September 350 Blocks Report

Posted on September 30, 2019 by prairiemoonquilts in 350 Blocks Project

Last month we had fall weather, and this month has felt like July again! I think it’s the hottest September we’ve had in ages — whew! Mid-90s a lot of the time, and lots of storms, too.

When I first realized it was time to write this post, I thought I didn’t have ANY blocks to report. I traveled a lot the first half of the month, and spent the second half being really sick. So I don’t feel like I got much done. Upon closer inspection, however, I did come up with 29 blocks for the month.

I made 25 of these little stars for my part of the new Round Robin quilt I’m doing with my friend, Rose Marie. You can read about our Round Robins HERE, and I’ll give you an update soon on how the new ones are going, so you can see our progress.

I used one of the Snack Set Template sets by Victoria Findlay Wolfe to make these. They make it so easy. You can get them HERE, if you need some (and you do)! It’s Template Set #2.

I made three more Vintage Christmas Ornaments. This is one of my #8s. I’m busy working on the next ones, but running behind because I’ve been so sick. It’s always something making me late!

I also finished Block 2 of the Daredevils Quilt-Along, but that’s as far as I got. And I think we’re already up to Block 8, so I just keep getting behinder. On everything.

But there you have it — my month in a nutshell! Now it’s YOUR turn! How did your September go?

Leave a comment on this post (or contact me) and tell us what all you managed to get done this month!

I’ve got the Project Page updated as of this morning, so as always, be sure and double-check me.

We have a new block making goal for October of 30 blocks, for a year-to-date total of 289. Only 3 more months in the year to make block progress! Woohoo!

The prize winner for August is Ginabeth. She’s up to 71 blocks for the year already, even tho she joined in late. See? It’s never too late to join in with us!

I’m wishing us all a productive sewing month of October. I plan to have a bigger total than 29 for this coming month! Good luck to us all, and happy stitching!

53 responses to “September 350 Blocks Report”

  1. Louise says:

    Only 24 blocks for me this month. My health continues to keep me out of the sewing room for more than a few minutes at a time. Hopefully October will be better.

  2. I got 21 blocks done. I swear I did more than that, but there is no evidence of any more blocks.

  3. sharong says:

    Sharon G

    I have made 107 blocks this month–a good one for me

  4. Amanda M. says:

    According to my notes I made 22 blocks for 4 different projects this month. I have also finished at least 2, maybe 3 quilts; I don’t have that page right in front of me but it has been a good month for production. I am excited to get started on a new project but I am trying to make myself finish at least one more project before starting the new one. I enjoy reading everyone else’s reports and I get inspiration and motivation from all of you so thank you all.

  5. JanetD says:

    Again I have zero blocks completed for the month. Did lots of traveling though so it was all to the good.

  6. Sharon Gratz says:

    I played this month and ended up with 72 blocks for a total of 372…I think. One of these months I’m going to have to sew some blocks together! lol It’s getting time for Christmas projects….pillowcases, little tote bags for toddIers, potholders, mug rugs, and anything else I can think of that’s useful and can be made quickly and out of scraps. 🙂

  7. Tonia says:

    Love your stars, and I am sorry to hear you were under the weather for a bit. I really focused when I had Hobby House time and used the boring bits of road on our trip to applique my butterflies–And I came up with 72 blocks!!!!
    I was surprised when I added it all up, believe me. To be honest none of the blocks were fancy or complicated! May October be productive everyone–Anyone else getting started on the Christmas sewing? I hope to do Moda

  8. Betty Keene says:

    I have 50 blocks for the month of September. I had to start a new quilt top – sometimes I just can’t say no (to myself).

  9. Ginny says:

    Sept was a lot of travel for me. 4 Blocks total. Oct. needs to be a month of quilting projects for me. Really cute blocks. Finishing UFO should be me goal for a long time but new project and patterns are always calling.
    Trust you are back to full running speed.

  10. Marilyn Holder says:

    Total for September is 12. Quilting the donation quilts takes time. Push already for October.

  11. Kari Elliott says:

    Okay a little glimmer of my sewing mojo at the end of September…I did 12 blocks and am now back in my room daily…not sure if that will translate into more blocks but my foot is in the door!
    Am jealous of your weather…0 degrees Celsius here overnight…have even had a few snow flurries! Just a little too early this year!

  12. Pam Desilets says:

    I was only able to get 116 blocks done. I run a group called Quilts of Valor and had 12 presentations
    We presented 12 veterans from WII, Korea, Vietnam
    and wars I the Middle East .

  13. Crystal F says:

    I made 48 Quilts of Valor blocks and 36 small blocks for a baby quilt.

  14. I finished 52 blocks this month. One more retreat this weekend so hoping to finally get my long term log cabin project blocks done and maybe together!!

  15. Angela says:

    I made twelve churndash blocks (six each for two women that participated in a Block Swap with me in the Spring. These two women never received their package containing their blocks … lost in the mail somewhere.) Several of the Swap participants and I agreed to make replacement blocks for these two women.
    I also made a baby quilt (12 blocks) for my first granddaughter; she’s due tomorrow! 💝
    I also completed the last three appliqued blocks from Barbara Brackman’s Hospital Sketches (I still have to come up with a border for this quilt).
    This is a total of only 27 blocks completed in September.
    I’ve been following along with the Daredevils group and have seen both your blocks and they’re lovely! I’ve been saving the block patterns but have not made a single one to date … you may be behind but you’re ahead of me! Lol

  16. Karen E. says:

    I made 167 blocks during September. Many of them were string blocks that go really fast. I think this bring my yearly total to 1483.

  17. Diana S says:

    Love your blocks. It’s always fun to see your progress.
    I did manage 45 this month. Was surprised at that as I spent a lot of time getting quilts ready to go to my quilter and binding the ones I got back! So am happy with my total!

  18. KT says:

    I finished 32 blocks this month. I need to start finishing some quilts–I’m more of a piecer than a quilter, I guess! Love seeing what you’ve been working on, and hope you’re feeling better.

  19. Paula M says:

    I have had a month of tops completed-all for Christmas, with 2 more in the thought process-Yankee Doodle Dandy flag quilt was 234 5 in blocks – I am counting them as (54) blocks- finished 100 day 100 block (26) plus (20) 9.5 in 4 patch blocks I decided against …then attempted (2) old Italian blocks which may grow into a Christmas gift. All in all-5 tops completed-4 this year, (one from 2 years ago) Total blocks for the month of September 102! I have never used templates, next year will be a good year to try something new!

  20. Margaret (Peggy) Long says:

    I completed 2 blocks for the Happy Little Things BOM and 3 blocks for the Little Miss Sawtooth QAL; also 8 single bear paw blocks and 12 fir tree blocks for the quilt I’m making for a friend. A total of 25 blocks for September 2019.

  21. Julie M. says:

    I finished 32 blocks for the month. Hoping to be more productive in October since I have a 3 day Quilt Retreat.

  22. Marlene Clausen says:

    66 blocks this month . . . for once caught up with my BOM’s. Most recent QOV bound and ready for presentation next week. Have enjoyed watching all the posting of Hospital Sketches and Dare Devil blocks. Both are really difficult.

  23. Beverly Vendt says:

    Once again September is zero. Been out of town for the last two months. Got home tonight, so hopefully by the weekend I can start making quilts again. I need to finish the one I started in the spring.

  24. Deanna says:

    The count isn’t high this month: 21 blocks. But, they averaged just over 55 pieces per block. Over 1000 pieces this month?! Looks impressive when you count it that way, even though it is STILL just 21. Glad you are feeling a bit better.

  25. Angie in SoCal says:

    Hard to believe with all my dithering, but I made 51 blocks from a baby quilt, My Small World, an EPP project and test blocks. Phew.

  26. Joan says:

    23 blocks completed. I’ve been working with wool–so most have been hand stitched! Nice to see what you have completed.

  27. Scarlett R says:

    I don’t think I got any blocks made for September. I did sew together a few blocks on one of my UFO’s. My life should be settling into a routine now and maybe I can get back to making things! Sorry you were sick, Shelly! !

  28. Clara Chandler says:

    This month’s total is 35 blocks. I’ve been sewing for the 100Days100Blocks project (30) and I’ve only been late once this month for posting a picture in the Facebook group. The other blocks (5) are shop samples for the class I’m teaching on Beginning Quilting for my LQS, which starts this Friday. The Mystery Quilt for the LQS was quilted and the binding made. Completing this quilt will be a grand finish for October.

    Wishing you good health, Shelly!!

  29. Rose Marie Smith says:

    I finished 34 blocks this month…………but 4 of those were daredevil blocks and they are really, really challenging. In fact I could report 35 but that one extra would be a daredevil that I decided to leave behind and try again. Whew…….that piecing from the old times is really difficult. And thanks for the blocks on my round robin. They are just darling!!!!

  30. Wanda Marvel says:

    I made 3 blocks

  31. Carolyn s says:

    38 blocks. Six from retreat, some drunkard path style and start on Christmas

  32. Linda Knight says:

    I made 1 block for September which was putting my tree quilt blocks together. I got it to the quilter and got it back this morning. It’s beautiful, even if I do say so myself. Now to bind it. I’m also cutting out blocks for another quilt and trying to applique an antique 8 point star to a background which is challenging because it is so uneven.

  33. Pam Martin says:

    22 blocks – I’m making blocks for a turkey panel, but after I made them they weren’t right for the panel, back to the drawing board.

  34. Karen says:

    Your blocks are beautiful, as usual. Sorry to hear you haven’t been well. Hope you’re feeling better now.
    I got 3 blocks done, making my yearly total of 80, which is great for me, so I’m happy. Thanks for doing this!

  35. Karrin Hurd says:

    Hope you are feeling better. I had 24 for the month. I got a lot more stuff done than that, but most of my work is by hand anyway.

  36. Debi F says:

    I got a new toy last month, a longarm!! So, needless to say, my block numbers are way down! But I quilted 5 quilts already, so I’m pretty proud as a newbie to complete these! Only doing my own stuff right now. For this month, I’ve completed 15 blocks for a block exchange coming up. Have more to do, but that’s next month.

  37. 24 blocks for September. Not great, not bad…I’m ok with that 🙂

  38. Joy says:

    Only 5 blocks for September. With school starting I am back to work. Will try to do better in October.

  39. Danice says:

    Got only 11 blocks sewn in September. Well that is better than none. ‘Love all of your blocks, especially the Vintage Christmas Ornaments (the fabrics are awesome as well).

  40. Cheryl says:

    My total was 73 for YTD of 1656 I think. I took my Hocus Pocus with All Hallows Eve fabric to be quilted and get it back later today!!! Hope your feeling much better!

  41. Randy Menninghaus says:

    yikes I thought I left and entry, but I can’t find it… Maybe the robot ate it…

    I think it was… dang now I have to go look 37 plus 9 for sure…..

  42. Wendy says:

    60 blocks for me. Sorry for the late reply!

  43. Paula Mu says:

    It was a busy month but not for quilting. Only 7 blocks this month. 🙁

  44. Christi Bentley says:

    I completed 36 blocks this month. Fortunately they were all already cut and sitting on the sewing machine as I was sick the last 2 weeks, and would move to the machine in the little moments of feeling better to run blocks thru……….. which also explains why there is nothing out on my cutting table now as all the blocks that were ready have been sewn. I’m ready for feeling better and some return of my creativity!

  45. Barbara B says:

    I completed 83 blocks in September

  46. Marcia in TX says:

    I made 120 blocks this month… 40 half square triangles and 80 four patches. And I quilted and bound a ufo from a few years back. It is a star log cabin that is only 28.5 inches wall hanging. Why did I wait so long? VBG

  47. katie z. says:

    I made 187 new blocks, for a total of 1497. I was surprised I finished anything, but it was really only the last two weeks where I lost major sewing time. Hopefully this month I can stay busy sewing instead of in bed!

  48. Stephanie says:

    I finished up 2 sets of 48 already started blocks, and assembled the quilts too – yay! = 96 blocks for me this time. Hope you are all better now Shelly.

  49. Marsha Y. says:

    Between lots of time on the road this month and being sick, I did manage to finish 5 blocks. They are bigger one with lots of pieces and will be glad when I have the last few done so I can put the quilt together. Have spent more time this month finishing quilts that I had started.

  50. Judy Smith says:

    Your blocks look great! I had 36 this month, a little better for me. Making lots of small things these days.

  51. Aileycat17 says:

    Hi Ladies. Bad month. Only made 6 blocks but I cut a lot of things out. Hopefully I can start sewing again this week.

  52. 36 blocks for me this month.

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