be surprised to learn that I have made two of the designs on that page. They are wonderful patterns. How else can I celebrate your skills and designs. Can I write a blog page sometime??

  8. Tia Hockenberry says:

    Wow! Congratulations to everyone… You made a lot of blocks!

  9. Karen E. says:

    Congratulations to everyone participating, and thanks to Shelly for keeping track of our numbers. Before I began participating last year, I really had no idea how many blocks I made in a year. I like keeping track and seeing that sometimes I’ve done more than I thought. Definitely count me in for 2019!

  10. Kari says:

    Congratulations to all the winners! And wow what a lot of blocks made….
    I was not an active partisans this year for family reasons but there’s always 2019! Count me in!

  11. Pam Martin says:

    It’s fun to keep track of the blocks I’ve made. I can see what months I’m productive and what month outside influences keep me from sewing. lol
    Thank you Shelly for all you do!

  12. Barb B says:

    How fun!! Loved all the stats. Unbelievable what we achieved.

    Ok, the nerd in me wants to see stats across the years, since the beginning…

    And, of course, I want “in” again in 2019!! Looking forward to it.
    Thanks so much!

  13. Meloney says:

    That is a lot of blocks for so few participants. Wow!
    I’m looking forward to 2019.
    Made me go back and look at my stats.
    I started counting blocks in 2015 with 1103, 2016 with 761, 2017 with 1305 and 2050 last year. I used over 300 yards of fabric, so that had to be how I got so many blocks.
    I wonder if I can beat my number from last year? I’ll have to give it a try. 31 so far this month.

  14. Marilyn Holder says:

    Great work to everyone. Keeping a record of my blocks is the push to sew more, especially finishing a project. It is comforting to know that I am not the only one who starts a project and then gets sidetracked…easier to start and finish than to pick up a months old project. What you do for me is the PUSH and I need it…thanks.

  15. Carolyn says:

    What are the rules and how do I sign up? Think this will motivate me to produce more

  16. Delana says:

    Way to go everyone who succeed in achieving the 350 goal. Better luck to the rest of us who didn’t get there in 2018. 2019 is a new year! This is a great challenge that keeps me accountable. Thanks Shelly for doing this.

  17. Wendy O says:

    That is a LOT of blocks! Thus TONS of love built Quilts!
    Way to go, ladies.
    Thank you, Shelly, for pushing us forward. Encouragement every month. Bring on 2019!

  18. Congratulations to all the winners last year! A lot of blocks were made and hopefully then into a lot of great quilts! Way to go everyone. And thank you Shelly for prodding us a little! Here’s to another great year 2019!

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