November Studio Organizing Challenge

Posted on November 16, 2020 by prairiemoonquilts in Studio Organizing Challenge

How did you do last month organizing your fabric stash? Or did you even try?

I managed to go through two large bins, but sadly, it did not seem to make much difference.

Those two bins are much neater now, and I pulled out some big chunks to make more pillowcases from, but for some reason, I was not able to fit in very much of the fabric that is still laying out needing to be put away.

I’m gonna have to re-think this!

I used up some scrappage on a couple of quilts in progress, one of them being the Moda Stitch Pink quilt, but how does it work that you can make an entire quilt (or two) and not even see a noticeable dent in your stash or scraps??? It boggles my mind.

Here’s my Stitch Pink quilt so far. I still have 6 blocks to make.

I also made the mistake of counting how many projects in progress are currently laying out on my cutting table, and I’m almost embarrassed to tell you the number, but for accountability’s sake, I’m going to: 35. That’s THIRTY-FIVE, not a typo. And since I counted, I’ve finished one of those, so my number is now at 34. Woohoo! Don’t worry, I’m NOT patting myself on the back for that bit of progress — it’s shameful.

It’s my goal to get my cutting table cleaned up by the end of the year. But that’s not even this month’s organizing challenge.

It’s also still a goal of mine for this year to get my fourth upstairs room whipped into shape so I can use it for sewing, and stop using it as a catch-all. Really, all that’s left is cleaning and painting, but who has time for that? Here’s a “during” photo, so you can see what I’m up against.

Having it finished might help me spread the mess out further get more organized, with better places to put things. But that’s not this month’s challenge, either.

This month’s challenge is to:

Pick a languishing project to finish

Do you have a project that has gotten stalled at a certain stage of production, and has been languishing in a pile, just waiting for you to come back and do that last bit that it needs in order to call it finished?

I have several, but I’m going to pick one and get it finished up. Then maybe my cutting table list will drop to 33 — haha!

If you have a project such as this, ask yourself what is holding you back from finishing it?

  • • Are you missing pieces or parts?
  • • Do you need to make a decision?
  • • Is there something difficult about it?
  • • Something you’re reluctant to tackle?
  • • Is it a lack of time?

For me, it’s usually a lack of time, or I’ve come to a hard part, or a part I don’t particularly enjoy doing, so I let it linger, and never seem to get around to just doing it.

So this month, I’m picking one of the projects off my cutting table. In my usual style, I used Random Number Generator to pick one from the list, and it landed on this one:

If you’ve been with me for very long, you know I LOVE my goats, so I NEED to make this quilt. I want to make it look like my darling Ranger.

Here’s what’s holding me up:

  • • Time
  • • I haven’t pulled all the fabric I need yet
  • • I don’t have room on my cutting table to even cut it all out

So . . . that’s my project for this month. This is not even a large quilt, altho I think I want to make it a bit larger than the original. My everyday drag-around quilt is about to wear completely out, so I’m making this one for me to take its place, and it’s getting to be drag-around quilt weather, so I guess it’s as good a time as any to get ‘er done!

So how about you? Do you have a languishing project you need to work on? Something you need to have done for a Christmas gift? Something you just want to finish up and get off your table and out of your way and off your list?

And speaking of Ranger, I’ll leave you with this hilarious shot I got of him at suppertime last night. It really needs no caption.

20 responses to “November Studio Organizing Challenge”

  1. Ok I just grabbed the background fabric. Now I need to find the top I want to add a border to. Good inspiration! Thanks!

  2. Good inspiration. Pulled my background fabric now I need to find the top I want to add a border to!

  3. Darlene says:

    I think as crafters our mind works faster than our hands on what we want to create= so many projects! I am with you on the cutting table I had made such headway but it once again is at a stage of piles w/ 8×12 corner for cutting. I will keep you posted on the finishing of UFO!
    Love your stitch pink quilt and all the colors.

  4. I tend to be a 1 – 2 project at a time type of person and rarely have a lot of unfinished projects (albeit the quilting). I have a mystery quilt project from New Years Day that I just need to put the borders on. I have the fabric but haven’t loved the way it looks, and haven’t figured out another alternative since it is the focus fabric of the quilt. I will try to get that one done this month. I also have about 4 to longarm, but it seems I sew faster than I longarm them! haha

  5. Amanda M. says:

    I actually have a good size part of my cutting table cleaned off since I have just got done trimming and binding 4 quilts. I am trying to get some stuff done that doesn’t need much more. I had been in a quilting burnout but I think I’m past that. I had hoped to get a ton of blocks created this month but sometimes a person has to deal with already completed blocks and corral them into a top. I need to just concentrate on one project at once but I don’t. My goal for this month is to get a Veterans quilt finished so he can receive it for Christmas. I just need to take the time to quilt it and then bind it.

  6. Kerry says:

    Hahahaha @ Ranger!

    I’ve finished the wedding quilt top and added a border. Today I finished sandwiching it together – twice! I wasn’t happy the first time. Space and moving round the table was a challenge! Well the original date was for the 21st, but it was brought forward to the 2nd and I had no chance of completing it in that time – doubtful I would have finished it by the 21st too, but hey ho – they can have it for Christmas instead – if lockdown is lifted. And there is the apathy caused by that! But hey ho. I think I have about 10 quilts to do, maybe less. Most are big – I like them for beds! But I’ve been missing hand sewing in the evening – I just bought myself an LED lamp to remedy that. I made a laptop cover for HRH but I needed velcro – which I ordered and now that has arrived. No excuses now!

    Looking at your room – I’d feel quite at home there! LOL!

  7. Wanda Marvel says:

    I see all these quilts people have finished & think really. I have no quilts to show. I have gone through every item in sewing room & made a decision, will I use it the next 5 years..if no going to family member. Alpha my magazines & books in 2 book cases.
    I Cleaned out quilting stuff from guest bedroom & closet. Started On two rooms that was full of furniture & stuff in basement. Almost finished. Can now sit on saga in den. 🦊🦊😷

  8. Wanda says:

    I see all these quilts people have finished & think really. I have no quilts to show. I have gone through every item in sewing room & made a decision, will I use it the next 5 years..if no going to family member. Alpha my magazines & books in 2 book cases.
    I Cleaned out quilting stuff from guest bedroom & closet. Started On two rooms that was full of furniture & stuff in basement. Almost finished. Can now sit on sofa in den.

  9. Pat says:

    I love this pattern, really adorable

  10. Debbi says:

    Oh Shelly I can so relate to you! Every surface in my sewing room is covered with projects. (I don’t think I can face counting them tho). Right now all Christmas related…I had this idea to sew up all my Christmas fabric into quilts but it doesn’t seem to be working at all! Of course I’ve had to buy backings, bindings and backgrounds to some extent. 😱 Don’t know where it’s going to fit when this project season is over.

    The quilting part is my hang up. I bought a new Longarm and the situation is improving. I’m not having so many frustrations each time I try to quilt and I can actually get thru a quilting a quilt without tears. I’m learning to live with my abilities…a very novice quilter, but hope I can stretch and improve my skill as I do more with the Longarm. I would love to someday call the quilting part fun…not there yet😊.

    Oh yeah, and the house projects too…haven’t found energy, motivation and time to get everything all settled in after moving to have carpet installed. All the fresh painting I did looks nice tho. I try to spend a little time each day…usually it’s a few times a week.

    Stay calm and quilt on!

    I have two Christmas tops that were stored that I have readied for quilting and they will get done this month for sure! Goal for 2021 is to finish all the tops that are in 3 extra large bins!

  11. Carol Andrews says:

    Wow! You do have a project in organizing/painting that extra bedroom but just think how wonderful it will be to have it DONE!
    My plan for the rest of the month is to finish gifts for the Christmas hampers. Our food bank has had a 300% increase in need. I’m making scrappy snappy bags, runners and any other thing I can think of to try to add a smile to the recipients Christmas. Deadline is Nov. 22 and I have 42 bags and 3 runners so far. More projects on the cutting table but I don’t know how much I can finish. 😉

  12. Charmiene Montgomery says:

    Recently, I received a large pile of fabric from the stash of a 99 yr. old quilter who passed away. When I picked it up from her daughter, the numerous garbage bags filled not only the car trunk, but the back seat, too. Took over a week to sort through everything and put it away. Does that count as my November organizing project?

  13. Johnna says:

    I think the best thing I’ve seen in a long time is your goat’s behind!!!!! 😃

  14. Shirley Guier says:

    I love that quilt — it is so cute! I don’t have many ufo’s . I see my projects as in various stages. 3 that I’m actively working on with no finish date in sight, only 4 left to quilt, 3 ready for labels, 5 waiting to be hand bound. I have 3 from 15 years ago that I wanted to get done this year but haven’t. I wanted to get some quilted, which I have done, so I could start something new! I have 3 of Victorias that I want to do. There is a lot of new stuff I want to do.

  15. Patricia Cash says:

    I am embarrassed to say binding on a 5 year Christmas quilt. Hope by stating this I get it done.

  16. Shirley Guier says:

    Ohhhh…. I forgot a big one that was really put on hold because I reached a spot that is not fun for me. Your blue sampler from 2018 I think. Love love love the quilt but I don’t love needle turn applique. I know how I’m going to do the applique ( freezer paper) but I haven’t taken the time to make all those little pieces! I do have to get back to it!

  17. Melanie says:

    Love the blog and needed that pic of Ranger. LMBO!
    I need a babysitter, to get Big E’s 3rd t-shirt quilt assembled. You wanna come do the snuggling? 😉 I am relieved to say my sewing table is cleared! But I gotta get rid of some random supplies. Elastic, yarn needles, satin binding – just stuff I will not and have not used thus far. Lol.

  18. Marlene Clausen says:

    I have two fabric stashes. 80% is upstairs in a storage room in bins waiting for a massive remodeling to be done which COVID has put on hold for nine months and counting. My downstairs stash is my current “working” stash. My intent was to put both stashes on comic book inserts and put on the shelves (to be installed during remodeling). I went ahead with the working stash. I was shocked to discover how much more efficient and compact and accessible this makes my fabric. Everything from 1/2 yd to 3 yds are on the “boards” neatly displayed on shelving. Larger pieces are folded to same size and stacked on same shelving. Smaller pieces are folded like fat quarters and placed in fabric baskets that fit on the shelves. So proud of myself!! I find I even refold and replace everything where it belongs when I finish cutting a project. Even my projects are stacked neatly on my shelves. I still have a few bins of fabric because I need more shelves, but all is wrapped/folded and ready to go on them. The extra benefit is that it is fun folding the fabric on boards. I can feel it up, admire it, think about how to use it.

  19. Marilyn Holder says:

    Painting is not my thing! My husband loves to paint, so when it comes up on his list, I must be ready by already clearing away stuff in his way. Why does the cutting table collect clutter?!?? Mine does too. Try putting stuff away but I do not always have time. I have finished 2 ufo projects, started and finished 2, and one needs a backing so I can quilt…all since May. Does not sound like a lot but it is getting done. Quilt on!!

  20. Elle says:

    Ranger looks like a mama goat pregnant with twins LOL. That boy is well-fed!

    In the last 2 weeks I have finished (to flimsy), 2 Christmas gift quilts. The backings and bindings are made. I guess I’m a step ahead????

    I tend to be super organized so I currently have on my sewing/cutting table (4x8ft sheet of melamine board over 2 2shelf cupboards): my L/E project which is to empty my 2″ squares box making “Growing Up Odd” from Wedding Dress Blues blog. AND, Long Time Gone by Jen Kingwell which I am taking as a zoom class from a teacher in Ontario, Elaine at Crazy Quilter on a Bike blog.

    I do have 17 UFOs lest you think I’m nuts 😉 and I know where each one of them is located.

    Happy sewing! 🙂

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