Morning Glory

Posted on May 30, 2020 by prairiemoonquilts in Quilts

I am so happy to write this post today, because showing you this finished quilt means that . . .

My oldest UFO is FINISHED!!!! Woohoo!!!

I started this quilt back in the late 1980s or early 90s — it’s so old I can’t remember. Can you tell by the colors and fabrics? (Which, by the way, are actually back in style these days!)

I think this is the second quilt that I actually purchased all the fabric for. Up until this quilt (and one appliqué quilt I did right before this one), I had made only scrap quilts from my stash of scraps leftover from making clothes.

The pattern is from an old, old issue of Quiltmaker magazine, and it’s called “Morning Glory”. I can’t tell you which issue, cos I don’t think I have it any more.

It laid unquilted for years . . . and years. But I’m on a serious finishing mission this year (and can you believe that this year is nearly half over already?), so this quilt, being my oldest UFO, was one I really wanted to get done.

I traced around a template for every piece of this quilt (except the borders), and hand cut every piece of this quilt with scissors; and I HAND pieced every single stitch of it, even the setting and borders. And when I went to quilt it, I had to marvel at what a good job I did — I don’t think my machine piecing is even that neat and flat most of the time! Haha! Seriously, I’m not sure what I was thinking, and with two small children at home back then, how did I think I had the time for that??? And I believe during that time, I was also finishing up my college degree. It seems I haven’t gotten any saner over the years . . .

The pattern for this quilt included the quilting designs with it. I actually had the foresight to trace all the designs onto the quilt top BEFORE I pieced it together. That way I didn’t have to manhandle the entire quilt top to get the quilting designs marked on. I was planning to hand quilt it. (You can see where I marked it in the first photo below. Yes, with a regular lead pencil, very lightly. Eek!)

As the years have ticked by, I came to realize that hand quilting it was never gonna happen. I DO still hand quilt some, but a quilt this size is probably not gonna top the list. Ever again. Time will tell.

So . . . now that I’m a professional machine quilter, I decided I would just “take the machine to it”, as a dear old friend of mine used to say. Since it was already marked, I decided I’d just quilt it by machine pretty much like I had planned to hand quilt it. There were times when it didn’t seem like it was going any faster than hand quilting!

Here’s the amazing part: I still had the fabric for the binding! Can you even believe that?

So I put the binding on with my longarm as I went, to help speed things up.

Then it laid by my chair for quite a while, waiting for me to whip down the binding. I’d work on it a little bit at a time, but I only just finished the binding the other day.

I had My Cowboy help me get some pictures, and then I washed and dried it, and it’s so soft and cuddly now. I’m amazed at how much I love this quilt. Still, after all this time!

I’m pretty sure that cream background fabric is not 100% cotton, but the rest of it is. Back in that day, broadcloth solids were a thing, and my grandmother had me trained that they were the hot item to use. She was a fan of polyester!

I think using the originally intended quilting designs turned out to be a good idea. As much work as they were, it turned out to be worth it.

I put a plain backing on it, and it shows the quilting really well.

Here’s the nitty gritty:

Hand pieced, machine quilted, 83″ x 94″ after being quilted, washed, and dried.
Pattern: Morning Glory, from QuiltMaker magazine (many years ago)
Fabrics: Prints are 100% cotton, cream background is poly/cotton broadcloth (all pre-washed)
Backing: 100% cotton, wide, unpieced, unbleached muslin (very soft)
Batting: Quilter’s Dream Poly Select
Thread: Star cotton for piecing, Superior OMNI, #3004 Cream, for quilting

I am completely beyond thrilled that it’s finished! Now, my new mission is to determine what my next oldest UFO is and get it finished (if I even want to finish it). I’ll keep you posted!

36 responses to “Morning Glory”

  1. Frédérique says:

    Wow, a great accomplishment! Beautiful quilting, on this very sweet quilt. Love the vintage style ;))

  2. Becky Collis says:

    I love it! A brand new old quilt!

  3. Donna says:

    I think using the original plan for quilting makes the quilt look like it’s been hand quilted. I probably still have the issue of QM because I’ve kept all of the quilting magazines I ever had. Thank goodness I can save quilt patterns on the computer now which leaves room to walk around (barely) in my sewing room.

  4. mimisdarlins says:

    Wow, this is beyond amazing! This deserves a big WOOHOO!!! See, all caps! I love that the fabrics date it, I never seem to tire of color combos, they don’t go out of style in my mind. Congrats to you, well done!

  5. Robin says:

    Yayyyyy! Always nice to finish!

  6. Ginny says:

    Beautiful. I sure remember the fabrics from that time. Made me think of the Lone Star quilt from about 1989 that you quilted for me. Still love it and am so glad that you quilted it for me

  7. Rose Marie Smith says:

    I remember these colors from the 1980’s. I didn’t like that blue and pink thing. I’m not sure why. Everyone else did. But I did like the green and gold thing from the 1970’s. I still lean towards those warmer colors. You gotta make me do blue!! Sometimes that happens. Oh, I should mention that the quilting is fabulous and with that quilting on it, I would love it despite its colors.

  8. Sandra Famuliner says:

    It’s beautiful! Good job!

  9. susie Q says:


  10. Mary Kolb says:

    It’s beautiful Shelly. Great job working on the old ones!

  11. Kerry says:

    Oh I do love that – the quilting is gorgeous too. 😀

  12. Karen E. says:

    This is just fabulous! I wouldn’t choose those fabrics and colors to start a quilt today, but I love that you finished it the way you did. And, yes, the colors are back in style and remind many of us who started quilting in the late 70s and early 80s what was in style then. WOOHOO for you!

  13. Suelynn Williams says:

    Your success makes me so happy! Congratulations!

  14. Sharon Sauser says:

    You deserve a big congratulations. (My oldest from 1997 is still awaiting quilting.) All that stitch in the ditch! Did you use rulers or freehand? And all those tie offs! The background quilting is perfect and beautiful. Are you keeping it or does it go to a daughter?

  15. Becky Cogan says:

    Great job and story. Now I’m wondering which UFO is my oldest.

  16. Alice Allinson says:

    Love this story, Shelly! Beautiful job at quilting as usual!

  17. Fran says:

    What a gorgeous quilt! I am so glad you finished it. Your quilting is perfect for the Morning Glory quilt. Congratulations on a job well done!

  18. Cindy-liveacolorfullife says:

    Shelly, what a beautiful quilt! It must feel amazing to have it completed. It was SO good to “see” you yesterday. I love those sessions.

  19. cathy says:

    Your quilt came out great!!! I bet you wish you finished it a lot sooner so you could enjoy the beauty!

  20. Wendy says:

    Well, at least one good thing has come out of 2020 for you and I, we both finished our oldest UFOs!! We should celebrate! Woohoo! Seriously, it’s a pretty quilt, and I am so glad you went with the original quilting. Even better that you love it still – enjoy!

  21. Debbi says:

    Congrats on getting it done! It’s beautiful. Coincidentally I just pulled out my first quilt from that era in very similar colors. I still love it too.

  22. Marsha Y. says:

    Wow!!! You are an inspiration for me to finish some of my UFO’s. I do believe I still have some of that fabric shown in your quilt in my stash or in what I inherited from my mother. Love the quilting!!

  23. Mary Delia says:

    What a great accomplishment. It’s lovely. Maybe even an antique already!

  24. Meloney Funk says:

    I think I had some of that blue fabric. LOL
    Very nice. I like the way you quilted it.

  25. Angie in SoCal says:

    Congratulations! I know the feeling. Finished my second quilt I started just 4 years ago. It only took me 30 years to quilt it. And I had the binding waiting all that time. Mine was hand quilted also – that’s what took so long. The block I use was Virginia Reel. Now they call it Kissing Dinosaurs.

  26. Melanie says:

    Isn’t it the greatest feeling?! Way to go! You were my Grandma & Gramps’ neighbor, way back then! I remember them talking about you and your work and recognitions. I always loved getting to hang out with your girls when we could, too. Time sure has flown.

  27. Randy Menninghaus says:


  28. Candice says:

    Absolutely fantastic story and quilt. What I’m most amazed at is that you saved the whole thing in tack with binding fabric! Those are some powerful “save everything” organizing genes!

  29. Barb Roberts says:

    I did recently finish a forgotten “old” UFO so I know it’s a good feeling to finish something. I love that you used the original quilting designs, not so easy to do with a machine. It’s also something to celebrate because then you can start something new without the accompanying guilt. Ha! I’m not the least bit surprised that you still had the binding fabric but, really, you knew where to find it?! I salute you!!

  30. Marlene Clausen says:

    Well, if that doesn’t give you the warm and fuzzies, nothing will! I always say, THIS one I’m keeping for myself, but somehow my daughter or grandson move in an snatch them. You have inspired me to pull out my oldest finished top . . . a Storm at Sea in non-traditional colors. I adore that quilt . . . I have no idea why I’ve never quilted it. I just put it at #2 next to quilt. Thanks for the nudge and CONGRATULATIONS on the accomplishment.

  31. denniele says:

    I love it!! Hooray for you! I bet it was a challenge stitching the pattern that you drew as it was for hand quilting and not continuous!

  32. Wanda Marvel says:

    12 blocks May

  33. Wow! That is a beauty and the quilting designs are perfect. Congratulations on such a sweet finish. 😉 Carol

  34. Delana says:

    Wow, what a great accomplishment, Shelly! It is beautiful! Actually, if you had needed extra fabric I might still have some of them! Lol!

  35. Paula Hedges says:

    Hi, Shelly! What a beautiful quilt and love that you did the original penciled on quilting motifs. I also remember those fabrics and believe I may have owned them at one time or another.

    My long arm is patiently waiting for me to do some adjustments to the timing and the belt. The quilt on the frame now was a victim of long arm and computer program go completely crazy! It may have to go visit the repair shop if those adjustments don’t cure it.

    In the meantime, I moved my “office” for the business to the sewing room and shifted the cutting table to the quilting room. So far I like the set up, but who knows what I will think next week – LOL!

    Have a nice weekend and keep knocking out those UFOs.

  36. Suzette Harris says:

    Darn I wanted to ask what the new oldest UFO is. You stole my thunder! Lol. Can’t waitvto hear about it.

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