October 350 Blocks Report

Posted on November 1, 2014 by prairiemoonquilts in 350 Blocks Project

I was right — October was over before I could even blink! Wow!

Only 2 more months to make blocks this year. I’d best get crackin’!

I managed to add 34 to my total this month. I’d have never guessed I got that much done, given that I spent so much time sewing for other people in October.

I made my monthly exchange block for guild, then forgot to take a picture of it.

I made 26 blocks/sections for a quilt I’ll be showing you soon.

And I made 7 of these terrifically scrappy 9-patches. Here’s 4 of them:


How did you all do? The totals really came pouring in last month, so I know some of you have been really busy!

In the last few weeks, while our weather has been so gorgeous, I’ve been trapped inside meeting deadlines. And now, when I have whittled those deadlines down to just a few, and have a chance for a little breather, it’s getting too cold to get outside and do much more before this winter hits. I’m hoping for a few good days to accomplish some outdoor winterizing yet. But we had to break down and turn the furnace on yesterday, because it got down to 24 degrees last night. That sort of weather will sure keep me inside — maybe I’ll get even more quilting done! How about you?

November’s block goal is once again 30 blocks, for a yearly total of 320. Lots of you have already passed that, and it’s now down to simply seeing how many you can actually get done for the entire year — I always like to see if I can beat my previous year’s goal.

I’ve updated the Project page, and now it’s your turn to leave a comment and let me know how your October went! Were you out enjoying the fall weather, and doing your winter preparations, or did you get lots of time at your sewing machine? Or both? That would be divine.

I didn’t even take time to draw for a September prize winner, so I’ll announce that now. It is:


Congratulations, Pattilou! I’ll get your prize right out to you. I can tell you need more fabric, right?

Have a wonderful quilty month of November!

29 responses to “October 350 Blocks Report”

  1. Andrea O'Brien says:

    I made 60 this month.

  2. Lori says:

    Sigh…once again. ZERO.

    But!! That’s about to change. =)

  3. denniele says:

    October was a crazy month…..36 blocks. November should be better or there will be some empty/incomplete gifts under the tree. Ha ha

  4. Deanna says:

    It was a good month for me: 45 blocks. That takes me to 299 for the year so far. I may make 350 yet!

  5. Janet V says:

    I made 67 blocks this month.

  6. Pattilou says:

    Thank you! Great to win something! 🙂

  7. Maxine says:

    I did 48 blocks in October!!! even with about a week and a half of no sewing due to travel and family reunion. Whew.. did a lot of catching up with swaps and I finished a quilt top.. now to get that quilted.. Hopefully November and December I’ll be as productive.. keeping fingers crossed.. 🙂

  8. Julie in GA says:

    I made 67 blocks this month. It’s a good number, so why do I feel like I didn’t accomplish much in October?

  9. Susan says:

    You’ve been making nines, too! I have 45 for this month. October Report Post

  10. Vicki says:

    Do you always use 100% cotton for all of your quilts
    I find it is getting so expensive I have to think twice before making one

  11. Kathy says:

    We have been trying to get things ready for winter here also. Haven’t done too much in October besides refurbishing an antique quilt. I have the top done and hopefully will have it all sandwiched this coming week. Not too sure I will get anything done for November. My daughter is having hip reconstruction done the 7th and will be laid up for 8 weeks. I will be quite busy taking her to PT 3 times a week and whatever else comes my way. I am working on a quilt as you go quilt. Will send you a picture if I get it done in November. Take care all.

  12. Carol Smith says:

    I made 19

  13. KT says:

    I got 34 done this month. Was busy putting quilt tops together–now to get them quilted! I sent one off to be long-armed (Celtic Solstice) but still have 4 left to quilt myself for Christmas presents.

  14. Mary Streeter says:

    I made 43 blocks in October.

  15. Bobbi says:

    I made 110 blocks in October, for a yearly total of 641. Those blocks rounded out the top for my final Christmas gift. I just need to get it quilted and bound this month. 🙂

  16. Terri Gross says:

    I made 20 blocks.

  17. Bobbi says:

    Oops! I typoed in my last comment. My total for the year is now 651. Sorry about that!

  18. Jenny M says:

    I made 37 blocks in October, fun little 9 patches. Hope to find time to do many more in November.

  19. Judy Smith says:

    I had a productive month, 61 blocks. I think that makes my yearly goal and it’s a good thing. It’s time to quilt some of those tops.

  20. Rose Marie says:

    I made only 19 blocks this month. But they were for Xmas and a class I’m teaching………..so still good.
    Rose Marie

  21. Linda Kowalski says:

    I’m such a slacker put me down for 10

  22. Linda Knight says:

    I made 130 blocks in October. I can’t believe I finally had a month when I got some quilting done. It felt good!

  23. Susan says:

    6 appliqué blocks,and lots of headway on a leaders/enders project. None of those are finished blocks yet, just segments.

  24. Karen says:

    Just 3 this month, but they are rows of the Happy and Scrappy quilt. Almost ready to put it together. It’s been fun!

  25. k80 says:

    A mere 11 for me… I’ve been binding finished projects from previous months worth of blocks 🙂

  26. Sue H says:

    Slow month only 65

  27. Jane B says:

    I did 33: mostly scrappy Birds In the Air & 2 Guild blocks. I finished the top of my daughter’s quilt that is a scrappy version of Chopsticks and I am almost done with my Celtic Solstice top: I pieced an extra border of the chevron units. I think that when that border is attached I will stick a fork in it and call it done! Too many tops, not enough quilts.

  28. Barb B says:

    I found my notebook of quilting accomplishments from October. I did 23 blocks. (Unless you want to count the 450 1/2 square triangles I made from scraps…)

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