November 350 Blocks Report

Posted on December 3, 2019 by prairiemoonquilts in 350 Blocks Project

Is it December 3rd already??? Sorry I’m late with this month’s post, but I took a few days off over Thanksgiving. I had some other things to do that did not involve quilting or the computer. And now I’m struggling to get back at it.

I can’t believe there are only a few days left in this year — where has it gone? I don’t have near enough stuff done yet, and it’ll be time to start a new year in just a few weeks already! Are you ready for that? I’m not . . .

But here’s what I accomplished last month — not very much block wise. (I was at the longarm quite a bit.)

I made my guild exchange block . . . that’s it. ONE.

I did make a few blocks for a commission quilt, but I can’t show them yet, and I won’t count them until they’re all done, so you’ll see those later on.

I didn’t make many blocks because I’m in more of a finishing and cleaning up mode than I am in a piecing mode. I’ve been making pillowcases to meet my goal of donating 25 pillowcases to my guild for their pillowcase drive, and I’ve been finishing up some smaller easy scrap quilts to try and meet my goal of finishing 25 scrap quilts this year. I’m only about halfway on that one — I may not make the other half in the next 28 days — haha! And I’m still trying to unearth my cutting table, and still at the longarm quite a bit.

So how did you do? I’m anxious to hear! We only have a few more days to make blocks this year. Our monthly block goal this month has to be 26, for our yearly total of 350 — woohoo! That’s less than one a day if you start now, by the way.

I have the Project page updated, and I’ll add all the new totals in sometime mid-month. The October prize winner is Marcia, who has a total of 424 blocks so far. She won’t have to sew at all this month, if she doesn’t want to!

I hope you’re all taking time to enjoy the season and not rushing around too crazily. Take time to breathe and enjoy a bit slower pace till the end of the year. That’s what I’ll be trying to do. Happy stitching!

54 responses to “November 350 Blocks Report”

  1. Wendy says:

    I have 36 for November. Wonder if I can match that for December? Hmm. November blew by, that’s for sure!

  2. Louise says:

    I had a very productive month and made 104 blocks.

  3. KT says:

    Just 24 blocks for me in November–too busy with other things!! Looking forward to seeing all your scrap quilts!!

  4. Randy Menninghaus says:

    I started off strong… and ended strong 63

  5. Pam Desilets says:

    For November I only finished 10 blocks. Been very busy making Christmas quilts and cross stitched Christmas stocking

  6. Maxine E says:

    43 blocks for me. I am still working on keeping my mojo going. There’s so much going on in our household and getting to the sewing machine is not a priority. But I am trying to sew at least 15 minutes here and there.

  7. Amanda M. says:

    I made 29 blocks for 6 different projects in November. I’m in a bit of disarray after moving everything home except for my sewing machine when the wood stove got started so I have been working on projects for me. I am excited to get my Seeing Spots project done, two of the blocks in November and I finished the third one this month so now I can gift it before Christmas. I’ve also been dealing with lack of motivation this past month.

  8. Karen E. says:

    My November total is 144 for a YTD total of 1749.

  9. Ginabeth says:

    I can’t believe I have exactly 50 blocks for November. Worked on a Charity quilt so lots of 9 patches.

    We had Thanksmas in our family. Thanksgiving Thursday, Christmas gift swap on Friday. So one of the kids coined Thanksmas a few years back❣️ Christmas they will be at their other families. So lucky to have all 3 kids, spouses and 8 grandkids here for 5 days😍
    Hope you have a great December,

  10. Cynthia says:

    It was a finishing off month here too, with two large quilts completed. So 18 blocks for me for November.

  11. Betty Keene says:

    I finished 26 blocks for the month of November. My age (or health) is catching up with me these last couple of months and just did not produce. But even with out any in December (yet) I will have a good yearly amount.
    Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and hopefully a great Christmas.

  12. Marcia in TX says:

    None for November. I was off visiting our children and giving them all the quilts I had made through the years. Came back with one twin size and 2 wall hangings. Evidently they are not into wall hangings or table toppers.

  13. Ginny says:

    I’m with the way to much other going on. 10 blocks for the month. don’t know if I’ll make the 350 for the year or not. It will depend on now much finishing I do that really needs to be done. At least 3 small table pieces that need to be done for gifting. several Quilts that need quilting and binding as well as t what need binding. And its December. My Hubby had back surgery in Nov and is doing well. Praise the Lord!

  14. Only finished 10 in November…paper pieced so somewhat time-consuming…🤪

  15. Cheryl says:

    I had a very productive month: 289 blocks and 7 unfinished projects finished. I hope I can get 7 more unfinished projects done in December, we’ll see!!!
    Hope your Cowboy is doing better.

  16. Laura says:

    One for me

  17. Paula Mullet says:

    I was not too productive this month. I made 13 green ribbon blocks for members of my NAMI class. I turned them into mug rugs/hotpads.

  18. Mary D. says:

    I had thirteen blocks for the month. I finally finished the alphabet blocks I started several months ago at Scrap Attack and also did a one-block paper-pieced wallhanging of an 8-point buck.
    I’m in the middle of my last customer quilt for the year and hope to get to play with lots of my own quilting the rest of the month.

  19. Sharon Gratz says:

    34 blocks for November.
    Wishing everyone a December full of smiles and peace.

  20. Carolyn Schomaker says:

    Finished a small strip wall hanging so I will just count this as one block

  21. Barbara B says:

    45 blocks completed in November.

  22. Peggy says:

    Only 9 for me for November. Was busy trying to put together a small quilt using circles, but struggled a lot. Jack the Ripper and I developed a very close relationship. Cut pieces for several maple leaf blocks, but only got a few sewn together. Spent some of my days doing some brush and tree trimming, with lots of poison ivy vines pulled and wild raspberries chopped down. Spent Thanksgiving in Nixa at Daughter#2’s helping decorate for Christmas which we will also celebrate aboard a Caribbean cruise…my first! So excited to go!

  23. Christi Bentley says:

    I had 27 blocks this month. Also finished some Christmas gifts and a couple of UFO quilts!

  24. Tonia says:

    Even with the busy holiday time of year everyone has gotten a lot done! Love the idea of Thanksmas–we get together with one family at Thanksgiving and another at Christmas–I love the idea of Thanksmas for this–I have tried to convince them that Unbirthday party day should be one day of the three we spend together…Great ideas my quilting friends.
    I have 26 small blocks and 4 table toppers….and my total is over the 350 for the year. Will get some hand work done in December, but am trying to learn to do the quilting at home—O MY GOODNESS, hats off to those of you who have conquered this skill!! May this season be filled with hours of peace and love with family and friends….

  25. Joy Dabney says:

    I made 37 blocks for November. I am very pleased with myself. I’m with you where has this year gone.

  26. Beverly Vendt says:

    I finished two quilts in November. I had a total of 134 blocks for November. I hope to work on making blocks for my memory quilt in December between everything else.

  27. At the beginning of November I was moving right along and made 59 and then family events (birthdays, anniversary (51st), and company for Thanksgiving shut down the sewing studio til today. I hope to work on some applique and other things this month as we get closer to the Lord’s Day. Merry Christmas early.

  28. Diana S says:

    It was a good month as far as finishing quilts. Bound 6 more donation quilts. Blocks 23. Not great but I’ll take it. Did get 48 lbs of cabbage shredded and in the crock for sauerkraut. That was a necessary accomplishment!

  29. Paula Morgan says:

    9 blocks for a doll quilt, to match #1 granddaughter ‘s quilt. This month , 6 quilts, 2 doll quilts to be bound by 12/24, hoping my hand survives!!!

  30. Linda Knight says:

    I made 48 blocks in November and set them together for a large quilt. It’s now joined another top in the quilting needed drawer. I did finish the antique star quilt and have it ready to give to one of my children as it was found in my mother’s things after she passed away. It took me several years to figure out what to do with it but I appliqued it to a solid fabric and quilted it down.

  31. Joan P. says:

    It’s great that you had time to get away and relax… That’s what this holiday season is all about… I completed 16 blocks and machine quilted 3 quilts and two table toppers. Now I have lots of safety pins available to get several more tops ready to quilt and lots of hand binding to do! I also spent lots of time in the sun hand quilting–one of my favorite pass times!

  32. Sherry says:

    A record month for me. 109 blocks. A retreat really helped. There were 25 applique blocks, 2 Quilts of Valor, and my leader-enders are being turned into blocks!

  33. Pam M. says:

    only 20 blocks for November – but I put binding on 6 quilts this month with 3 more to go.

  34. Marlene Clausen says:

    I was a busy month and seemed really short even w/Thanksgiving at the very end. Am not sure how to count a block I made . . . one star block that is 65″ x 65″. Also 74 more “normal” size!

  35. sharon G says:

    Sharon G
    I finished 2 quilts so, I had a good month
    85 blocks this month– good since december will be a slow month

  36. Clara says:

    I’m in the “club” of a very busy month but not so much sewing done. My one hour a day goal has been difficult to maintain. 24 blocks sewn, one bed quilt and 4 placemats had their bindings sewn. A new experience completed–4 new quilters were my first students in a beginning quilt class. It was fun (after I got over the jitters),
    Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!!

  37. Judy Smith says:

    Considering how unproductive I feel these days, I didn’t do too badly. 28 blocks for November.

  38. Suelynn Williams says:

    My record keeping needs improvement so that I can be ready to respond in a timely manner each month! This morning I’ve been looking at photos and checking the number of blocks in completed quilt tops for clues. When I think I haven’t gotten very much sewing done, it is a nice surprise to discover that looking back quite a lot was accomplished (at my speed). I spend a lot of time unstitching, too! We traveled recently and my heart was warmed to see more quilts and wall hangings than I remember making throughout the years displayed in various rooms of my daughter’s home.
    Shelly – I’m not sure where I left off. I think my catch-up tally is as follows:
    March =9, April =64, May =5, August =28, September =4, October =1, November =24

  39. katie z. says:

    37 blocks for me, for a total of 1730. What happened to 2019? I want a do-over!

  40. Karen says:

    I made a whole two blocks in November. But this challenge did push me to make more than I have ever made before, so I’m happy about that. Thanks for challenging us, Shelly! And yes, this year just zipped by for me, too.

  41. Wanda marvel says:

    Oops….I was on a sunny beach this past week.. 0 blocks.

  42. Danice says:

    For November, I completed only 4 blocks. ‘Better then none perhaps. The fabrics in your guild exchange block are really pretty.

  43. Debi F says:

    I’m in finish mode, putting binding on 8 quilts. All done! I did manage to make a few stray blocks to finish projects, but only add 4 to my total for last month.

  44. Julie M. says:

    33 blocks for November. This is the first year that I’ve kept track and am amazed how productive I can be when I have a goal each month. Thank you for the challenge. Can’t believe it is already December!

  45. Marilyn H says:

    Total for November: 154. This gives me at least 2 quilts added to Oct numbers; they are small blocks and I am counting them now because as soon as each is finished, it will be out of the house. Clearing my table so I can return to MY unfinished project is my goal for 2020!

  46. Marsha Y. says:

    I got 38 blocks made this month plus finished two quilts! Hope December is also productive as have two quilts to finish blocks and quilt before Christmas.

  47. Deanna says:

    November brought 25 blocks for me. Better than expected due to enforced rest at home time with pneumonia. Good can come from all things.

  48. Crystal F says:

    Only 12 blocks….but I quilted and bound 7 Quilts of Valor Quilts….

  49. Rose Marie Smith says:

    I made only 1 block all month. Sigh. But I bound two quilts, hand-quilted on one quilt, made a Christmas stocking for an exchange, and made 6 pillowcases for charity. In between I was sick and didn’t do anything for most of two weeks. I am just glad to be well again and back to “normal.” Note that normal for me may not be normal!!! LOL

  50. JanetD says:

    I made 69 blocks in November!

  51. Stephanie says:

    Seems a few of us had good Novembers. I did 88 blocks in total. 48 QAYG for my friend Jan’s ministry, and 36 from a box of leftover parts and rectangles. Last of all I made 4 small quilts, each from 9 blocks pieced by others, so I will call that 4 blocks.

  52. Karrin Hurd says:

    I had 42, finished a small quilt, did a lot of other stuff making gifts for Christmas

  53. Aileen Kline says:

    Hi Ladies. I got 80 blocks done! Better than the last few months!
    Working on Flannel PJs and messenger bags today!
    Have a wonderful week.

  54. Susan says:

    One is more than zero! And longarming hours – this time of year, I’m guessing you are well loaded on those. I was also behind in thinking this month and just remembered last night, so I’ve posted now, and it’s 32 blocks for November, total 448..

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