Studio Organizing, Week 9

Posted on February 29, 2016 by prairiemoonquilts in Studio Organizing Challenge

Do you feel like you’re getting more organized, week by week?

Sometimes I do, and sometimes I feel like I’m going backwards. Some of my organizing leads to bigger messes before things head the right direction! But that’s OK — I’ll eventually get there.

I cleaned off a shelf this week, and was very proud of myself. I’m not ready to show it to you yet, because I want to do the one underneath it before I go bragging!

And now we’re on to the next task already:

Clean up the floor in your sewing room

I don’t know about you, but when I run out of room to make piles on my cutting table, I start new ones in the floor — what is wrong with me?

Anyway, I have a hardwood floor, and it needs a good cleaning and dusting before the threads and fuzz-bunnies take over the place. But . . . first I need to get the piles up out of the floor before I can do that.

The open area under my ironing board is just an open invitation for me to dump stuff. I’d like to get one of those shelf units and put my big board on top of that and have more real storage instead of the way it is now, but that’s down the road. For now, I just need to keep it picked up!


So that’s what I’ll be working on. How about you?

If you never put anything in the floor, you may get by with a brief vacuuming or dusting, and be ready to move on, so you’ll have an easy week. Me? I’ve got my work cut out for me, but I know I’ll really like it when it’s done!

9 responses to “Studio Organizing, Week 9”

  1. randy says:

    okay I sweep and drag the pile into a corner…

  2. Meloney says:

    I think you have a window into my studio. My floor is a MESS. I need to do this challenge, so perfect timing.
    I did get my table cleaned off, and then messed it up again and cleaned it off again. Will it ever stay clean?

    • Karen Edwards says:

      I have done this recently in my sewing room and in my studio. It is such a great feeling to see all that bare floor! so much easier to keep it clean.

  3. I’m really in a mess. Gonna do a little work on the basement where my sewing room is and I’m rearranging the furniture, machines, etc., to make an area to set up my rug loom. Would you believe, I have the same iron pad type thing on my ironing board, so as long as the carpenter is here, I’m having him build a backless bookshelf type rack to set the pad on, and I can put totes below. Should work great and that way I can have it the height I want and have a sturdier base and some extra storage shelving.

  4. Wendy says:

    I think you’re peeking in my quilt cave too. I’m still trying to get to organizing my shelves, because I know it will be a bigger project than I had planned. My floor, so far, is okay; could be better, and would be if I’d just get those darn shelves organized. Ok — off I go to get to it!

  5. I do pretty well keeping stuff off the floor, but it’s not perfect. Often I have a pile (or so) of stuff pulled for an upcoming project, or stuff that needs to be sorted back into stash. But I actually do that and clear the floor. And I vacuum fairly often, more often in studio than in “living” spaces.

    My big task I just finished (all but!) is dealing with paper. I have sorted and recycled and put things appropriately into labeled folders, and even cleared space so the folders have a place to live. I’ve also begun the very horrifying process of cleaning up electronic files, but that project is gonna take FOREVER! It is my worst cleaning nightmare by far.

  6. Kathi Benchley says:

    Oh boy, I really need to do this! I have put a note on my calendar for this week, so hopefully I will get it done.

  7. Lin says:

    This one is easy for me – because my ‘studio’ is an alcove in a main corridor it’s always getting swept and mopped! xx

  8. Pam in KC says:

    Floor — it’s a flat surface, I thought I was supposed to pile on it đŸ™‚ But in reality, it does need work – I can’t easily get to the design wall. I may not get to it anytime soon, but I am decluttering — 3 bags of my old clothes out of the basement and probably 2 more before I have to even start thinking.

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