Studio Organizing, Week 16

Posted on April 16, 2015 by prairiemoonquilts in Organizing, Studio Organizing Challenge

Well, I barely managed to clean up even one small area this past week. It wasn’t even that bad of a mess — my problem is finding the extra time to give it any attention!

But I’m so glad I did it. It looks so much better, and is like a breath of fresh air when I walk into my office. It even inspired me to pick up and clean up the floor area around it as well.


My sister gave me those cute little stacking boxes, and I’m sure I can find things that need to be stored to put in them. It just gives me one more area to store things in that looks pretty!


The wool penny rug was made for me by my friend, Meredith, who just turned 90 last week, and is still quilting up a storm! It’s one of my treasured items.

After I did that, the wall looked really bare, so I hung up my little shadowbox. I still haven’t put anything in it, but I’m sure I’ll unearth some things that will work just fine as I keep going.


And now on to this week’s task:

Organize your ruler collection

This one is easy for me. I don’t have too many rulers.

I’ve always admired those tabletop ruler holders with the grooves in them, but I can’t keep any flat surface cleared off enough to have space for one of those.

Here’s how I have mine organized right now . . .

The large ones, and the ones I don’t use as often, hang on a nail underneath my cutting table. Within easy reach if I need them, but out of the way when I’m not using them:


The ones I use every day, hang on this nail right where I stand to cut:


And of course, there’s always my favorite one laying out on the table all the time.

I do have a couple of specialty rulers and plastic template sets, and I keep those in one of the drawers in my sewing cabinet.

My friend, Barbara, from guild, has LOTS of rulers, and she has a bag that she keeps them all in, and then when she’s coming to a sew day, she just grabs the bag, and has all her rulers with her. I think she even won a prize at one of our retreats for being the one in attendance with the most rulers!

How do you store your rulers?

Do you have a lot? or just a few?

Do you know where they all are? or are they all over the place?

Do you have a system for keeping them organized and within easy reach for using them?

Do you have some that you never use and should just part with?

I’m interested in seeing/hearing about how you handle your own particular ruler stash!

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  1. Anne says:

    Well – I only have 4 rulers!

    A 12.5 inch square, a 6.5 inch square, a 14 inch by 4 inch one and a 6 inch by 1 inch.

    So far I haven’t found I need anymore – I just slide the 14 in along the edge of the 12.5 in when I need to cut longer lengths – which isn’t very often.

    I have more of a problem with my embroidery hoops for my new Janome – they are currently in a double width draw – maybe some ideas for rulers will suit them!

    Except for the little one which just goes in the draw the others hang on a nail above my cutting mat.

  2. Kathy says:

    I must have my own store. I have so many rulers and templates. I have hooks and push pins holding them on one wall in my sewing room. I guess you could call me a ruler-holic. My favorite rulers are my 6 1/2″ square up ruler and the 4 1/2 square up ruler. I also have a ruler with a cuter on it. Which I use for doing strips etc. I love my rulers and templates.

  3. Judy Smith says:

    Rulers rule my cutting table. I have a lot, but use my 6″ x 14″ the most. Square up rulers are my favorite, I have 5 different sizes. Also love the Easy Angle. They all reside in one of those racks with the grooves, although the collection has outgrown it.

  4. katie z. says:

    12.5, 6.5″, and 4.5″ squares, a broken 3×18 (so it’s more like 3×9), easy angle, companion angle, and a diamond make up my collection. They sit under the coffee table, which is my cutting table (someday, I’ll have a grown up cutting table). If I put them away, I never get anything cut, since cutting must be done between kids’ needs!

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