March 350 Blocks Report

Posted on March 31, 2020 by prairiemoonquilts in 350 Blocks Project

Well, I have to say that the tracking sheets I presented early on this year have really been helping me keep better records of the blocks I’m making. Even if I forget to add something to the list, I’m at least able to look back at past months and see if I’ve already counted something, so I don’t accidentally count it again.

This month, I’ve been working on my new Block-of-the Month quilts that are coming out this year, so I can’t really show you any of that just yet. But the first one comes out in early May, so keep your eyes peeled!

I did make these pieced borders for a Cowboy quilt, so I’m counting each of them as one block.

My total for this month is 68. I think I’ve been spending too much time cooking!

How did you do? It’s time to report in and let us all know what you’ve been up to for the past month. I really thought I’d get more done, but time does have a way of getting away from me. Have you been finding extra sewing time due to the stay-at-home orders? It IS a good way to keep your mind off your problems, I know that much.

Leave a comment or contact me (even by email, if you prefer), and I’ll get the Project page updated soon with all your new numbers.

The February prize winner is Barbara B. She’s up to 70 blocks so far — off to a great start. You realize we’re already 1/4 of the way through the year!?

Our new goal for April is 30 blocks, for a year-to-date total of 105. I hope you’re finding that extra stitching time and making good use of it!

73 responses to “March 350 Blocks Report”

  1. Raewyn says:

    Well done on the great tally of blocks! My tally for the month is 16 – not as many as I thought – but I have some trucks and tractors that still need their wheels to be called complete! I’ve been enjoying the extra sewing time at home but am also trying to get a few other things done as well, plus getting in a good daily walk.

  2. Angela Neese says:

    well, only 19 finished this month – though all 42 are cut out and ready to be put together. I’m sewing masks for our hospital instead these days…. 1/4″ elastic is scarcer than hen’s teeth, as my Momma says. Finally scored some on Etsy!! who knew? Stay healthy and safe! Life on the farm is pretty much unchanged – calving and taking out hay and waiting for the mud to dry up…

  3. sharong says:


    I have been self isolating now into week 3. so I have 100 blocks this past month

  4. Marsha Parkhill says:

    40 blocks for March

  5. Pam Desilets says:

    Not many for me only 16
    I have made 50 masks dropped off to a hospital here
    Being isolated has made me a little depressed but I sure wish the sun would go out. It has been raining 🌧 seams that days and days.
    Chin up to all and a better April.

  6. Marcia in TX says:

    Those borders are so pretty. You’ve done so much. I’ve made 30 stair step blocks from batik fabric for one quilt and 8 pinwheel blocks. Should have 2 finishes in April, one new and 1 ufo.
    I’ve not worked more, but Truey and I sure are walking more and sitting in the sun on the back porch. Enjoying it before it gets in the 90s.

  7. Well done cooking and sewing. I got 24 blocks done this month. More importantly I got 4 quilts finished that just needed binding. Now they are ready to go to their new homes.

  8. Marianne says:

    I am not able to remember. I am in a rehab facility with a shattered femur for six weeks or so but I wanted to at least log in. The amount is on my big board so eventually I will get back on track in more ways than one

    • Marlene Clausen says:

      Oh my! Been there, done that (car accident), so I feel for you. Wishing you a quick recovery. I was so crazy bored the month I was there, I would roll down to the nurses’ central station and answer the phones for them. Put in a full day every day for 3 weeks, except for lunch and therapy session. They were so overworked the phones just usually went unanswered.

  9. Louise says:

    Only 117 blocks for me this month. But, I porced four tops, basted three of them, quilted one of them, and have it almost bound. I have also spent a lot of time hand quilting a project that has waited too long for me to get around to it. I have lots of time for sewing now that I can’t go anywhere.

  10. Paula Morgan says:

    90 tipsy triangle Amy Ellis sal – 45 (need 91) ) snowball – Aleatha Ballard Snowball Chance Sal, 1 log cabin Alison Glass Guicy Guice Mini SAL … 136 total. All completed last week- Son in Laws mom is not working due to no school- so she is helping with grandkids!!! I did not realize how badly I needed a break!

  11. Wanda Marvel says:

    March blocks 23

  12. Cathy Wight says:

    Only 27 for me this month. Under stay at home orders here, but seems like all I get done is cook, clean up after cooking, watch some updates, and sleep. Now that I’ve finished some things I needed to, hope to get more done in my next 30 days of isolation (my late April quilt retreat had to be cancelled 😢)

    • Suelynn Williams says:

      Sounds just like my life! My retreat was canceled, too, and cooking does take a chunk of my time – my urge to sew seems to come at dinner time because the late afternoon light from the window is just right.

    • Kerry Leach says:

      Same here – March retreat was cancelled at the last minute, luckily it has been deferred to next March. On a brighter note the weather has been so nice, it would have been a shame to miss it and work outside!

  13. Randy Menninghaus says:

    well I kept losing my counts so I was just going to stop. But my guess for January 18. February 36. March 17

    I want to teleport to next year.. thank you very much.

  14. dianne alsup says:

    LOVE that I have the time now! Currently doing Laundry Basket Mystery so 76 for that – did the Temecula quilt along and quilted it. Being very conservative that was 68, have 30 log cabins and all the other projects added up to another 66. I think I did something every day last month !!! = 210

  15. Ginabeth says:

    Hope all are staying well. Thank you Shelly for have the 350 Challenge. It helps to have a target. I had 9 blocks and thought I was going to be stuck there as I only had needle turn appliqué this month. But….Edita Sitar to the rescue as she did a free sew along. Now I have
    111 blocks for March.
    Keep the chins up, petals to the metal and we will make it.

  16. Beverly V. says:

    I had high hopes for March but only completed 6 blocks with my granddaughter for her first sewn quilt. She did a great job and had fun doing it. It was for her Barbie house. We made 4 patch blocks.
    Also I have been making masks for the hospital. I still have some elastic, so hoping to do some more in April. It is a way to use up scraps also.
    I have been cooking more also and cleaning.
    Scanning to take care of paperwork and shredding the originals (less clutter).

  17. Rose Marie Smith says:

    I have completed 108 blocks and put together 2 tabletoppers from some leftovers. This shut-in time allowed me to put together 3 quilts that were not oldies. I vowed I would do some UFO’s this year but they sure are a pain. I was able to work on 3 Newbies. Whoo-hoo. Next month though I have to retreat to UFO’s!!

  18. I did 191 because I only count when something is done done.
    I got a few projects completed this month and then I’ve been counting a mask as 1 block because I do equivalent blocks.

  19. Dortha says:

    I made 45 blocks this month. Some were small so counted them as half a block.

  20. Christi Bentley says:

    I’m working on 3 mystery quilts now. I had 52 blocks for March.

  21. Stephanie says:

    87 for me this time, mixed across 5 different projects.
    Love your borders, they look fab.

  22. Julie M. says:

    I’m lucky that I’m still working but from home. I did manage to get a weekend of sewing with my daughter before the stay at home order was issued. My March total was 54.

  23. Cheryl says:

    Hello, I completed 124 blocks and finished two quilts.
    Stay safe, stay well, everyone!!!

  24. Karen E. says:

    Love that cowboy quilt border! I’ll look forward to seeing the whole quilt.

    I made 246 blocks in March. I had more time than ever to sew since I’ve left the house only once since the 13th. Everyone stay well!

  25. Maxine E says:

    I have 100 blocks! Woot Woot! Sewing along with the Mystery quilt and also doing a bit of EPP. Probably going to join in on the Unity Quilt with Bonnie Hunter. I am going to sew through this stash of mine. It’s so out of control!

  26. Sharon Gratz says:

    A slow start this year for me. Between traveling last month and the first of this month, health issues, and the kids and grandkids calling or driving up the driveway to make sure we have stayed home and don’t need anything, I got a whopping 15 blocks made this month! But, I also got a big (to me) 2019 BOM put together and bordered…’s in the stash with the rest needing to be sandwiched and completed. I’m not sure what April will bring, but it will be dealt with. Stay home if at all possible, y’all.

  27. Frances Courson says:

    I tried to post this earlier, but I don’t think it went through. Staying at home all day really made a difference. I was able to make 166 blocks. Like many others, I am making Edyta Sitar’s Mystery quilt. I am also making several Block of the Month and Block of the Week quilts. Tomorrow will be devoted to making face masks.

  28. Peggy says:

    Sadly, 0 blocks for me this month. Since February, I’ve been helping friends with health issues, and other problems. No time for sewing. Have downloaded blocks for a couple of QAL’s for when I finally get my time back. Am just too tired for now.

  29. Joan Powell says:

    696 Blocks! I tackled a box of one inch strips and squares, making many Circa 1880’s blocks, 9-patches, and Small Courthouse Steps blocks–enough of the latter to make a full-sized quilt! There are still some more one inch squares that I will continue to make into the smaller blocks… I will probably in my life-time never make as many blocks as this in a month, but I was determined to clean out that box and be done with it–“Stay at Home” order helped a lot!

  30. Crystal says:

    I too made 68 Quilts of Valor blocks. The stacks of blocks keeps getting larger. I need some motivation to get them out into tops.

  31. Kathi Benchley says:

    Love the tally sheet – it really helps me tally the number of blocks I’ve sewn. March was a productive month, since everything was canceled. I made 63 blocks!

  32. Linda Knight says:

    I didn’t make any blocks in March but my Grand Daughter works in a hospital in the ward where the covid patients are and asked if I could make caps for the nurses since they are out. So with the help of a friend we have made 54 caps and are still working to make more until she tells me they have what they need.

  33. Pam Martin says:

    127 blocks total for a baby quilt and a mountain retreat quilt for a graduation gift. The baby quilt is at the quilters and mountain retreat is almost together except for the borders

  34. Paula Mullet says:

    Wow! It is hard to believe that we are a quarter of the way through the year. I had 210 blocks this month. I have been using my quarantine to sew. I added 33 blocks to my Temecula scavenger hunt project, 4 blocks in a table runner, 24 Hidden Spools blocks, 4 blocks (I divided one large block) in the Bonnie Hunter Unity project, 20 blocks in my Elvira quarantine quilt (that is actually quilted and bound) and 125 blocks constructed from strip piecing waste from the Hidden Spools project. I hope everyone is practicing social distancing and washing hands to stay healthy.

  35. Marlene Clausen says:

    84 for March. Was much warmer in the room where I piece and quilt!! Quilted and bound a UFO, just need to sew out the label. Love that “finished UFO feeling.” I have a UFO pillow on my table, just need to sew on four buttons and it will be an FO! Am really concentrating on quilting now as I always miss it during the cold months.

  36. Carolyn Schomaker says:

    Completed 39 blocks for a border in my grandsons graduation quilt. Actually have quilt top completed now. Top of quilt is a scrappy applique patter by Shannon Brinkley. Didn’t know how to count that. Worked on it for two month.. sad part is grandson probably won’t have graduation ceremony or senior prom.. he was born two days after 911 so he has had two major events affect his young life. Hopefully will make him stronger person.

  37. Joy Dabney says:

    With school closed I have had more time. I made 73 blocks in March. Sewing has helped me deal with everything.

  38. Debi F says:

    Not as many as last month, but 79 is nothing to sneeze at! (Bad, I know! Haha) But I did quilt, bind and label two quilts, which counts for major accomplishment, but not in the block counting. Stay safe everyone.

  39. I finished 135 HST’s (and the quilt), plus 120 spiderweb triangles (30 square blocks), for a total of 165. April may not have many blocks as there are several tops that need quilting.

  40. Barbara B says:

    March was productive, I completed 168 blocks.

  41. Angela says:

    I’m happy to say my quilting mojo is back!
    I completed 120 blocks in March and I’m well on way to April’s blocks. Hopefully I won’t be distracted by Springs blooming flower gardens, which require so much early attention. Decisions, decisions …

  42. Patty says:

    I have done 31. Not very many for being quarrantined. Stay safe eveyone.

  43. Suelynn Williams says:

    Finished a top for my grandson’s high school graduation. My total blocks came to 100 – counted twice to be sure! Shelly, I like the borders you are making. I really like the tracking sheet, too.

  44. Judy Sovereign says:

    Only got 9 blocks made and one quilted and finished. But have made 200 masks. So have been busy.

    Judy KCMO

  45. Michele says:

    35 blocks this month. Working on miniature log cabin blocks, which are satisfying but fiddly and slow.

  46. Amanda M. says:

    I made 40 blocks for 7 different projects. I have been doing well with my procrastinating. In this time of social distancing you have to pretend that everyone smells like the chicken house… 😉

  47. KT says:

    Looking forward to seeing the whole cowboy quilt! I made 48 blocks–I’m working on Edyta Sitar’s mystery quilt at a slow pace. Had to do a lot of rearranging, as we now have 4 at home doing distance learning–3 kids and me, teaching from home, and everyone needs a quiet place to work. In addition, there is lots more cooking, cleaning, and laundry to do now that the college kids are home!

  48. Christopher Thomas says:

    So sorry to hear of your brother, big hugs to you

    I have gotten 369 blocks done this month, I got laid off from work so I am back to kicking the sewing machine as hard as i can

    would of done more blocks but went to making face masks and got 120 of them done yesterday and the day before

    have another 100 cut out and ready to sew

    i have post on my facebook that people can see i hung them on the fence and let anyone have them that needed them

    here is to better tomorrows

    hugs to all

  49. Danice says:

    Made 4 blocks in March. Well, kinda getting back on track.

  50. Wendy says:

    44 for me, Shelly. More than I thought!

  51. Diana S says:

    Fun reading through and seeing that a lot of us are getting to spend time sewing. The stay at home does have that benefit I guess! Shelly love your borders for your cowboy’s quilt. My block count for the month is 61 spread over 3 projects. Did get 2 tops ready for quilting and a 3rd almost there. Needs borders. But things are getting done!

  52. Clara says:

    22 blocks this month, most from the BOM I’m leading at my LQS. A WIP from the Perfect 5 QAL last year is nearing completion. It’s mostly Spring like colors and what is needed for our overcast skies here in the Pacific NW.

  53. I did pretty well this month. I had 80 blocks!

  54. Ginny Smith says:

    A few more than last month for a total of 60. in addition I bound a quilt and am just about finished with the one for my granddaughter that is to be married in May. Right now they can’t even get a licence. My favorite for the month was matching 38″ and 16″ Dresden plates that were done where you layer batting, back and front; sew and turn then quilt. They are for the Wedding. Gold metallic and neutrals

  55. Janet D says:

    I went into the isolation with big hopes but only did 7 blocks. I have picked back up on the hand appliqué though, it’s very comforting for me. So unless I get a jolt of ambition to sit at the machine it’ll be slow going for a while.

  56. Deanna says:

    Social distancing created more sewing time. 71 blocks for March. April is looking good, too. Stay home. Stay safe. Stay healthy.

  57. Darlene says:

    Hi Shelly, hope all is well.
    I have 44 blocks – I did make 15 more house blocks😀.
    I noticed my name on the list has no count for this year. Did you miss my other emails.
    Happy sewing.

  58. Phillis Harding says:

    I was able to quilt 4 queen sized quilts before the stay at home order. Since then I sewed 366 string blocks for this years heart string project and 153 blocks for various other projects for a total of 519 blocks. I have also gone through half yard pieces of fabric and made 750 masks for extended care facilities throughout Las Vegas. That has really helped with organizing fabric. I am praying that this pandemic ends soon. I am thankful I have my sewing and am able to help. Everyone please stay safe.

  59. Debbi says:

    I have been away from my sewing machine all month so was only able to do handwork. I made 16 grandmother flower garden blocks and 6 sashiko stitched blocks. It felt like a lot of stitching! Itching to get home and back to frolic mystery where I might make it to block stage before the end of next month? Maybe…

  60. Betty K says:

    I made 98 blocks for the month of March. I made 15 crumb blocks. The first I have done of these in ages. I have made a couple of cat mats and 6 masks (for husband and I). I made 73 blocks for a new quilt I am working on.

  61. Shirley B says:

    I made 60 blocks.

  62. Kerry Leach says:

    Only 37 for March, it was slightly better weather and time spent in the greenhouse sowing of a different sort! Then we had – sunshine! So the veggie patch has been worked on a fair bit. No sewing with dirt engrained fingers – even wearing gloves, that moment when the soil falls down the cuff – yuk!
    Been putting things together over the last couple of days, so more for the April tally!

  63. Marsha Y. says:

    I had 21 blocks for March. It was a busy month with lots of other projects. Hoping that I can complete two quilts in April and increase my count.

  64. Elle says:

    My March 2020 tally is: 373

    And 118 cloth masks w/ties 🙂

  65. Judy S. says:

    I only had 16 blocks for March, due to making lots of masks for local health care workers. Our guild has taken it on and keeping us all busy.

  66. Susan says:

    I must have missed reporting February, and now I almost missed March! My total so far is 125 blocks. March Report

    I like your border for Cowboy!

  67. Cathy G says:

    I love the tally sheets! Thanks so much! I didn’t report my tally for February. I had 47 in February and 50 in March. I am hoping to get a lot more done now that we are self-isolating.

  68. Barb Roberts says:

    I’ve made 109 quilt blocks this month, some simple some very complicated so I guess it evens out.

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