News From the Studio (and Ranch), Episode 1599

Posted on July 13, 2017 by prairiemoonquilts in Animals, Prairie Moon Ranch, Studio News, What's New

It’s business as usual around here — never a dull moment!

Last night, it stormed all night long with horrible lightning and loud thunder. I didn’t get much sleep — I’m a storm chicken!

It’s been storming off and on for the last few weeks. When it’s not storming, we have sweltering temps in the 90s, with heat indices in the triple digits.

When it storms, I keep Ranger indoors.

He doesn’t realize how good he has it,

and he gets bored.

So he makes messes:

But he looks so sweet and innocent while making those messes!

This morning at chore time, it was raining, but he insisted on going out anyway, so rather than deal with all the yelling and pen destruction, I put him out. He has a girlfriend — Daisy — and they eat most of their meals together, so he ran right out to meet up with Daisy. And she was waiting for him!

If it rains hard, he can get in the huts with the rest of the goats and be a big boy. And if it really storms later this afternoon as predicted, I’ll just bring him in early — he’ll have worked off enough steam by then to be all right indoors. It’s a good thing the living room remodel is way down on the list right now!

It’s hard to believe he’s gone from this:

To this:

He’s just over 3 months old, and weighs 29 pounds now! He changes colors almost daily. Notice how his head has a lot of black on it now that wasn’t there at first. My sweet little baby.

He loves his bottles, but now that he’s 3 months and almost to 30 pounds, I’ve started weaning him off the bottles. So far, he hasn’t seemed to mind. He’s an independent little thing! (and have I mentioned stubborn?)

In quilting news, I’m just about ready to show you all the new Block-of-the-Month quilts for Sew Sweet Quilt Shop’s “It Takes Five” program for next year, so check back for that. I need to get some good pictures.

Meanwhile, I’ve got some links for you to check out with fun stuff to do. I don’t have time for any of these my ownself right now, but perhaps some of you do, and I can just live vicariously through you!

Deanna over at Wedding Dress Blue has an Irish Stars Quilt-Along going on right now. It’s a great scrap buster, and looks very quick and easy. You can find the start of it HERE.

Rebecca at Bryan House Quilts has a Modern Triangle Medallion Quilt-Along underway. I’m so tempted, but so far I’m resisting. I’m telling myself I don’t have enough solids to play along with this one, even tho I probably do, but don’t tell me otherwise, or I might succumb! The first step for this QAL can be found HERE.

Here’s a quick and easy tutorial for fabric tape from Sherri at A Quilting Life. This would be so fun, if only I could find a spare moment!

Here’s a quilt I recently pulled off the longarm. It’s an appliqué quilt made by my sister for a raffle to benefit ALS. I made her show it at guild the other night, even without the binding.

Here’s a close-up, but it’s a bit blurry. I didn’t put too much fancy quilting on it, since it’s being given away, and will hopefully be used. I did feathers in the blue border, quilted around the appliqué, and filled the background with a small allover meander.

She wanted it to resemble the look of Blue Willow dishes. It’s a lovely creation. I hope it raises lots of money for them.

In house remodeling news, I finally found a few chances to finish getting the west end of the utility room done enough for us to get a washer and dryer. We originally had a side by side set, and that’s what I expected to be getting again, but when we went shopping, we found this stackable set:

And a light bulb went on when I realized how much space this will save me, so we got it. It’s not sitting in its rightful spot yet, because the dryer vent hose isn’t long enough, and the outlet needs to be relocated (it’s always something), but for now, I can use the washer, and it’s saving me from having to go spend time at the laundromat — whew!

And yesterday, on my way out to the clothesline to hang up said laundry, I sprained my ankle. Now I ask you, who sprains their ankle doing laundry? It’s as bad as the time I broke my finger because I got it caught in the steering wheel cover while trying to park My Cowboy’s truck. Who does those things? Don’t answer that. I feel like I should at least win a Stupidity award or something.

So that’s my news for now. I’m off to get quilting for today.

I’ll leave you with this picture of my Ginger girl, the Queen of the Goat Pen:

And remember: Doing laundry is dangerous to your health!

What have YOU been up to?

10 responses to “News From the Studio (and Ranch), Episode 1599”

  1. Kathy Fraser says:

    Well we don’t have any goats, but we do have some chickens, and that is enough to take care of. After all I’m going on 75.
    I have not been doing a lot this summer other than my garden. And that’s not too much.
    I hurt my back vacuuming. Who does that’s? It’s a stick vacuum. Not heavy . It’s a Dyson. Geez!
    Right now I am trying to make myself a few summer dresses for church and other things that a dress is nice for. But I have to do it in short spurts. My back objects, a lot.
    I absolutely love your goats. They are so adorable. I wish I could pat them. I’d just squeeze them and love on them everyday.

  2. Judy says:

    Ranger is adorable! He certainly lucked out when he got you and the cowboy for parents.

  3. Wendy says:

    I would sprain my ankle doing laundry, but I chose to do it while on the second day of a trip. Months ago. Just found out I actually fractured my fibula. Sheesh. Take care of that ankle. Ranger is just too cute. Messy maybe, but cute! Your sister’s quilt is amazing — I hope it raises alot of $$ for the cause!

  4. Your sister’s quilt is gorgeous and so is the quiting. What a team you make!

  5. Rose Marie says:

    The quilt is gorgeous. The goats seem like a pain……..I’m not sure why you love them so. Go figure. I am just about to get the last two blocks in the last BOM from Sew Sweet. Of course, it is time to start another one. But I may not do a BOM because you buy their fabric and I really, really need to use more of my stash. I have cut out two quilts from my scrap bin………………not the stash……the scrap bin. This just can’t go on. I gotta start giving away more scraps.

  6. kate says:

    Is Ranger’s last name Danger? Middle name Trouble? He’s sweet. I have busy with young friends that want to sew. Char is 13, her sister, Rahabu is 11. They picked out the friendship star and sneaker pattern for Row by Row Jr. Then they came to my house and went through my scrap and stash. Hoping we can actually get to the sewing tomorrow. They are even more excited than me.

    What fun!

  7. Darlene says:

    Your sisters quilt is beautiful, you did such a nice job quilting it. Ranger is adorable!!!
    I have been making a few summer dresses for the grandkids, anxiously awaiting for my daughters new arrival any day a little girl who so far name has been kept secret.
    Thanks for sharing fun stuff!

  8. Meloney says:

    That quilt is amazing! I love your goat photos. How precious. You have been busy and hard on yourself. Take care of yourself. I’ve not been doing lots, but just recently found a guitar pattern and am piecing a guitar quilt. None of it is applique, so that is an interesting process. I really need to get it done this month.

  9. susie Q says:

    He did not have those horns on his head as well as no black hair…. getting to be all grown up….

  10. Grammi (aka Tonia) says:

    It has been a while since I have checked in! Love your goats…right now we have 6 Katahdin ewes and a ram and their dozen offspring. Yes, we love them. Yes, they eat the grass that I don’t want to have to mow. and Yes! The lambs get out and eat the ram’s hay because they have little respect for a fence that isn’t right on the ground. Ah, the joys of a farmstead and it’s hobbies! I have the qal for weddingdressblue on the stack I call “ignore the ufo’s Do Me Next!” Looks like fun. Let’s try to ignore the heat and the smoke from the wild fires and sew sew sew through the transition to fall!

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