May 350 Blocks Report

Posted on May 31, 2018 by prairiemoonquilts in 350 Blocks Project

Well, May is already over. I started a list of the blocks I was making this month, to try and keep better track, and then I lost the list, so maybe I can try again next month to keep better track, and hopefully, I haven’t forgotten to include the ones I’ve worked on.

Worse than that, I forgot to take pictures of some of the blocks I made, which is also not surprising for me. When I get into the throes of deadlines, certain things just fall by the wayside! And I’ve had a lot of deadlines lately.

But I did do a bit of catching up this month — I ended up with a total of 64 blocks, much to my own surprise!

I made 8 blocks for a guild Community Service project (no picture), and 16 blocks for a quilt that will be a pattern soon (no picture yet, but soon).

I made 20 scrappy star blocks for a quilt I’m planning to show you in my very next post:

And I finished appliquéing down these vintage Grandmother’s Flower Garden blocks onto background squares. I had 19 of them, and I planned a layout that needed 20, so I was going to have to make one more. But then I found one little lone orphan block just like these at Peecher’s Country Store when I was in Arrow Rock, MO, for Arrow Rock Quilt Camp, so I rescued it and brought it home to be my 20th block. I’m much happier having saved the orphan than having to make another from scratch!

I can now also show you some of the quilt fronts from the quilting I showed you last month, so watch for that in an upcoming post.

And now it’s time for all of you to report in! How many blocks did you get done in May?

Leave a comment or contact me with your new totals, and I’ll try to be a bit speedier about getting the page updated this month. (I still have some deadlines, but they’re not as urgent as the ones I just finished — whew! Maybe I’ll get some extra computer time.)

I have the Project Page updated, and our new goal for blockmaking in June is 32, for a year-to-date total of 165.

The prize winner for April is mimi’s darlins, who’s up to 117 blocks so far!

I’m off to go start another list for this month, and hopefully put it somewhere where I won’t lose it! Happy stitching to us all, and I hope you all get plenty of sewing time in June!

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  1. Danice says:

    I am nearly ashamed to report that I made only 3 blocks in May. ‘Still working on quilting mostly. Your blocks are so pretty.

  2. Wendy says:

    20 blocks for me in May. I love your star blocks!

  3. Stephanie says:

    I made lots of blocks this time – 2 sets of 24 Heartstring blocks, 42 Stoplight blocks, the last 5 “Tiny rectangles” blocks to complete the top (now assembled), and the first little star for a long term project. Total 96 blocks.

  4. Diana says:

    Ca n’t wait to see what you are doing with the star blocks. Really like them. I now keep a note book by my machine to keep track of blocks. slips of paper are way to easy for me to lose!
    I did well this month-88-4 quilt tops! Focus Pocus by Swirly Girls, Hash Browns by Cozy Quilt, Arcadia by Mountainpeek and lastly a Just Can’t Cut It by All washed up I think. These were 4 kits that had been here for eons and needed to made. Have 2 others cut! And then 12 blocks for the Kaffe mystery. I’m happy!

  5. Virginia Smith says:

    No blocks this month just taking care of this broken arm. Maybe in June

  6. Susan says:

    46 for me! That’s what happens when I jump into all kinds of quilt alongs. I absolutely love that you rescued that one little block, that it was the perfect size to match your other hexagon blocks, and you have 20 now! You did a lot, congratulations! The center block on the top star is so cute with the black triangle check.

  7. Phillis Harding says:

    I actually managed to finish 467 blocks this month. I finished the 2 different Farmer’s Wife quilts I had been working on, Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler and 27 Dear Jane blocks. I have been on a roll this month because I am facing cataract surgery on both eyes near the end of June and don’t know how long I won’t be able to sew. I do try to sew 1-2 hrs a day. I really would at least like to finish the house blocks this month. How are you doing with yours?

  8. Amanda M. says:

    I think I only made 6 blocks this month; 4 Dresden Plates and then 2 simple Linus Project kits that I’m counting as a block each. I keep hoping I’ll have more time to sew than what I manage to squeeze out. Thank you for the inspiration!

  9. Deanna says:

    I knew May would be a little slower with finishing school and working on the kitchen, but still managed 26 blocks. Summer should help pick up the pace a little.

  10. Clara Chandler says:

    The strip sets that were sewn and cut in April became 34 blocks for the mystery quilt I’m sewing. 2 blocks for a Fig Tree BOM. 3 blocks from a class with Doug Leko that are challenging my color choices. Total=39. It is fun to keep track and gratifying to see projects near completion. Thanks for the motivation.

  11. Well done to you. I only managed 8 blocks for May but that was more than April so I am heading in the right direction.

  12. randy says:

    7. It was a free motion, and machine quilting of tops kind of month.

  13. Becky says:

    NONE! No blocks for me in May! Shame!

  14. Patricia Hotz says:

    I think I did about 26. I did lots of embroidery on tea towels, June will be a better month for sewing, I hope….
    your blocks are so cute.

  15. denniele says:

    61 blocks for the month of May! Love your new quilt!

  16. Susan s. says:

    You got a lot done! Love your star blocks. Will rwport on mine later and it will be a short report! Did not do much sewing in May at all due to plantong the garden, doing yard work and trying to start up a small home business

  17. Shirley Guier says:

    I have 272 blocks this month. I did 2 quilts at quilt camp and one for guild. Then I started 2 more embroidery quilts and finished up Happily Ever After.

  18. Aileen Kline says:

    Hi Ladies:
    I made 22 blocks this month and managed to mend some of my pants. I want to loss weight so I didn’t want to buy any new ones that size. So since I was mending, I fixed a bunch of stuff. Hoping for better results in June!

  19. Karen Edwards says:

    I made 90 blocks during May. I can’t wait to see how those cute star blocks will look in a quilt!

  20. Angela says:

    I love your Grandmother’s Flower Garden Blocks and that you adopted an orphan block!
    I finished 41 blocks in May. I have an appliqued border to work on in June, so I won’t get too many other blocks made.

  21. Johnna Clarke says:

    I did what I said I’d never do – I’m working on two quilt tops at the same time! I have completed 16 blocks on the Allis Chalmers Field Star quilt which is going to be a surprise Christmas present for my husband (so I can only work on it when he’s not around), and I made 39 cats and have made one block of tails for the Tessellating Tails/Kool Kats quilt. I switch back and forth, and it’s keeping me sane because the TT/KK pattern is a difficult puzzle! However, it’s going to be special to me because I love cats, and I’m using all my late mom’s fabric. So my May total is 56. Not bad for this novice! Love your work, Shelly. Thanks for all the encouragement!

  22. Tonia says:

    May total 51 blocks! It sounds like we have all had busy months. I am digging in to finish what will be called (until the next challenge comes along) the nemesis quilt–ugh too many fussy pieces. June will see it done–and maybe some blocks on less complicated ones.

  23. Marlene Clausen says:

    After loads of thought and tracking, I found 4 blocks, all on my design wall! Finished two quilts, made fabric baskets to hold commercial patterns for my new shelves. and made a bag for a friend. Also, much time involved in cleaning, sorting, and organizing for a (relatively clean and uncluttered space). So . . . the count for the blocks is 4.

  24. Elaine says:

    My total for May is 58 blocks. Two quilt tops finished.
    Love the Star Blocks. Finding that grandmothers block was such a serendipitous (love that word lol ) happening!

  25. Sandy Hartman says:

    I only made 3 blocks this month. An injured wrist had me sidelined for the last few weeks. Been itching to go, So June will hopefully bring more sewing time!

  26. Put me down for 47. Congrats on your 64

  27. Louise says:

    This has been a great month. I made 201 blocks. Most of them were 9 patches.

  28. KT says:

    A cold wet spring meant more time for sewing in May–I got 61 blocks made.

  29. Sherry V. says:

    I lost my list also…but I know that I did more quilting than stitching. I have a total of 3 blocks……all for swaps.

    I hope I can do better this month.

  30. Rose Marie says:

    I am just glad to get 30 blocks finished. I have been setting things together and that hasn’t counted much for this challenge. But there is no use making blocks if you don’t set them together someday!!!

  31. Marilyn Holder says:

    Total blocks for May: 53.

  32. Wendy Owens says:

    Why is it the easiest patterns take the longest? May I got the final 24 blocks for a quilt top done! AND finished the top! So, putting it all together I give me 2 and the 24 gives me a total of a whopping 26!

    Sure hope I do more in June!

    Wendy O

  33. Pam Martin says:

    Only 18 blocks for me. I’ve done a lot of binding. Going to a retreat this weekend hopefully I will get some blocks made.

  34. Linda Knight says:

    I made exactly 0 blocks in May. I did quilt and bind one table topper. It’s been a very busy month for other things.

  35. I made 16 blocks last month. I did a lot of longarming for myself and some customers–all of us were getting ready for the Hands of Friendship Quilt show! 🙂

  36. Marsha Yahl says:

    No blocks this month. Too busy with setting quilts together and machine quilting for customers and myself. Hoping June will be a better month.

  37. Cheryl says:

    87 blocks for me in May. Year to date is 625.

  38. Judy S. says:

    44 blocks for me this month. Lots of sewing in Quilt Camp!

  39. Mary D says:

    I had nine for the month.

  40. Maxine E says:

    I made 20 blocks for May. My Mother in Law was here for two weeks, so I had to entertain her. Every time we have company, it takes me a couple of days of recuperating to get back my sewing mojo! I made two table runners. Sometimes small projects is just the ticket to regain that mojo

  41. Susan s. says:

    Ok as hard as I looked I could only come up with 12 blocks for May! I did bkock 2 of the Kaffe mystery. I worked lots in the yard and garden though 🙂

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