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Posted on March 11, 2021 by prairiemoonquilts in Guild Stuff

My guild makes a lot of Comfort quilts to give away. We give a lot of quilts away. We also like to keep a stash of quilts on hand for those occasions when someone is in need and we want to give them a quilt. Sometimes we work together as a group to create those quilts.

I recently finished up several quilts for the Comfort quilt stash. And for the first time since purchasing a longarm machine of my own, I sent five quilts out to be quilted by someone else! My friend, Amanda, had recently gotten a longarm of her own, and asked if I had any comfort quilts she could quilt for practice.

I remember when I first got my longarm machine, I volunteered to quilt comfort quilts for my guild members for free for the first few months, just to get the practice. So I told Amanda I had several, and we met up to pass them off.

And one year at my guild’s retreat, it turned out that our retreat was being held on the weekend that contained National Sew a Jelly Roll Day! So I made 8 jelly rolls from my scrap stash, and passed them out to fellow guild members, and we had a jelly roll race during our retreat.

I have no idea who pieced which one, and several of them have already been finished and gifted, but here are a few that I just finished up.

This really scrappy one with some novelty prints. No idea who pieced this, but it was quilted by Amanda:

Another scrappy one using brights. I can’t imagine why I thought these color combos were great in a jelly roll — I must have been scraping the bottom of the scrap barrel! But still, it’s an OK jelly roll quilt that can be used and loved. I don’t remember who pieced this one, either, but it was also quilted by Amanda:

I love this pink and brown one, and again, no idea who pieced this one. And this is one that I quilted myself, since I had already loaded Amanda down:

Since it was a jelly roll quilt, I had a little fun in all the strips!

And this one is a Disappearing 9-Patch. Years ago, and I mean many years ago, as in at least 10 years ago, maybe longer, I won a packet of 5-inch squares in fall colors from a give-away that Deanna at Wedding Dress Blue was hosting, and I added a few of my own, and made this quilt to donate. This one was also quilted by Amanda:

I donated one other quilt that I forgot to take a photo of that was several colors of gingham, simply sewn together into squares, and also quilted by Amanda.

And there is one other, quilted by Amanda, that I haven’t photographed yet, and one more larger quilt that will get donated through the other guild I belong to. I’ll show those to you later.

And finally, there’s this sweet pink comfort quilt. One time, at guild meeting, a bag of items was passed around for donation, and members went through it, taking what they wanted. In it, was this set of already pieced quilt blocks, with the sashing to set them together. So I took them, set them together, and finished it up! I think it turned out so cute:

So those are some of my finishes for this year. They were super easy, because all they needed was the binding whipped down, since Amanda did most of the quilting for me!

There are several more comfort quilts in various stages of completion lounging around my studio, so I hope to turn out several more over the next few months. It’ll beef up our guild’s stash of quilts to give away, and free up quite a bit of space in my studio!

My hope is to make some for Project Linus. And every so often our guild does a special drive where we make quilts for a specific group or purpose, such as wheelchair lap quilts for local nursing homes, etc. I have plenty of opportunities to find homes for more quilts!

16 responses to “Quilts for Comfort”

  1. Sandra Famuliner says:

    The quilts look very nice and know they will be enjoyed.

  2. Janet M Smith says:

    The quilts look great and I am sure they will be appreciated. I haven’t been to a meeting since I can’t remember when. Miss seeing you and your smiling face Shelly.

  3. Bev says:

    Very nice!

  4. Amanda M. says:

    I had a great time quilting them and would be glad to do it again! I didn’t feel loaded down at all. Most of the quilting I do is charity quilts so they can be passed on to those who need them. Project Linus holds a special spot in my heart so I concentrate on those.

  5. Kate says:

    I spy me a pair of cowboy boots a peekin out from under that comfort quilt in pink!

  6. Kerry says:

    How lovely! You have been super busy!

  7. Diane says:

    Bravo! Well done!

  8. Fran says:

    Beautiful quilts! I especially like your quilting on the pink and brown quilt. Absolutely gorgeous!

  9. SHARON GRATZ says:

    You’re getting a lot done this year, Shelly. I haven’t made very many Jelly Roll quilts, but there’s one that is by far my favorite, I think it ‘enhances’ the easy and mindless sewing. ๐Ÿ™‚ Simply use scrappy compatible one/two color strips and then applique flowers, butterflies, kids objects, etc. on it.

  10. Marsha Y. says:

    Great job Shelly and Amanda!!! Sometimes it takes a team for finish UFO’s!!! Love the quilts. I am sure they will be loved and appreciated.

  11. Charmiene Montgomery says:

    Last March when the lockdown started, a friend and I made 27 lap quilts for the dementia patients at a long-term care home. Despite that, my stash didn’t diminish that much.

  12. Marlene Clausen says:

    The very first Linus Quilt, Warm Wishes, is one of my all time favorite baby quilts. Using the right color combo, it is an easy optical illusion quilt. The free pattern is still on line. For a fun, fast, easy make that will be treasured by baby and parents, make a quick Warm Wishes quilt and give it to a local organization that distributes quilts to children in need of warmth and comfort. I did the same thing you did for a guy who wanted to start a longarm business. I must have given him 20+ tops to be quilted and gifted. It was a great feeling to know I helped him start a successful business and the quilts went to little ones who needed them. Your improvisational Jelly Roll Race quilts are a wonderful idea for a guild yearly project!

  13. Debbi says:

    Great job getting stuff done! I love the idea of subcontracting some of the work out. Look at all that is off your plate now!๐Ÿ‘

  14. Norma Prange says:

    Thank you Shelly and Amanda, very much appreciated!
    I remember sewing up the jelly rolls, lots of fun!

  15. Deanna says:

    You made great use of those squares. So happy to see them become a quilt!

  16. Darlene Y says:

    The quilts all came out so nice I am sure the person who receives one will cherish it. Did it make a dent in your batting closet? Happy sewing today.

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