June 350 Blocks Report

Posted on July 2, 2018 by prairiemoonquilts in 350 Blocks Project

Well, I didn’t manage to keep a list of blocks for June, either, so I’m pulling from my really poor memory to come up with the blocks I made this past month.

I went to a retreat, and several sew days, so I did get some sewing done. As usual, there are some blocks I won’t count until the project is finished, just so I don’t miscalculate and count them twice.

I also made 7 pillowcases, which don’t count. And a zipper pouch, which doesn’t count. But it’s cute, isn’t it? I used this tutorial HERE to make it, and I’ll be making several more in the future.

I’m working on Cake Mix blocks. These are from Recipe #3, but I’m not counting them until they’re done.

I AM counting this little wall quilt as my one block for June. I made this from my Out To Pasture pattern, as a commission piece for a customer.

And I’m doing some English paper piecing, but that’s slow going. It’ll be a long time before I can count any blocks from that!

So how did YOU do in June? Have you been out doing summer stuff and not getting much sewing done? Or are you staying inside to keep cool and getting a lot of sewing done? I find it goes back and forth for me, depending on the week!

Partly because I want to spend time outside with my goats when I can — we have some more new babies! This is Dahlia, and she thinks she is big stuff! She’s only 10 days old in this photo, and already able to jump up on top of the huts. It’s usually 3 weeks before they’re brave enough and strong enough to do that — and she’s so tiny, too — a real little spitfire!

Anyway, where was I? . . . See how easily I get distracted?

I have the Project page updated with all the current information, and July’s block goal, which is 36 blocks for a year-to-date total of 201.

May’s prize winner is Phillis, who is already up to a whopping total of 930 blocks for the year!

Please leave a comment or contact me to let us all know how you’ve done this month, and I’ll get those totals added in. I think we’re doing great for the year so far. Happy stitching to all of us in July — and have a fabulous Fourth of July holiday!

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  1. Phillis Harding says:

    Hi Shelly
    I have had a very productive month. I didn’t expect to get much done with pending cataract surgery but that won’t happen until this week and last week of this month. I have been working on completing UFOs and managed to complete 4 this month with a total of 327 blocks. 20 of those were house blocks and I also did 7 Dear Jane blocks. Maybe I can finish the rest of the house blocks this month . I hope everyone had a productive month. This challenge is keeping me motivated.

  2. Cynthia says:

    My total for June was 9 blocks. Not a lot of sewing time.

  3. Sherry V. says:

    Hi Shelly,

    What a cute goat! Bet she will be giving you a “run” for your money if she is already leaping up on huts. LOL

    As for blocks. . . well, I did 9 crumb blocks and 3 swap blocks. So my grand total for June was 12 blocks.

    We are in camping season so I am not sure how many blocks I will be getting done in the next couple of months. . . but hopefully I will get some sewing done.

    Have a great day.

  4. Stephanie says:

    I made a total of 74 blocks in June. Including 18 blocks of your Triangle Salad stitch along from forever ago!

  5. Wendy Tuma says:

    I had 50 blocks for June. An okay month. 🙂

  6. Becky says:

    I made 4 blocks of 100 1/2 triangle squares. That “forever quilt”.

  7. denniele@gmail.com says:

    134 blocks this month! It was good to be able to count some blocks from some really old UFOs that I finally bound! Greta to see you last week. How are the twins?

  8. Diana says:

    Not a very productive month for me. 4 blocks!!!!! Spent time outside in the flower beds. The big push is to get a better handle on my sewing area. Making progress but it does cut into my sewing!!!! My friend who quilts for me is just about caught up-I now have 5 here to bind! Want to get 2 done this weekend so I can hand them over to the Thank you quilters. They take them to Ft. Hood.
    Love your little goat, Dahlia. She would give my girls Tilly and Tiki a run for their money!!

  9. Tonia says:

    I did more than I thought! 75 blocks total. A question–I am doing the Moda quilt along. The center is one block, then they have pieced “borders” to frame–can’t call a 3 1/2 inch 4 patch a block–is each border one block are there 4 blocks (one per side?) and then cornerstones–oh my goodness–when is a part of a quilt a block? Oh, the decisions! Your goats are so much fun! My “farmly” (farm family) is 4 ewes and 9 lambs and Dad. They help us laugh! Enjoy July everyone!

  10. Angela says:

    Well boo for me; I didn’t get any blocks made in June. I’ve been working on an applique` border, which will probably take me all summer to finish.
    On a brighter note, your little zippered pouch is adorable and I will be making one or two for myself!
    Enjoy your holiday tomorrow!

  11. BettyK says:

    Been a hot month here as well. But… our air conditioner went out during the hottest week. Husband got to a business that was able to change the air conditioner/heater Monday but we were both miserable being without cool air. Getting older isn’t for sissy’s. I did 25 blocks for the month of June with most of them crumb blocks. I did sew and finish 3 Cat Mats and 4 mug rugs. My goal is to donate 2 cat mats a month to our local animal shelter. I am waiting for a call to pick up my main machine which is being groomed (ha!!) and cleaned up. I like it for quilting and doing the finish work on mats and mug rugs.

  12. Virginia Smith says:

    Congrats to all you diligent sewers! Continuing saga of my broken arm. No blocks, boo hoo. Now added on top of that we are moving to town starting the move in early August. Place where we live under contract and closing on or before July 31. We have until the end of Sept to be finally moved. So I for see no or almost no sewing until getting the house in order in early Oct.

  13. Cheryl says:

    Hi Shelly,
    I got 70 blocks done for June, ytd 695. I got the Village finished and ready to be quilted and the Ozark Quilting Trail to the quilter.
    Your new kid is very cute!!!

  14. Maxine E says:

    I managed 14 blocks this month. Made a couple of table runners. I am currently quilting a 99 x 99 quilt on my domestic. It’s been a wrestling match for sure! But I am winning! I have 3 sections done and almost done with the last big section. Then the borders. It’s the biggest quilt I have ever quilted. I have been using rulers and they are my new favorite notion!

  15. Maxine E says:

    PS: Congratulations on your new additions!

  16. Mary D says:

    Despite having my nose to the grindstone quilting other people’s quilts, I made 52 blocks, all for various baby quilts.
    Love the goat pics!

  17. Karen Edwards says:

    I love your zippered bags and your cute little Dahlia. It was so hot here in Greater KC that I just stayed in my sewing room most of the time. I made 311 blocks and put two or three charity quilt tops together using some of the blocks.

  18. Thelma says:

    How do you like the cake mixes? I made one and found it very relaxing and easy. Perfect project for a retreat. I have two layer cakes and the papers just waiting for their turn at my sewing machine.

  19. randy says:

    Wow, we are having a torrential rain storm as I post. This is great cause it was 91 before the sky opened up. I started on an other leader ender quilt, So I have made some blocks 36 in total… The gardening has slowed me down… all those plants are sreaming for my attention.

    HAPPY 4rth

  20. All your projects are so pretty! I love making those little zipper pouches….they’re great to have around for unexpected gifts. But I can always find a use for them too. I’ve been meaning to pick up some Cake Mix patterns, looks like fun! Many of my challenge blocks are EPP grandmother’s flower garden. I’ve made so many could make them in my sleep 🙂
    Oh, and 24 blocks for June, not as many as I’d hoped, but weeding obligations got in the way.

  21. Barbara B says:

    I didn’t report my May total, 55 and June was 5. Happy 4th of July.

  22. Louise says:

    This has been a bad month for sewing. Two surgeries in three weeks has set me back quite a bit. And, the two more surgeries coming up in the next two weeks will set me back even more. I did put together a quilt for which I had already made the blocks. But, I didn’t make a single block.

  23. Susan says:

    I have made several pinwheel blocks, at least 60 but won’t count them until done just in case I double count. Having said that I suppose my total blocks for June that I CAN count is a big fat zero! My garden is weeded, my pigs are happy, and well here is to July! Yup, will be hopeful !!! 🙂

  24. Beverly V. says:

    Well, once again my total is 0. This month will probably be 0 again. Camping taking over quilting time.

  25. Clara Chandler says:

    23 blocks to add to my total. Not many blocks but lots of sewing–one mystery quilt top and one baby quilt top finished this month. Too cute that little goat!!

  26. Danice says:

    Out to Pasture really nice, as are your Cake Mix blocks. I am ashamed to say that I only completed the equivalent of one block in June (an 18″X24″ doll quilt for my granddaughter).

  27. Only 17 this month . My summer is filled with travel all over so won’t be doing so much sewing. Love your pouch and horse block.

  28. Shirley Guier says:

    I didn’ t keep good track of my blocks either but i did get a lot of sewing done. Where did June go?!!! I mainly got a lot started last month so I’m going to say i got 25 blocks done for June. Love your goats!

  29. Rose Marie says:

    June is 53 blocks for me!! And I am making some Cake Mix blocks also. Mine are recipe #6.

  30. Susan N says:

    Your horse quilt is beautiful. Worth more than one block! I had a busy June, but did manage to get 27 blocks finished, for a total of 212 so far this year. I’m on track to make the 350, at least and more sewing coming up after July. You are making a lot and will have some great totals later this year, too!

  31. Amanda Moots says:

    I made 26 blocks and completed 2 simple Project Linus kits that I am counting as a block each so a total of 28 blocks for me for June.

  32. Wendy Owens says:

    I did SOME blocks, and finished a top! Too bad it wasn’t the top I NEED to get done! Lol. Good thing July is another month 😉

    So, the one top was 40! That sounds pretty good! 40! Not 1.. 😀

  33. Linda Knight says:

    I managed 22 blocks this month thanks to making a Turning 20 quilt top. I also quilted and bound a small top I made to use up fabric stash.

  34. Marsha Y. says:

    Only 5 blocks this month, but have been busy setting blocks together for quilts. Hope next month will be better. Love your items that you have been working on!

  35. Johnna Clarke says:

    June was a busy month, but I was able to sew a few blocks here and there. My total: 19. (How in the world do ladies sew hundreds of blocks a month??? I will never be able to do that!)

  36. I believe I had approximately 20 blocks last month, but Lucy, my longarm, was “smoking”, since she got a lot of use!! 🙂

  37. Beth F says:

    June was NOT my month! I dislocated & broke many bones in my ankle on the 2nd, which left me with my foot elevated and me not walking since! It was painful & then boring & now mending nicely!
    Did I report for May? 0 blocks…
    No blocks were sewn in June, but I did attempt some hand sewing–some hexagons got made & I thought I’d hand-quilt a UFO, but there’s too much 2-footed work needed to iron & sandwich & baste a quilt before quilting starts!
    July should be better!

  38. Sandy Hartman says:

    I managed to crank out 105 blocks in June! 100 easy hst blocks and 5 Tale of Two Gnomes quilt blocks. Making up for last month! 😀

  39. Judy S. says:

    Only 6 blocks for me this month. I’ve been working on UFOs.

  40. KT says:

    Enjoy your new goats! Only 11 blocks for me in June–I was sewing, but mostly putting quilts together with already sewn blocks. I did start a new quilt–Elizabeth Hartman’s North Stars–those blocks are big and take forever, but I love them!

  41. Pam Martin says:

    72 blocks for June. Most were done at a retreat.

  42. Marilyn Holder says:

    Total for July is 4. Working in the yard and sewing cannot happen on the same day for me! Cute baby goat…really, when are baby goats not cute!! Same for puppies! I love cake mixes, layer the fabric so they are ready. When I finish sewing a block, just pick up and sew one or more cake mixes and then move on to another block. Before long all the papers are sewn and waiting to be cut apart.

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