Studio Organizing, Week 51

Posted on December 17, 2015 by prairiemoonquilts in Studio Organizing Challenge

Week 51! You know what that means? Only one more task after this one!

Do you feel like you made progress this year?

I know that I did, but it also made me realize how much further I have yet to go — in my entire house, actually!

My efforts last week were feeble, at best. In order to clean the floor, the floor has to be cleared of all the piles. I worked really hard on one pile, and it’s still not completely gone.

I also decided that it’s stupid to keep carrying the one broom I own up and down the stairs all the time. When I need it upstairs, it’s downstairs — when I need it downstairs, it’s upstairs. So today I bought a broom just to keep upstairs — isn’t that a genius idea? Don’t even ponder too much on why it took me so long to think of this.

I had My Cowboy out and about for errands today, and on the way home, I said to him: “I’m going home through Salisbury, so I can stop at the store.”
He said: “OK, what do you need?”
I said: “Cat food and a broom.”
Him: “You goin’ somewhere?”

Ain’t he just too funny?
And still, I keep him . . .

This week’s task may be necessary for a lot of us. This week we are going to:

Finish up any last-minute Christmas gifts

That is, IF you’re making any gifts. Otherwise, if there’s anything you need to get done before the end of the year, then that is your task. This is the week to finish up those things. The year is running out fast!

I still have several customer quilts to finish and deliver before the weekend is over, so that’s part of what I’ll be doing.

I’m also trying to catch up on all my Bee blocks and guild exchange blocks before January 1st, so those are on my list to work on.

I’ll probably post the last task a day early next week, on Wednesday. And right after that, stay tuned for the annual Final Countdown! There will be prizes as we give organizing one last hoorah for this year!

8 responses to “Studio Organizing, Week 51”

  1. Do you feel like you made progress this year?

    I know that I did, but it also made me realize how much further I have yet to go — in my entire house, actually!

    Those are my exact words also. Thanks for getting me a bit more organized this year. Glad Cowboy is all better.

  2. Meloney says:

    I’ve made progress, because of this challenge.
    I would really like to see you do it again next year. I think you have a spy in my studio. LOL
    I could use more help on my floor and don’t really have Christmas gifts to finish this year.
    I do have a trip to pack for. Found someone to watch the pets, so I’m good.

  3. Kathy says:

    Your cowboy is just too funny. I have one quilt left to do. I only have to sandwich it and tie it and done. I have a count of 30 blocks in this quilt which will be done by Monday. I am taking January off. Doctor says I’m pretty close to being burned out. Have a great Christmas to you all. Hi

  4. Karen says:

    Though I didn’t get all of the challenges done, I did do alot of them and it has helped a ton! I could certainly repeat many of the tasks next year…hint, hint đŸ™‚
    Since the summer, I’ve been working on Christmas gifts of fabric covered albums. Have one more to finish by Sunday. Then a tote bag. So I’ll be doing this week’s task and looking forward to the Final Countdown to get me geared up for the New Year. Thank you for all for the inspiration and motivation you share with us.

  5. Rose Marie says:

    I have one quilt sandwiched – small size – and I could get it done and off the floor if I didn’t have to clean house and bake cookies. I am worrying more about the Triangle Salad challenge. Who cares if the studio is organized!! LOL

  6. Sue Hook says:

    OK I am in on this – I have 2 quilts to sew binding on 2 quilts to quilt and sew binding on and a quilt top to finish, quilt and bind. Also a dress, nightgown and 3 pj pants to sew. No sleeping for me. Do you think I will make it?

  7. Liz says:

    Your cowboy is too funny. He must know my husband!

    The only Christmas sewing I had was making 8 dish towels for my sister!

    Please PLEASE continue organization in 2016.

    Merry Christmas and may you all be blessed throughout 2016.

  8. Virginia Smith says:

    The challenges are always good! I can’t seem to keep them done. Redo, redo, redo but at least for a while they are done and make to sew and accomplish something. This week a made a cape for my daughter-in-law that I have had the material to make for about 8 years. Merry Christmas to all. Don’t think I will ever be all all caught up.

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