Quilts for Pam and Rachel

Posted on July 21, 2018 by prairiemoonquilts in People, Quilts

A couple years ago, my cousins asked me if I would help them out by finishing some quilt tops that my Great-Aunt Jo had started before she passed away. I was honored to do it. Isn’t this a lovely stack of finished quilts?

First up was a set of embroidered blocks that Aunt Jo had never gotten set together. Pam asked if I could make them into two separate baby quilts. A perfect idea! I made one for a boy, and one for a girl. I split the blocks into 2 sets of six, and found some cute modern fabrics to put with them. I finished the tops at a retreat a couple years ago, and then, as usual, they languished in my to-be-quilted pile.

Here’s the girl top:

And here’s the boy top:

Last week, I finally got them quilted and bound!

At the same time, Pam had also given me this scrappy Nine-Patch and Hourglass quilt to quilt. I think this one came out fantastic! (But I do love me a good scrappy quilt anytime!) This quilt really makes me wanna make one like it. Look how careful she was to have all her stripes running in the same direction!

Best of all, Pam can look at this quilt, and pick out fabrics that Aunt Jo had used to make pillows, or household items, or things for the grandchildren, so it’s chock full of wonderful memories for them. I love that about it. So. Much.

Pam’s daughter, Rachel, had also given me four small quilt tops to finish up. I finished two of them right away, and I don’t think I took any pictures of them, but here are the two I finally got finished for her last week.

This scrappy Bow Ties quilt:

And this wonderful Triangle quilt!

I love how she put these random smaller units in it, all scattered around:

Aunt Jo loved to embroider, and Pam has a couple of unquilted tops left to have quilted, both of them elaborate embroidered bedspread-type creations — just gorgeous! I think they’d make absolutely wonderful wedding gifts for Pam and Roger’s two youngest daughters who aren’t married yet, right?

So we have plans to get those finished up, too, probably later this year. I’m excited about it, because I truly love finishing up old projects that may not ever have become real quilts without that last little bit of work being done by someone — I’m glad it could be me. I hope Aunt Jo is pleased.

9 responses to “Quilts for Pam and Rachel”

  1. Jenny Benton says:

    What a wonderful thing to do for your cousins, I’m sure they appreciate all the love and thought you put into quilting those tops.

  2. ChristieB says:

    Absolutely love those two baby quilts! – Your quilting really set them off! But, that scrappy nine-patch is the one I really love! I covet it! What a labor of love you did for your cousins. Thanks for sharing

  3. Darlene says:

    Hi Shelly, WOW. They are all beautiful. Great job finishing them wonderful family heirlooms. Don’t know what the boy& girl star pattern is but it is beautiful! Was showing some of your quilting to my sister tonight she loved them thought they were amazing.
    Have a great day today.

  4. Wendy Tuma says:

    Oh my, so many beauties! I love the scrappy nine patch, but they really are all just fabulous! What great memories in all those quilts!

  5. charlotte says:

    All are wonderful quilts!! You have done a great job on the quilting of them!! Love them all!!

  6. Rose Marie says:

    Yay…………….these are just wonderful. Makes me want to make a few triangle and scrappy quilts.

  7. These are all so beautiful, and what a great feeling to get them finished! At first glance, I thought the pinwheels were a print, but on closer examination realized they were stitched…what a treasure! The scrappy nine-patch is amazing, with all the memory fabrics it contains. Love the bow ties and triangles too, and I spotted the pieced triangles right away. The large daisies are eye-catching as well. I also see several older prints I have in my stash. Aunt Jo would be so pleased!

  8. Danice says:

    All beautiful quilts. How lucky the recipients are. I also love finishing old projects.

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