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Posted on September 16, 2014 by prairiemoonquilts in Travels

My sister and I went to Chattanooga to the AQS Show down there last week.

We left on Wednesday morning, and it had rained so much the night before, we had trouble getting out. Our normal route out was flooded over, so we took another road, and when we got to the main highway, part of it was shut down. The water had gotten so high at the place where MFA stores their ammonia tanks, that it floated all the tanks right out to the highway!


On the way through St. Louis, we stopped at West County Mall so I could get my computer repaired at the Apple Store. It was so nice that they could just fix it while I was off having lunch, and send me a text message when it was ready to pick up. Then we were back on our way.

I had to take a picture of this sign. We see it every year (at Wickliffe, KY) on the way to Paducah to the AQS Show, and it makes me laugh every time.


I keep thinking they’ll fix it, but they never have. And now I think I’d be disappointed if they did, because I get such a kick out of it!

We drove through Nashville . . .


. . . and since we wanted to see the views of the mountains as we drove into Chattanooga, we stopped at dark, and spent the first night just south of Nashville.

The drive into Chattanooga was just as beautiful as I remember, and was worth waiting till daylight for. We decided that we’d spend our first day sightseeing, and go to the show on Friday.

So we headed straight for Lookout Mountain, and rode the Incline Railway.

The Incline Railway is a train that goes straight up the side of the mountain. It looks pretty steep and scary, but I was bound and determined to ride it anyway. The cars are even built at an angle, so you don’t fall out of your seat as you go up!


As you’re going up, the loudspeaker is broadcasting how the emergency braking systems work, which is reassuring, yet somehow not, and you’re passing through pretty scenery and getting a higher and higher view of the city below.


It’s not a bad ride . . . until the last few feet . . . that was the scariest part. And if you don’t want to walk back down, your only choice is to get back ON the train again for the ride down. I wanted to be a coward, but I also didn’t want to walk back down that mountain!

When we got out at the top, my sister said: “I made the comment that it wasn’t as steep as it looked . . . and then it GOT as steep as it looked!” Luckily, that last really steep part is fairly short, but you stop on an insane incline, and have to climb up out of the train car. But still, I’d probably do it again.

Here’s the view from the top — it’s beautiful, so the trip was well worth it.


I’ll tell you some more about our trip tomorrow.

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