Studio Organizing, Week 38

Posted on September 17, 2015 by prairiemoonquilts in Studio Organizing Challenge

How’d you do last week?

Did you tame a bin of fabric?

I’m happy to say that I did!

Evidently, I’ve used enough pieces out of my neutrals bins that I was able to combine the large bin and the small bin together into just the large bin:


Which left me with a small empty bin:


That I immediately filled up with my newest UFO!

In honor of the fact that I have a lot of hand sewing to get done in the next week or so, this week’s task is:

Organize your hand sewing supplies

Go through your needles, your thimbles, your threads, your scissors, your pins, or whatever else you use when you’re hand sewing, and get it all cleaned out, cleaned up, reorganized, and ready for some serious hand stitching time.

It’ll make it sew much easier when you sit down to work on it, if you have it all right at hand, and in the right spots.

Throw away any bent or rusty needles or pins, get your project organized, all the pieces and parts ready to just pick up and work on.

Then when you sit down to hand stitch, you’ll actually get some stitching accomplished, instead of looking for the right thread, the missing needle, the little scissors, or pieces of the project itself.

Here’s to all of us being a little more productive at the hand-stitching part of our quilting lives (hopefully not only this week, but all the weeks from now on)!

5 responses to “Studio Organizing, Week 38”

  1. Swooze says:

    Well just tonight I emptied a couple bins and found my flannel that I need for an in progress project. This was all in the process of working on a non-quilty (yeah like that exists) area of the house. In even unloaded a catch all chair in front of my sewing room. Aaahhhh I am breathing easier!

    I made a huge advance in getting the hand sewing things together. I can continue tidying up in that area so I am in! Keep those challenges coming!

  2. Kathy says:

    I finally got my room done. I even set hubby up with his own sewing station. His quilt is at the long arm quilters. I’m in hopes to get it back by the end of the month.

  3. Meloney says:

    I straightened my fabric. It is really in two cabinets (except for the scraps) and I’ll fix it when I make a mess of it.

    My hand sewing supplies are all over the place. This might help get them all together to be used well.

  4. Virginia Smith says:

    I am not reorganizing my hand sewing supplies but this organizing by theweek has me always thinking about what needs to be in better order and that has helped me find my box of embrodery supplies that were buried under some boxes of scraps. That was a boos think to find as I was scratching my head as to were they were. Thank you Shelly

  5. Virginia Smith says:

    The list of the each week’s challenge is not keeping up to date. I do like to print it and take it to my sewing room to remind of all the great organizing ideas from other weeks.

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