Studio Organizing, Week 12

Posted on March 19, 2015 by prairiemoonquilts in Organizing, Studio Organizing Challenge

While last week’s task should have been an easy one for me, I sorta fizzled on it. I gathered up a lot more stray thread that needed to be put away, but all I managed to put away was the spools . . . because they were easy.

The embroidery floss mess? Still a mess . . . but at least it’s all in one place, and I will deal with it soon, I hope.

And I thought I’d give you a gratuitous shot of the current state of affairs on my cutting table — it’s hopeless! But please note that my ironing board is still clean:


I’m swamped with work right now, and I’m leaving today for a weekend retreat (at which I hope to make lots of blocks for my Block Report), so I need another easy task for this coming week. I’ve chosen a repeat:

Clean out one drawer

Because I have many many drawers that need to be organized.

I had hoped that the last drawer I cleaned would lead to a contagious cleaning out of all the adjoining drawers, but sadly, it did not. I dutifully cleaned out the one drawer, and stopped right there! That drawer has stayed clean, though — does that count for anything?

Here’s the next one I’m going to tackle:


I’m really hoping that I end up with one of these drawers completely empty, which will give me space to put more things away out of sight, yet easily within reach.

How about you?

Do you still have drawers that need to be organized?

Or when you cleaned out that first drawer, was it contagious, and you just got them all done at once?

If all your drawers are neatly organized, pick one shelf to work on. And if all your shelves are already neatly organized, consider me completely envious, and enjoy the extra time sewing!

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  1. I’m doing a wee bit better with the cutting table staying cleared, but just now I looked and things are creeping toward the center! I didn’t do a drawer last time so now I will do the drawer. Have fun at the retreat.

  2. Cindy says:

    Hymmmm your drawer looks pretty clean to me. Mine start out much worse.

  3. Elaine Walker says:

    Every time I think I am getting something organized, I end up with a stack. Mostly on my cutting table. I have organized two drawers. Several more to work on. Have fun at the retreat. I LOVE retreats :-}

  4. Kathy says:

    Good luck on that one. My room is very small. If there is a flat surface it has stuff on it. So I am never going to be completely clear on anything. But I do pick up after each project. I have to. I’d have no room if I didn’t. But what I have works for me.

  5. Liz says:

    I organized all the drawers last week.I am disciplining myself to keep my cutting table cleaned up and neat.

    So this week, I want to tackle the fabric shelves. But I am STUCK as to how I should really organize my fabrics. Right now they are by collection (i.e., civil war, 30’s reprod., solid colors, batiks, etc…) I just don’t know what is the best way to organize. I just have to take my time.

    Have fun at retreat!

  6. Karen says:

    I’m plugging away at these challenges and making progress. see here:
    I’d love to hear how other’s store their floss.

  7. Meloney says:

    I have so many drawers that this will be a never ending battle.
    My blog shows the messy drawer I picked.
    I didn’t finish the thread challenge, but I did more than I thought I would get to.

  8. Carol Smith says:

    I am retreating! I worked on my thread before I left home. I moved a bookcase into the sewing room (from the dining room with the fallen ceiling

  9. All I can do is watch your progress in the Organizing Challenge because I have too many other projects. But I have managed to organize little areas randomly, even though they’re not on the list. While doing this, last week I discovered a box that was misplaced so many months ago I thought I’d never see it again! Oh, and I agree that keeping a drawer clean counts đŸ™‚

  10. Rose Marie says:

    Okay, I declare myself the top winner in this organizing thing. I have to weed out 22 years of stuff and get ready to move to an apartment where there must be room to quilt. I will give the big reveal sometime in June when the move is accomplished. In the meantime, it is so discouraging that I just came down with a virus……….and didn’t do a thing for a whole week.

  11. melfunk says:

    finally got to be home long enough to do this.
    My drawer photo is
    I found some foundation papers in my stabilizer drawer. Why? They do in another drawer.
    I found some misc items in there too.
    So, that is done. I might try for another one before the next challenge comes out.

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