Studio Organizing, Week 7

Posted on February 15, 2016 by prairiemoonquilts in Studio Organizing Challenge

Did you get your sewing boxes all cleaned out and organized? Did you even need to do this task? Maybe I just gave some of you a week off, huh?

Mine is much better. All that’s left in the bottom is my current applique block, and I found my spool of black thread! I’m all set to whip down the binding on a HUGE quilt. I’ve been putting it off, but the urge to have one less UFO is calling.


And we’re on to this week’s task. I need to make this one easy, since I’m going to be gone for most of the week. This week we’re going to:

Eradicate a pile

I admit it — I am a piler/stacker. They’re everywhere! I get rid of one, only to make another. I have to keep at this in order to keep them under control, so this week, I’m going to tackle one.

I have many to choose from, so that’s what I’m doing. How about you?

Are you a piler/stacker, too? Or are you way more organized than that? Do you have at least one pile you can tackle and clean up? Or am I alone on this one?

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  1. Sandy Weber says:

    I cleaned up my piles earlier, and things have looked good until I got excited about and started some new projects.

    I go to a lot of classes and sit and sews. I want to put together a “go” box or bag that duplicates the essential tools in my studio. I want to be able to grab and go, and not have to unpack and repack every week or two.

    Does anyone have this? If sew, what do you use and what is its contents?

    • Rose Marie says:

      I got one for free and stocked it. It is a two-handled open tote with 3 main slots and lots of pockets on the sides and inside. I find it so useful that I now use it at home all the time and whenever I go somewhere. It does collect dust and lint so every so often I empty it and dust it out and restock everything. I would not go back to having a drawer or drawers at home for everyday supplies. I just stock extra supplies in drawers. I make sure that whenever I finish a sewing session, I put the essentials back in the tote. Ready to go anytime.

    • Karen Edwards says:

      I bought a 42-can rolling container at Wal-Mart that holds my Featherweight. There’s a large zippered area on the top of the case that holds almost everything I need for a sewing day or retreat. It cost $30 and works well for me.

  2. Mary says:

    I have piles and then I have piles on piles. When I start to go through a pile, I may toss some things but then I make little piles of like things which will be put where they belong but sometimes before I can get through the pile or all the things put where they belong, I must stop. Then I have a new pile and over and over. I’ll aim to go all the way through one pile this week!

  3. Bec says:

    I was able to eliminate TWO HUGE piles. I simply put everything from those piles back where they belonged! I also put away new fabric that arrived in the mail. i hope to clear another pile of two this week.

  4. Wendy says:

    I’m definitely a pile stacker. I just cleaned them up, but they are beginning to grow again. That’s good in one way, because I’m making things; not so good if I don’t stay on top of keeping them in order. đŸ™‚

  5. randy says:

    I have been burrowing again…. It was minus 17 this am . My goodness that is painful weather. I started a boy donation quilt with some fabric that just well… hopefully a lad will like. Not my colors navy’s pea green glow in the dark greens… I am trying to make it all leave my stash….

  6. Rose Marie says:

    I like to keep it simple. I found my thimble. Hadn’t found it since the move last June. And yes, I do have a sore finger where the thimble should have been all these months.

  7. Liz says:

    You are definitely not alone! I decided to buy small four vintage cases last year. They sat in the corner and now sitting in a storage unit. UGH The purpose for each case is to load it with a project that I can take with me. I got so sick and tired of loading and unloading a project using a storage container. So tomorrow, I am going to the storage unit, pick up the cases, clean it up and fill it with a project and all the essentials I need for that project. I am hoping this will work for me. Wish me luck! (=

  8. Meloney says:

    I eradicated two piles today. One of plastic baggies that I store projects in and one where I actually put away fabric.
    Guess the third pile was the rest of the 2016 papers.

  9. Anne P says:

    I definitely have piles of things so will have plenty of choice! I know for a fact there is a pile of fabric to be sorted, and then there is a pile of things on my table all bunched together from the Christmas rush to sew stuff. No idea what’s theres – so plenty to be going on with!

  10. justme2727 says:

    I have piles all over so have been busy trying to get the fabrics where they belong. I am hoping I will find my missing cutter in one of them .

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