Studio Organizing, Week 44

Posted on October 29, 2015 by prairiemoonquilts in Studio Organizing Challenge

Another drawer cleaned out! It’s amazing what you find when you dig through a drawer you haven’t opened in probably a year.

I figure if I haven’t looked in it for that long, I probably don’t much need the stuff that’s in there, right?

I found a whole stash of fancy little zippered pouches — all empty.

I could either fill them up and use them, or just get rid of them. I chose to do some of each. I filled some of them with pieces I needed to corral, and some of them I’m not keeping.

I put the fabric away where it belongs, and I filled the drawer back up with items that needed a place to live. Stabilizers, my InsulFleece, a few cross-stitch supplies, things like that. Now if I can just remember that’s where I put those things the next time I need to use them . . .


This task also yielded an empty basket that I can now use somewhere else:


And one of the little zippered pouches was this cute thing! I’m sure it’s a makeup case my daughter gave me, but I think it’s gonna make a cute little hexie project bag. It’s even got hexies on it!


And just like that, it’s time for another task!

This week I’m leaving it a little bit open:

Choose 3 things you’ve been putting off doing and do them

I know what my 3 things will be (I think) — I could change my mind — but I know I want to start with:

* Putting fabric away — I’ve got an entire box of leftovers from projects I’ve recently finished that needs to be dealt with. It’s getting out of hand.

* Taking care of some paperwork — I need to do some filing and purging in the paper department. I have books, magazines, patterns, receipts, printouts, catalogs, sticky notes, notebooks, clippings, and all sorts of stuff scattered around all over. It’s a mess!

* Organizing some UFOs — Things are strung everywhere from the last month of marathon sewing, and I need to make some sense of it so I can be a bit more productive in the coming month. Getting parts and pieces gathered up and put where they belong, putting away things I’m finished with, and regrouping on a couple of ideas — all need to be done — so I’m going to work on that.

I think I’ll have a busy week of organizing, if I can manage to get all that done.

What about you?

Have you been putting off at least three things you know you should do, but have been hanging your heels about? Let’s hear them! And we’ll work on them together this week.

6 responses to “Studio Organizing, Week 44”

  1. Virginia Smith says:

    I feel that you have hit 3 things that need doing here. NOW to get them fit in with things I have personal dead lines for. It would be wonderful to particularly get some fabric put some where I will find when I need it. This week I found what I had placed to bind a small quilt with. The quilt is bound with I think a bett color binding now what to do with this piece and lots more that don’t fit in my places for fabric. I need to get more quilts of any kind done.

  2. Meloney says:
    I got my drawer cleaned out and I have my list.

    1. Filing
    2. Change CC number on sites
    3. Work on my red and black UFO

  3. swooze says:

    Blink. Blink blink blink……..

  4. Kathy says:

    Maybe if you put tabs or some kind of labels on your shelves, that way you will know what is what.

  5. Sue Hook says:

    Last week I cleaned off a card table that was stacked full. I thought the best way to keep it clean was to fold and put the table away. I have missed it a few times this week but things have been put away instead of stacked for later.

    I have a few things I would like to organize but I have entered the Christmas zone. I have a large family and try to make everyone something for Christmas so my cleaning will probably end until after Christmas. Just hope to keep somewhat clean and orderly through the process. Thanks to your help at least I am better organized at the start.

  6. Cynthia Green says:

    This is a great idea. Keeping things uncluttered is one of the things I really struggle with. I’m just starting to quilt again after 4 cornea transplants (2 didn’t work) and a year of being mostly blind. Also my husband is disabled and takes a LOT of time. But he wants me to get back into quilting as well. I’m going to try to keep up with this plan,

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