Studio Organizing, Week 14

Posted on April 2, 2015 by prairiemoonquilts in Studio Organizing Challenge

Well, I didn’t make much progress on my penny rug, but I’m leaving it out as one of my evening handwork projects, and will chip away at it as I can. It’s so close to done, I’d really like to check something off my list!

Here’s this week’s task:

Eradicate a pile

With all my other organizing efforts, and rearranging unpacked boxes downstairs, I unearthed a lot of stuff that needs to be in the sewing room or the other two unfinished rooms upstairs, so I brought them up.

Trouble is, the other two rooms are not finished, so I can’t put things away in them yet, so I’ve made piles. Lots of piles. I’m messing things up upstairs in a bad way!

So this week, I’m going to sort through at least one of the piles and try to keep my walking area clear enough to move around in. I was afraid I’d do this to myself!

This, mind you, is just in the sewing room alone.

There’s a pile by the door:


A pile on top of the rolling cart:


A pile at the end of the cutting table in front of the closet:


A pile ON the cutting table:


And a pile on the landing outside the sewing room door (please ignore the paint cans and carpentry items — we’re under construction still):


So I have plenty to choose from, and have my work cut out for me this week.

What about you?

In all your other organizing, have you made a pile elsewhere?

Is it full of things you just haven’t quite decided what to do with yet?

Here’s your chance! Pick one and force yourself to make those decisions. I’ll be right there with you. Good luck to us all!

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  1. Deanna says:

    I have been eliminating a pile the past few days. In preparation for costume sewing, I have finished a few projects (not quilting, unfortunately) that had been waiting around–mending and alterations and some grocery bags from feed sacks. Those should be done this morning and then I am on to some fun.

  2. Cindy says:

    Hymmmmm which one?????

  3. Kathy says:

    Oh the horrors of a small sewing room. Piles? I have them. It’s called my sewing room. If only I could swap me sewing room for my bedroom! But cannot. My bedroom is 14×17. Sigh! But my bed alone would fill my sewing room. It’s 7×8, because of my 2 twin adjustable beds in our king cannon ball bed. But I do get around in my room. I have to take care of all my new purchases and that will help a lot. However my daughter seems to think it’s a throw room. Rats!

  4. Elaine Walker says:

    I finally got my cutting table completely clear!!! Waa-Hoo there is now one plastic tub on it with everything I need for the current project. Also got one drawer organized. Had to throw away several markers that were dried out. So glad to have that done.

  5. melfunk says:

    I did finish my UFO last week. At the very end of the month, but it got done. This week, I love piles. LOL
    I am working by my sewing machine. Check my blog post.

  6. Rose Marie says:

    I’m almost thinking this would necessitate me eliminating the entire old house. What a pile that is!! LOL

  7. Joy Sleeman says:

    I made 2 piles this week, but they are old magazines to be passed on, one is general craft for a niece and the other is quilting one for new members to our group. They will go by next Saturday.

  8. Sue H says:

    I have not finished last weeks project – still have 2 outer borders to sew on – I will do in the morning…

    Piles oh piles – which one should I start on. I think I will try for the table next to my cutting table.

  9. Interesting to read this just now…last night I decided to repackage all my projects into uniform sized boxes w/ labels on the ends so I can readily see what’s on the shelves and easily slide out a box that I want. Everything was packaged neatly before but just not as efficiently as it could be. Anyhow, I have a similar situation in my sewing room now (piles)….and no room to sew! So I guess I’ll have to finish what I started. I’m just reusing Macy’s shirt boxes for now because they hold a lot and fit perfectly on the shelves. Back to work đŸ™‚

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