News From the Ranch, Episode 1712

Posted on March 22, 2019 by prairiemoonquilts in Animals, Prairie Moon Ranch

It’s been a super busy month around the ol’ ranch, especially for me. I’m doing everything by myself right now . . . all the chores, all the extra farm stuff, all the errands, all the cooking, all my own work, PLUS . . . playing nurse to My Cowboy . . . which is only fitting, since the reason he needs a nurse is because . . .

I ran over him with my truck!

He was just getting recovered from having his pacemaker replaced in January; he’d just gotten his restrictions lifted, and I had to go and set him back. I messed up his right leg pretty badly, and while nothing’s broken, he’s been on crutches ever since.

He said: “I know you’ve been tryin’ to kill me, and I see you’ve upped your game. I don’t know whether to be proud of you, or mad at you!”

When we went to town for his doctor’s appointment, I picked up a few groceries while we were out, and he had to use the motorcart to get around the store — secretly, I think he really liked it — he was cutting didos in the open areas, and trying to run me over (which I guess is only fair, really — but then who would be left to do chores?)! Seriously, tho, I’m worried that I might have caused some permanent damage. He has to go see an orthopedic doctor in a couple weeks — eek! Cross your fingers for good news from that.

As luck would have it, now that I have ZERO help around here, all the goats are having their babies! We have babies everywhere! But thankfully, we’re having warmer temps and sunshine, so that’s been a blessing.

These two were the first twins, born on March 14th.

Since their great-grandmother is Blossom, the matriarch of our herd, and their grandmother’s name is Flower, and their mother’s name is Petunia, can you see the pattern here? I’m trying to name all the female descendants of Blossom after flowers. There are so many, I’m running out of flower names!

My Cowboy did a bit of research (since he has nothing else to do!), and we decided to name the girl Cali, which is short for Calibrachoa, which is a miniature type of petunia — perfect, right? And since they were born on March 14th, I couldn’t resist naming the boy Pi — haha! Pi is a milk thief — if he takes a notion to nurse, he just latches on to any mommy that’s closest — until they realize he’s not theirs and push him away. I’ve never seen any of our other babies do that — it’s hilarious!

Every nanny so far has had twins! The size of the herd will double in the space of 2 weeks — wow! That’s a lot of babies — I’m already having trouble keeping track of which babies belong to which mommies. I’m glad they’re able to sort it all out. There are still two nannies left to pop, and I’m really hoping they do it today before it starts raining and storming tomorrow. Wyatt has been a great daddy!

This was Buttercup’s first time to have babies, and she’s been a worrywart, trying to keep track of them — it’s so cute. I haven’t named these two girls yet. They’re coming out faster than I can think up names!

Meanwhile, indoors, when I am trying to work, my office assistant squeezes himself into a too-small box and falls asleep while supervising:

And this is my lap most evenings, even tho I’m trying to fit in some handwork while sitting in my cozy chair under my blankie.

Last night, I heard a ruckus on the porch after dark, and turned on the porch light to find the boys embroiled in a bitter fake battle. They have to have a bit of playtime every night before they fall asleep. They take turns seeing who can be King of the Toolbox. It gives me a headache just to watch them!

We’ve sure made weather progress over the last month. Here’s the view from my office on February 20th:

March 14th, when it was so windy I had to wear safety glasses to go outside:

And this morning. Sunshine and blue sky, finally, altho it’s not real green just yet:

I think Spring might actually be here — yay! I’m sure ready — it was a rough winter.

And after 3 weeks on crutches with no significant improvement, My Cowboy was able to hobble out as far as the horse paddock and feed his horse himself this morning — so I’m hoping he’s on the mend.

I hope wherever you are, you’re having a lovely spring, too!

11 responses to “News From the Ranch, Episode 1712”

  1. Janet says:

    Oh my goodness Shelly. There’s never a dull moment around your place. Seriously, I hope you don’t wear yourself out, and that your Cowboy isn’t seriously injured. You guys need supervision.

  2. Ginny Smith says:

    OH Shelly. You both have had a tough several months. Praying that that is over and on the way to much better.
    We too are enjoying the nice weather. H is working in the garage with the door to the east open and liking the sun.

  3. Linda says:

    Praying everything works out with his leg. The goats are so cute.

  4. Angie in SoCal says:

    Prayers being said for you both!

  5. Judy says:

    I’m afraid you are doomed to have that incident recounted the rest of your life. Healing thoughts and prayers coming to you both.

  6. Rose Marie says:

    I think Buttercup’s baby should be Holly. Short for Hollyhock. If a girl , that is.

  7. Liz Morgan says:

    OH Shelly! My heart, prayers and healing thoughts goes out to you and DH!

  8. Randy Menninghaus says:

    mallow is a lovely flower. Sorry to hear about your husband. Yikes… I imagine he will forgive you. Still I am sure it has cut into your sewing time!!! Much love from Maine.

  9. Mary Delia says:

    WOW – you go pretty darn far to have a good story to tell us!! Best wishes for a good recovery and take care of both of you.

  10. Darlene says:

    Shelly, I sure hope your husband will be okay ….no surgery necessary. I love all the photos of the new arrivals what a wonderful time of year. It will soon be green, our last snowstorm last weekend of 3” is finally melted. A few snowy areas still in the shade.
    Take care of yourself as you take care of everyone else.

  11. Danice says:

    Oh goodness! Hoping husband is doing better!

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