November 350 Blocks Report

Posted on December 1, 2018 by prairiemoonquilts in 350 Blocks Project

I’m late with the report again this month, and my only excuse this time is that I have no idea what day it really is!

I said in last month’s report that I wanted to get outside and enjoy what was left of fall — well, all that was left of fall was about 6 days, so that was short-lived! Winter arrived with a vengeance, and it’s been cold, and we’ve already had more snow than we got all last winter, so I’m ready for it to be over now.

It did keep me inside quilting more than I had anticipated, however! And still, I only got 12 blocks done this month, way short of the goal. I’m trying to catch up on the longarm customer backlog, and I’ve had some giant quilts to custom quilt, so that has kept me busy.

In fact, you can see one of them HERE. It’s a very special project, so I hope you’ll go read about it!

Here’s the real surprise — I remembered to take pictures of the blocks I made!

I’m working to get caught up on my exchange blocks at quilt guild. I made these three for Norma. They’re string blocks pieced onto a paper background, and she’s gonna trim them to the size she needs.

And this one for Tonya (again, we were asked not to trim):

And this one for Kayde. I’m excited to see this one come together. I think these blocks are gonna make a fantastic secondary design!

I still have three more to make in order to be caught up, but it’s a start! And I’m only 4 months behind on my mystery quilt challenge this year. Sounds like I need to be staying in to sew no matter what the weather does!

I made another block for my yo-yo quilt:

And I’m counting five of the labels and the quilt block I did for my guest post/tutorial on the Dear Stella blog earlier this week. Have you entered those great give-aways? If not, be sure and hop over to THIS post and get your name in the pot for some prizes.

So how did YOU do this month?

It’s time to report in with how many blocks you made in November. I have the Project page updated with the totals I know of so far.

The prize winner for October is Rose Marie. She has a total of 763 blocks so far this year!

Our block goal for December is 24, which will get us to our total of 350 for the year. There’s only one month left to get to 350 blocks . . . or beyond! Hopefully, way beyond! Things get really busy around the holidays, I know. I’m still working on one quilt that I hope to have done before Christmas. How about you?

I hope you’re fully enjoying this holiday season, whatever your weather, and that you can sneak in some sewing time this month. Don’t tell My Cowboy, but I might actually be in the mood to do a little holiday baking! We’ll see what happens . . .

42 responses to “November 350 Blocks Report”

  1. Amanda M. says:

    Surprisingly I made an even 100 blocks in November. Those were for 6 different quilts that will be Christmas presents. Since winter hit early I’ve been staying inside as well. At this rate I hope to have my UFO list completed by Valentine’s Day.

  2. Louise says:

    This has been a very good sewing month for me. December will be a horrible sewing month, but a great family month. 🙂 I made 98 blocks in November.

  3. Sherry V. says:

    I have no idea what I did in October or November….I got things done but never kept track. Too many things going on.

    So, I have nothing to report. I am hoping that December will be better.

  4. Diana S says:

    It was a good month for me-91 total blocks! 63 of them were for a block of the week that Debbie at Piecing the Past posted. It ran for 5 weeks and I actually stayed on top of it. All I need to do now is sew the rows together and add the border! My other blocks were all made in Kaffe fabrics for their mystery plus other projects. All in all a good month for me!

  5. Becky S says:

    I made 302 HSTs. That’s all! Chain piecing is great!

  6. Cheryl says:

    I did 111 for November with YTD of 1282.

  7. I managed 17 this month. Nowhere near enough but there is a stack of part blocks made ready to go together. I may end the year with a bang or start next year with a bang. We will see what happens.

  8. Wendy says:

    26 for me this month.

  9. Maxine E (bluefigquilts) says:

    I made 27 blocks for November. I started a project for a family wedding this upcoming June. it’s a two colored quilt.. a LUSH green and white quilt. (bride’s colors for her wedding) LUSH green. Had to ask what she meant. LOL. It’s a deep green and not the Leprechaun green. It’s going to be beautiful.

  10. Maxine E says:

    I made 27 blocks for November. I started a project for a family wedding this coming June. It’s a two colored quilt. Lush green and white. Bride’s colors for her big day. LUSH green. Had to ask what that was. It’s a deep shade of green and not leprechaun green. It’s going to be a beautiful quilt.

  11. denniele says:

    113 for November! You were busy with many things!!!

  12. KT says:

    I made 94 blocks in November, which is a record for me! Don’t think I’ll finish any in December as I’ll be busy finishing things up and working on the new Bonnie Hunter mystery.

  13. Marilyn Holder says:

    Total for November is 12. Should be more for December. The projects are glaring at me!

  14. Mary says:

    I made a hodge podge of things for a total of 40 for the month.

  15. Randy Menninghaus says:

    53 from Randy in Maine AND I finished three quilts… matching quilted, and bound. yup… strutting here…

  16. Angela says:

    I completed 117 blocks in November!
    I went on a quilting retreat with Paula Barnes and Mary Ellen Robison in Wisconsin. The retreat was in Lisa Bongean’s retreat house … it was an amazing week and a lot of blocks were made by everyone.
    I don’t know what my yearly total is but I’m certain I will complete the required blocks for December.
    I absolutely love your quilt with the “words”. I think I try to do something like that next year as an exchange.

  17. Karen E. says:

    I got 61 blocks made during November and a couple of quilt tops completed.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and everyone on here!

  18. Meloney says:

    I had 103 blocks.
    it’s been a fairly slow month for me.

  19. Shirley Guier says:

    I did good this month. I’ve counted 93 blocks and probably forgot some. I think I forgot to turn in any last month but I was doing a lot of quilting instead of piecing.

  20. Barbara B says:

    I did better this month, 73 total for November. Blessing to you this Christmas

  21. Sandy Hartman says:

    What an awesome project to be a part of! Love the significance of all of the elements of the quilt! I did not get a single quilt block completed in November. It was a crazy month for us: high winds that led to losing power for two days, heavy rain for two days after months of no rain
    Ed to lots work in the horse corrals, and my longarm was in for repairs 4 times before the issue was finally resolved! This will be a month of playing catch up on customer quilts, gifts and my projects!

  22. Sandy Hartman says:

    *Led not Ed🤣

  23. Stephanie says:

    I was lucky enough to go away for 2 stitching weekends in November. I loaded my car up with partly made blocks and lots of cut pieces. Spent the entire time(s) making blocks. Total of 131 blocks, across 6 different projects.

  24. Danice says:

    Pretty blocks you have made. The In Our Own Words quilt work is awesome. I made a block for that, and was looking forward to seeing the finished quilt. Excellent job on the quilting. Oh, I made 46 blocks in November. ‘Almost forgot to mention that, lol.

  25. Elaine W says:

    I made only 21 blocks in Nov. To use a term I’ve read on the ‘net, I lost my sewing mojo for a couple weeks and days went by when I didn’t touch my machine:((
    But all is well,I guess I found it again over several days. Lol. Really love the one word quilt. Very meaningful. Congrats on the quilting.

  26. Beverly Vendt says:

    Well like you I only got 12 blocks done in November.
    I did finish my scrappy quilt though and gave it to charity.

  27. Clara Chandler says:

    My total for the month is 82 blocks. 2 for the Christmas BOM I’m trying to complete and the rest HST scrappy blocks using a string piecing design from Cozy Quilt Designs. Making the strip sets was not a challenge but placing them into a pleasing design was.

  28. Rose Marie Smith says:

    I won something!!! Oh my!! Astonishment!!!
    I did 101 more for November if you want to count those. But now that I have won something, I just want to see the rest of the challenge have some luck. Go girls……..and boys if there are a few.

    P.S. I see some of my scraps in those string pieced blocks. Isn’t quilting a hoot!!!

  29. BettyK says:

    I did 15 blocks for the month of November. Maybe I have turned the corner and getting better. I have finished 393 blocks for the year.

  30. Deanna says:

    November was surprisingly productive: 62 blocks. A few impulse quilts got me farther than I expected. That makes 421 so far this year.

  31. Susan N. says:

    Hi, either I haven’t been reporting or you haven’t caught up. =) My 16 for November bring me to 410 for the year, so far. You’ve done some interesting blocks! I’m glad you had at least 6 days to enjoy.

  32. Tonia says:

    I was going to be so dedicated to keeping track…..well, somewhere along the way I have lost my tally sheet! I finished a lap quilt for #1 daughter sometime in late October and have it back from the quilter, and it had a dozen border blocks. I also finished En Provence sometime this year–giving it to my mom for Christmas. Working on Road to Somewhere (I can’t remember the state– and this would be too long to tell about the 4 1/2 inch base blocks that are sometimes cut at 5″ and I didn’t realize what I had done until I had like 20 of each–I will figure it out when all umpty dozen of them are finished and I try to put it all together..) Oh, and the Summer camp with Oda Mae from Moda is still on the wall, stuck at Goose Holler…hope to finish by Jan.1 You all have done so well, and I hope to do better next year, because this sure has kept me on track, even if I am a lousy data keeper!

  33. Marlene Clausen says:

    73 in November

  34. Wendy O says:

    Know what you mean by Fall being short! But, still outside stuff needed doing! AKA I did fewer blocks in November than in October! Near as I can figure, I got 9 added to my total.
    I am so UNDERwhelmed! lol Better get busy on December blocks!

  35. Linda Knight says:

    I’m as bad as you, Shelly. I didn’t even realize we have moved from November to December. I was able to make 130 blocks for a “sister’s challenge” to use up scraps. Rose Marie and I are trying to use up tubs full of scraps but somehow we keep making more scraps. OH MY!

  36. Pam Martin says:

    I can’t record any blocks for October, I must have been setting quilts together of doing binding. I had a retreat in November so I completed 134 blocks, most were scrappy mountains and that quilt is put together and ready for quilting. Some were paper pieced blocks for glacier star.

  37. Suelynn Williams says:

    Here’s what I’ve done the past three months –
    Sept. – 15 (for row by rows from summer)
    Oct. – 8 (miscellaneous, for fun, not part of anything)
    Nov, – 50 (thanks to a spur of the moment retreat with my daughter). Now I’m working on binding a quilt I finished earlier this year. I enjoy your pictures and reading updates from everyone.

  38. Phillis Harding says:

    Sorry I am late posting; have been staying off the internet this month so I could get deadlines finished. I managed to do 287 blocks and completed 3 more quilts. This has been my most productive year so far.

  39. Marsha Y. says:

    November was not a good month for sewing. Between machine quilting, vacation, and Thanksgiving, I only got two blocks made. I have to finish a quilt before Christmas so hope to have more blocks to report for December.

  40. katie z. says:

    I finished 68 in November.

    I just saw you have the 2018 stocking pattern up now, so I need to go check it out!

  41. Judy S. says:

    16 blocks for me this month, probably didn’t make the goal. Maybe next year.

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