Studio Organizing, Week 29

Posted on July 18, 2016 by prairiemoonquilts in Studio Organizing Challenge

I have not been on the computer much lately, so I haven’t posted much of anything! Very taxing set of deadlines I’m up against this month, and I’m still working on them.

The last task I posted was to eradicate a pile, and I got rid of several, but I made just as many more, so I’m not sure that’s progress — ugh!

Anyway, I feel it’s time to move on. And this time, we’re doing something fun! It may not help with the number of UFOs you have, but it might help you use up some scraps and, therefore, you’ll be a bit more organized in that regard.

We’re going to:

Pick a project to use some of your scraps in

Yes, I’m giving you permission to start a new project!

My guild is doing a mystery quilt, and in Step One, we are to cut nearly 1000 2 1/2″ squares! While that really won’t make a dent in my pre-cut 2 1/2″ squares bin, I am at least able to get the lid back on it, and with the steps all laid out like they are (monthly), I might actually use them up.

What project have you been wanting to do to use up some of your scraps?

If we use them up, we won’t have to keep organizing them — they’ll be made into a finished project that we can use and love or give as a gift. Much better than just having them laying around, right?

Is your problem loose scraps? Strips? Squares? Fat quarters?

There’s a scrap quilt for every one of those just waiting to be made. I challenge you to choose one and get started this week. I’ll be sure and show you my mystery quilt when it’s finished.

Last weekend, I took a class from Amy Ellis at Sew Sweet Quilt Shop. She has a new pattern out called “Turnstyle”, and I’ve been wanting to make it ever since I first saw it.


For my quilt, I pulled out 20 fat quarters from my old 1930s reproduction fabric stash to try and use it all up. All I had to buy was the background. What little 1930s stash I have left is going to get mainstreamed back into my regular stash, and I’ll have one more empty bin — woohoo!

5 responses to “Studio Organizing, Week 29”

  1. Mary says:

    I hope you’ll share what you have to do with the 1,000 squares. I love squares especially little ones.

  2. Kathy Fraser says:

    It will be a while before I do any sewing. Hubby just got out of the hospital last Monday after 8 days in there. He was in critical condition for 3 days. Came very close to loosing him. Now he also faces 2 surgeries. Spine and also hip replacement. Brought daughter to the ER last night to fine out she has Lyme Disease. Now she also faces a possible 3 surgeries. Hip replacement, Gastric By-pass, and possible spinal also. Sewing is not on my top priority list as of now. But I will still enjoy your blog and maybe, just maybe I can get a little hand sewing done in between.

  3. Joy D. says:

    I’m in! On Sunday I picked out Pineapple Crazy by Bonnie Hunter, because my bits bin is overflowing. It will be a long term project, but I’m excited that I have confurmation via your blog that I should start it. Sew excited to tame tge bin!

  4. Meloney says:

    wow, this will be a fun project(s) to take on.
    right now, I’m having fun with the lanyards.
    I think I’ll do a few of them.
    My main goal while I’m home is to get some of these quilt tops quilted. I have 3 QOVs to quilt too.
    I also have a T-shirt quilt to work on, plus quilt the one on my long arm. I’m having trouble with the backing on that one. So, I’ll need to unload it and rework things.

  5. Marilyn Drennan says:

    I would love to have a tidy sewing room.
    Interested in your organizing challenge.
    Very interested in your 1000 2.5 inch squares.
    I am thinking about Film @25 which uses 25 squares for each block.
    I do not have 1000 squares ,

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