Studio Organizing, Week 23

Posted on June 4, 2015 by prairiemoonquilts in Studio Organizing Challenge

In my current floundering state of zero motivation, I’m not getting things done at my usual pace. The last couple tasks have been extremely difficult for me.

I have the bottom portion of the closet halfway cleaned out.

And I went through the bag of scraps, and started pre-cutting and sorting the pieces into my bins of pre-cuts and special containers for applique, etc. I didn’t get all the way through the bag. You know, once you touch it, it expands, right?

But there’s one less sack on the landing, and there was some fun stuff in it!

I also managed to refrain from starting a new project, although my bin of 1 1/2″ strips is bulging, so I’m thinking up a project to do with that size strips so I can whittle them down.

Since I’m still working on many of the past tasks, I’m once again repeating a task for this week:

Revisit a previous task and work on it again

And, as I did the last time I proposed this task, there are several I want to revisit.

The first one I plan to revisit is dealing with paper clutter. It seems to pile up when I turn my back, and it’s very difficult for me to keep up with it.

My initial plan is to deal with the paper I can see, and if I get that under control, I intend to dig out piles I have hidden and deal with those as well. I don’t need this much paper hanging around!

And in between, I’m gonna keep workin’ on that closet . . .

How about you?

What previous task did you not get finished with that is still nagging you?

Is there something you left undone in a previous week that you would love to have another go at?

Let me know what you’re working on this week!

9 responses to “Studio Organizing, Week 23”

  1. Judy Smith says:

    I pulled all of my 1-1/2 ” strips out to add some I had been given and they exploded from the packed container. I’ve made two doll quilts and a table runner, but there is no noticeable difference. I need a project that will use those puppies up at a faster rate. I’m thinking a Chinese coins quilt. Please share any ideas you have.

  2. So glad you are asking us to revisit a previous task. I am so far behind but I need this badly.

    We can do it!

  3. Meloney says:

    I think it is about half the list that is still surviving when I did them before and half that still have room for improvement.
    Here is my blog post for it.
    I’m not sure exactly what I’m going to be doing besides my magazines (A long term project) and taking the sewing machine in, but I’ll keep y’all updated.

  4. randy says:

    I am surprised how the quest for organization has spawned quilts. I had a pile of crumb squares ) basically made on muslin using scraps and crazy quilt approach, then cutting down 4 inch units from the larger blocks) I had a pile of fassett squares that I bought on ebay ( another whole story) that were 4 inches. I had a big bag of colored 1.5 strips, and a lot of white on white 2.5 inch strips. From these I framed the crumbs and Fasstt fabric in white. than I used the 1.5 as sashing. I used a rainbow approach to the sashing and it made an interesting effect. ( pinks to oranges to yellow to yellow green. The border is made up of four patches. I will send you a direct photo. It was a pleasing way to use the 1.5 inch strips

  5. Kathy says:

    Our basement! Wow, what a mess. We are relegated to paths. We have to get this done ASAP. We are moving to the summer camp next week and I have to get that done as well as my sewing room or that will have to wait until fall.

  6. Rose Marie says:

    I’m going up to the quilting area this morning and finish off the plans and handouts for a drunkard path workshop. And while up there I will go through a bunch of fabric and see what I can whittle down and donate to guild community service. I can’t take 99 bins of fabric to an apartment. Okay, I exaggerated the number of bins.

  7. Barb B says:

    Oh my… Has a week already passed? I managed to say, “hello” to the bags of scraps I wanted to put away. I patted them, then promptly walked out of the room. Putting things away did not happen.

    I like to have my sewing room all picked up after I work in it. It makes me happy and creative every time I enter it. Well, my room is not my own this week. We are building a deck off the kitchen (which is directly above my sewing room) and the guys had to have access to my room to drill holes through the outer-most floor joists to anchor the deck to. Well, there is stuff EVERYWHERE! They basically moved everything off the outside wall and just piled it around. I managed to eek out a little space around my sewing machine, but my room is not my own. I know it won’t be forever and the temporary mess is going to be worth it, but for now I must close my eyes to it and carry on as best I can until the construction is over.

    So, my job this week will be putting everything back once they give me the “go ahead”.

  8. Karen says:

    Here is my update on the past few weeks.
    I may not get them done in the specified week, but I am trying to get to each task eventually. It really is helping me out!

  9. I’ve been so busy with sewing and life in general, I haven’t had time to tackle anything specific. But in my ongoing quest to pare down my stash, I’ve completed one quilt (that stack of fabrics is now a teeny stack of leftovers) and nearly completed another. Yesterday I gave my sewing machine a good cleaning (been meaning to do that), and seeing all the fuzzes that had collected I’m surprised it sewed at all 🙂

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