Studio Organizing, Week 46

Posted on November 13, 2015 by prairiemoonquilts in Studio Organizing Challenge

When My Cowboy reminded me this morning that today is trash day, and I didn’t have the trash put out yet, it also made me realize that yesterday was Thursday, and I didn’t post our organizing task! I’m having a bit of trouble keeping track of the days right now.

Does your sewing area feel much better now, after last week’s task? Mine does. I took my machine to a retreat, so while I had it off the table, I cleaned the table up before putting it back. Aaahhhh, like a breath of fresh air!

And now on to this week’s task. It’s a thinking one:

Make a list

We’re fast headed toward the end of the year, and the holiday season, so I thought that getting things down on paper might help us get organized for all the things that need to be finished before 2015 escapes us completely.

This can be a list of anything you need to make a list of.

A Christmas card list
A Christmas gift list
A menu and grocery list for Thanksgiving dinner
A list of projects you need to finish for gifts
A list of the things you still need to acquire in order to finish the gifts
Or simply a list of things you’d like to complete before the year is over
You could even get a jump start on a brand new list for 2016!

The choice is yours.

I love lists, and I have many. I put my most urgent projects on a categorized list and posted them on the wall in front of my computer, where I can see them several times a day, and check them off as they’re done. There’s just something about those check marks!

I’m planning on making some things for my daughters, so I still need to buy some supplies, and need to locate one of my books that is still packed away, then get to sewing.

What about you? What’s on YOUR list?

6 responses to “Studio Organizing, Week 46”

  1. Pam in KC says:

    No new lists!! I’m still working on my list from August that got added to. Ultimately there were 15 quilts and 25 or 26 pillowcases on it. There’s 7 quilts and 15 or 16 pillowcases left on it and I’m resisting adding 2 quilt to the list since they aren’t needed until after the 1st of the year. And to think I’ve pulled fabrics for the Bonnie Hunter mystery. What am I thinking?

  2. Meloney says:

    I love lists so I am making a list for me, instead of all the must do lists.
    My quilting list is here.

    I did make progress on my sewing area, but it will always need help because I make a mess when I’m creative.

  3. randy says:

    Well I can’t make a list, I just got home form a huge free fabric come and get it event. I am surrounded by shopping bags.

    NOw I have to put it away…

  4. I also adore lists…but I keep misplacing them!! It’s like when I put something I don’t want to lose in “a safe place”…then I can’t remember where the “safe place” is!!! Ugh!

  5. swooze says:

    I am trying to squeeze back into my sewing room so the machine area is not cleaner but I just had an idea pop into my head.

    My list is going to be about quilting because I seem to be spinning my wheels!

  6. No list here – I’m doing well to stay upright for a few minutes to write one comment or two with this broken hip. But I’ll be rooting for all of ya’.

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