July 350 Blocks Report

Posted on July 31, 2020 by prairiemoonquilts in 350 Blocks Project

Another month gone by. You’d think I would have gotten more done. But I think I can catch up this month (she says hopefully)!

How did you do?

I made 18 blocks this month. Eight of them were for the new BOM that I’ll be showing you next week — I’m so excited about that! Be sure and check back in for the big announcement on Saturday, the 8th.

I made 5 more Churn Dash blocks, and 5 more blocks for my Checkerboard Postage Stamp quilt. I’d really like to finish this quilt this year, but I have way further to go than I thought I did! That seems to be the case a lot for me. Tricks my memory plays on me.

And now we’re heading into August. I think I’ll have a pretty good count this month. We’ll see.

What about you? It’s time to report in with your totals for July. Leave a comment or contact me. I’ve got the Project page updated with all your totals as I know them. If you see yours is wrong, let me know.

Our new goal for August is 31 more blocks, for a year-to-date total of 228. Some of you are way past this, and some of us need to catch up! We can do this.

The prize winner for June is Amanda, who is up to 323 blocks, even tho she claimed her mojo went missing for a while, and I know she’s busy outside a lot!

So that’s a wrap on July! I hope you have a wonderful August, with lots of stitching time.

66 responses to “July 350 Blocks Report”

  1. Louise says:

    I finished 179 blocks this month. I keep finding more unfinished projects hiding in my sewing room. Several of them haven’t needed much to finish the tops. But now I have five more tops to quilt. Most of them will be donated to my local cancer center.

  2. Christi Bentley says:

    I have 108 blocks for this month. I did 25 Christmas Village blocks, and I completed the Jelly Snowflake Quilt Along and some more leader/ender blocks. Also spent lots of time in the kitchen canning and freezing, sweet corn, peaches, applesauce, green beans, salsa, pickles. Almost out of jars, flats, and containers, so will have to spend more time in the sewing room.

  3. Christi Bentley says:

    I have 108 blocks for this month. I did 25 Christmas Village blocks, and I completed the Jelly Snowflake Quilt Along and some more leader/ender blocks. Also spent lots of time in the kitchen canning and freezing, sweet corn, peaches, applesauce, green beans, salsa, pickles. Almost out of jars, flats, and containers, so will have to spend more time in the sewing room, or basketweaving!

  4. Mary D. says:

    I have 15 for the month. I made my granddaughter the largest version of Elizabeth Hartman’s Sweater Dogs pattern. Lots of pieces, but just 15 blocks. Lots of babysitting and garden stuff to go along with it.

  5. Wendy says:

    69 for me this month. Thanks!

  6. Wanda marvel says:

    I did 24 blocks

  7. Maxine E says:

    69 blocks for me this month! I started another project in the middle of current project. The current project was getting tedious. Why is it that you get so excited to start a new project only to find that it is so boring because you are doing the same thing over and over!?

  8. Debbi says:

    I did 25 blocks for my Frolic mystery quilt and I’m very happy with that! Little worried about the next month as I’ve started a big home project. Going to work on getting Frolic to a flimsy and my leader ended tumbler project. Probably won’t be any “blocks” per say but hopefully forward progress at the minimum.

  9. Meloney Funk says:

    I have done 127 equivelant blocks this month. Many of the items I am working on are new starts, so it has taken away from my UFOs.

  10. Kerry says:

    Oh dear, epic fail this month! No new blocks, just frogged a few and remade them because I didn’t like the way some of the novelty prints were facing. But that was only six. Doesn’t count. Boohoo!

  11. Fran says:

    My total was 111 blocks. I finished 2 quilt tops and did lots of blocks of the week and BOMs. I love your checkerboard postage stamp block!

  12. Barbara B says:

    238 in July

  13. Marsha Parkhill says:

    I did the same number of blocks as you this month: 18 blocks

  14. I’ve made 29 blocks on various projects. With the heat, I’ll be making blocks slower. That’s the turtle in me -hehe.

  15. Marcia in TX says:

    None for me this month.

  16. Sally H says:

    Only 52 blocks for the month – the remaining 24 Twirla blocks, 17 picnic (rows) and 11 checkerboard (rows).

  17. July’s total is 44 blocks for me. Looking forward to the BOM reveal next week.

  18. Sharon Gratz says:

    25 blocks for me in July. As long as my total keeps up and in range, I’m good with that. No stress, no guilt. 🙂

  19. Cathy Wight says:

    Didn’t feel safe to go to the retreat this month…but did my own private one. 96 blocks! Yay!!😄

  20. Rose Marie Smith says:

    Whew……..I just slid over the goal. I finished 32 blocks this month. (actually 19 of them were whole table runners and they all have their bindings on also. They were made for a purpose. Woo-hoo!!

  21. Pam Desilets says:

    I finished 124 blocks
    And got two quilt quilted still gave two
    Have two to go. The live in Massachusetts
    And it has been in the 90’s for most of the month.
    How has the weather been where you are?

  22. Linda Knight says:

    Only 4 blocks for me but one of them was a one block baby quilt. The others were borders on another quilt top. I also made 19 more face masks for nurses and quilted and bound 2 small quilts for donation.

  23. Angela says:

    I completed eight pieced blocks and two appliquéd blocks in July. I’m hoping to do much better in August on completing more blocks

  24. KT says:

    I made 35 blocks in July on a couple of different projects. Did make a baby quilt using Elizabeth Hartman’s Llama pattern, but that is just one giant block. I also made a bunch of masks for my kids who will be heading back to college next month.

  25. Julie M. says:

    For July I had 91. I completed the Strawberry Social Quilt and made two Jelly Snowflake Quilt along quilts. Between staying at home and the heat outside I got more done than I realized. Even with that my stash doesn’t seem to be going down.

  26. PAULA M says:

    Can hardly believe this, I have only 6 blocks….really where did the month go…31 days no less!?! I walked away from cutting and sewing, and have spent the bulk of my time sorting and tossing…really trying to keep this desk cleared off…most days I succeed!

  27. Stephanie says:

    I had a very blocky month in July.
    Attended two 4 day retreats with small groups where I sewed like the wind! Our state in Australia closed its border early, and is still almost free of Covid, so we are allowed to gather (with precuations).
    Final total was 160 blocks, 9 different types which got assembled into 9 quilt tops. Now I am trying not to think about all that quilting to do.

  28. Diane says:

    My July block total is 115! Most were from the 100days100block challenge – I am doing 2 sets. Then there are some nice quick Mountains Majesty blocks, and a couple of Star Kissed blocks. I’m feeling pretty good about this as it added up to more than I expected.

  29. Amanda M. says:

    I can’t believe that I am the June winner; thank you so much for hosting this to motivate all of us!!! This month was busy outside again but I figured out if I have blocks cut out and next to the sewing machine which is within arm reach of my recliner I will sew during the super long commercials after dark. By employing that trick I made 77 blocks for 7 different projects. I have a few tops needing quilting attention from me but I am drawing blanks on how to quilt them. I hope August will be as productive or even better. I need to bind two and I know I will feel even more productive.

  30. Janet D says:

    I finished 20 blocks this month. If the heatwave continues it’ll make me sit in front of the AC to sew and maybe get lots done.

  31. Betty K says:

    I made 31 crumb blocks for July. I do enjoy making them and they do use up scraps.

  32. Ginabeth says:

    I only had 5 blocks for July. Quilted a quilt and working on binding on two quilts.

  33. Randy Menninghaus says:

    31, I focused on an over all average of the days of the month. Most of the month was assembling tops, creating backs, making bindings. I did find a stack and whack project loose aka lost in the stash that had 6 finished blocks and a pinned block of the fabric. So my plan is to add a white row and appliqué to gray back lol… I let my self start a 1.5 inch quilt as you go log cabin making 15 inch blocks and using my scraps. I whipped up some quilt bonnie hunter leader ender blocks and ended up with 31
    tada… Now if this heat wave would go away.. We are in week 4 of high 80-low 90’s with humidity. I live in Maine!!!!!!!

  34. Randy Menninghaus says:


  35. Barb Roberts says:

    I am up to 52 blocks for July, some of those I made from the stitch and flip flying geese leftovers from the sampler quilt I’ve been working on. I may get a slow start on August because the weather is a bit too nice to spend my time in the sewing room!

  36. Paula Mu in NE OH says:

    I had 7 blocks this month. I pieced a strawberry block (mini-quilt) and 6 coffee cup blocks. Washing fabric from the basement sewer back-up and going through bags of stuff has kept me busy. Just a tip – do not store baby books in the second drawer of a four drawer file cabinet.

  37. Debi F says:

    I have 3 quilts that need the binding put on, but it’s my least favorite part of quilt making. But I did manage to squeeze out 72 blocks this month!

  38. Angela Neese says:

    After reading all these comments, I feel like a real slacker…. but I finally got back to making quilts. Finished 10 blocks

  39. Suelynn Williams says:

    I put together all the units I’d been making for the past several months, resulting in 18 finished blocks. I also made 35 blocks for other projects I’m working on, giving me a total of 53 blocks in July!

  40. Sherry V says:

    I got 18 blocks done.

    Twelve were for a sew a long, three were for another sew a long, two were scrap users and the last one was a pattern test.

    I have been busy cutting my scraps into usable pieces so I could have another big month further down the road.

    Thank you for hosting this.

  41. Joan P says:

    46 blocks done and one baby quilt top finished. Started Butterfly Threads “Home Alone” quilt top–it’s a wonderful scrap eater that goes fast, using three sizes of log cabin blocks. It is great to see the progress you are making on your postage stamp blocks. Fun to see all those tiny pieces put together!

  42. Ginny says:

    75 blocks for me. this included 2 quilts from start , one is at quilter and one is just a top at this time, ready for layering and quilting. Bound another and it is gifted. I need to get to quilting some small table pieces that are to be gifts.
    Harold has done so well with his hip replacement that I have done very little to help him!

  43. sharong says:


    I have a big fat 0 (ZERO) blocks for this month.
    I made a bunch of littles– zipper bags, see through project pouches and scrunchies from vintage kimono and sari scraps but no quilt blocks,

  44. Elle says:

    66 blocks for me this month. I haven’t sewn anything quilty since July 12.

    Time to get BUSY! 🙂

  45. Clara Chandler says:

    Blocks for July = 13. Gardening was a primary task for the month. I finished piecing the top of my LQS mystery quilt and it is off to the longarm quilter. The big news–a new sewing space is being created and I’ll be able to handle bigger projects.

  46. Peggy says:

    I managed to catch up on Pat Sloan’s Out West BOM, making 3 blocks! Yup! That’s all the blocks I made for July. I did make several masks to give away, tho. And I have been organizing and putting away fabric, quilt flimsies, pieces, patterns, notions, and stuff in general.
    Also been doing some much needed dusting. Still working on the yard, a seemingly never gonna catch up job!

  47. Karen E. says:

    I got 178 blocks done in July for a YTD total of 1216.

  48. Beverly V. says:

    I can count one this month for the baby quilt. Better than zero. I have the sewing room supply room, where I do my cutting, is clean. All tops are cleaned off and all material put away. No more piles. This is after getting more material donated to me in July. I also got a lot of scraps cut, so I can start another scrappy quilt this month. I hope this means making quilt blocks this month,

  49. mimisdarlins says:

    51 blocks for me this month! Not a ton, but better than the past couple of months. I’ve been pulling out old projects and for a few I’ve actually finished all the blocks now. I can relate, Shelly, some of my projects actually had all the blocks finished but others still had a lot to do. Looking forward to seeing your new BOM!

  50. Marlene says:

    20 for July. Lots of gift making that required sewing but not block making. I suspect this month will be better. I have two QOV tops that need to be pieced and sent and catch up on a BOW.

  51. Shirley Guier says:

    28 total. 24 in Tinkering and 4 in arrow rock bom.

  52. Debra Freese says:

    I’ve made 57 blocks in July.
    21 for the “Jelly Snowflake” QAL that I am hand quilting with big stitch and #12 perle cotton.
    A dozen red/green log cabin blocks for the Holiday stitch-a-long hosted by Moda & Susan Ache.
    The remaining are an assortment of positivity blocks, sanctuary blocks and throwing in a few snowball blocks from the scrap bin.

  53. Debra Freese says:

    57 for me.

  54. Deana says:

    I am slow reporting as usual. In July I made 123 blocks! Wowzer! My year to date total is 245. I am catching up.

    Deana J

  55. Marilyn Holder says:

    Total for July is 25 blocks. Sew together and make a back, mostly from leftover chunks from the front, and then quilt. I have two quilt tops waiting for backs and quilting…probably no blocks for August. We will see.

  56. Judy Sovereign says:

    Am late this month. Only made 6 blocks but did get two quilts to flimsy and quilted. Still working on the binding. Hope to get more done this month but will be busy with family as will have some vacation time.

  57. Dianne says:

    Forgot to report this month! Got 110 blocks done, but I did get two others FINISHED!

  58. denniele says:

    33 blocks this month! How can I feel so busy with these numbers! LOL

  59. Cheryl says:

    I did 96 blocks in July.

  60. Pam Martin says:

    60 blocks for July

  61. 137 more blocks for me this month! Having Blog Hops to participate in helps me keep busy! 😉

  62. Susan Nixon says:

    25 more in July, total 171 blocks. Your scrappy blocks are so colorful!

  63. Joy Dabney says:

    Only 10 blocks made for July.

  64. Shirley B says:

    I didn’t get any blocks made, zero,for the month. Maybe i’ll get more done in August .

  65. Raewyn says:

    I’ve added mine up twice and I still get the same result – One block for July – it is an applique block so did take me a while. Better luck during August I hope!!

  66. Michele says:

    *very* late report but I had 52 blocks in July.
    Hopefully my August report will be more timely 🙂

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