July 350 Blocks Report

Posted on July 31, 2015 by prairiemoonquilts in 350 Blocks Project

Were you too busy with summer to make as many blocks this month?

I actually did some better because I went to a retreat, and sewed like the wind.

I got 42 done to add to my total for this month.

One of them was this block, which is Block 6 of the Hazel’s Diary quilt, done in earth tones. It will be given to my sister for something she’s working on.


The other 41, I will show you in about a week, when I’ve had time to take good pictures of the projects they went into, so stay tuned for that. Here’s a teaser: It’s something you’ll wanna get in on, and you can, quite easily!

So how did you do? Did you manage 30 more blocks?

Or are you so far ahead of the game that you can slack for a month or two and still be all right?

It’s time to report in your totals, and let us all know how you did. As always, double-check me and make sure I have your numbers correct.

I’ve got the Project page all updated for August’s goal — we’re making yet another 30 blocks for a yearly total of 230.

The June prize winner is Terri G. She has a total of 161 blocks so far this year — woohoo!

I’ve had a couple of participants send in pictures of what they’ve been working on. Sue H. sent in a photo of her AmpersAnd quilt made from wildlife prints — a great guy quilt!


And Mary D. sent this picture of the most darling quilt she made for her granddaughter. Parts of this quilt are from a pattern by Lori Holt of Bee In My Bonnet. It’s such a sweet quilt!


I know August is always a busy month: State Fair, local fairs, back-to-school, still garden to tend to, last-minute vacations before it’s too late, etc. Whatever you’re doing, have fun, be safe, and try to fit in a little stitching time when you can!

36 responses to “July 350 Blocks Report”

  1. It’s nice to see others block making efforts. You have me intrigued about those other 41, Shelly. Congrats on your blocks. Put me down for another 28 for the month of July.

  2. Maxine says:

    only 24 blocks done this month. I had “little” projects to complete.

  3. Terri Gross says:

    I have 26 blocks for July.

  4. martha says:

    I managed 41.
    I love the block you pictured!

  5. Sandy Weber says:

    27 house blocks, 16 farm girl, 14 lil joys. Will have to count Tula Pink next month. 57 total

  6. KT says:

    Looking forward to seeing your other 41!! I got 48 done this month.

  7. Carol Smith says:


  8. Bec says:

    DH had back surgery mid July, I was home with son and his wife. We all sewed in the evening! DH is doing very well with recovery, son, his wife and I are still sewing in the evening!!

    156 blocks for me this month of July! I bear sons goal!

  9. Cynthia says:

    For me I managed 40 blocks this month. I wonder how much I will get done in August.

  10. Betty K says:

    I managed 48 blocks this month. I am moving toward the end of the month. Hopefully I will get some done the first 2 weeks. Then September will most likely be a bust trying to unpack and get the house together.

  11. Cathy S says:

    I am back finally after 4 months of not posting, you can check out my blog and see what I have been doing. I only completed 43 blocks for all 4 months. Total of 152 blocks for the year. I know I need to step it up and I will.

  12. Sue Hook says:

    115 blocks for me

  13. Deanna says:

    I got 50 for a total of 266. It was a good month of finishes, wrapping up five long-term UFO’s. YAY! Thanks for the encouragement.

  14. Meloney says:

    I did 52 blocks this month and 628 for the year.

  15. Rose Marie says:

    I made a total of 10 blocks. Not bad when you consider that I moved to town, unpacked, and kept up with work, too.

  16. Janet V says:

    Not very productive this month but I did get 115 blocks done

  17. Well, I’m happy to report 35 blocks for July! I do have lots of priority projects, but some have been just for fun. This challenge has definitely motivated me to work a bit harder to sew more blocks. Your block is beautiful, and Sue and Mary’s projects are both wonderful, too!

  18. Susan says:

    Great quilts! Congratulations on making a lot of blocks for the month. My total is 60 for July. Could you add my blog link to my name on the totals page? Thanks!

  19. Janet Smith says:

    I outdid myself Shelly, I had 103 for July. Finishing stuff this month, so I probably won’t have many blocks.

  20. Heather J says:

    I made a quilt top using the Urban Pods pattern which accounted for 96 of my 113 blocks made in the month of July! Wow, I did not think I was that productive. 🙂

  21. Ramona says:

    This month I made 74 blocks. This makes 342 blocks for my total for the year. WooHoo!!


  22. Denniele says:

    317…that includes the months I forgot to send them to you.! Love the block in your post!

  23. Julie in GA says:

    I ended up with 93 blocks for July, bringing my total to 807 for the year.

  24. Andrea O'Brien says:

    I had 30 blocks last month.

  25. Cindy says:

    I made 98 blocks in July for a ytd total of 446.

  26. Bobbi says:

    You did so well this month! Retreats always make such a difference.

    I’ve kicked it into high gear because a bunch of my friends all decided to get pregnant at once. I’m doing my best to finish four baby quilts in the next couple of months. I was able to complete 115 blocks in July for a total of 710 so far this year.


  27. Pam in KC says:

    104 blocks in July for a total of 420 for the year. The only reason these blocks (or last month’s for that matter) got done was because they were simple blocks requiring little thought. Now that this year’s major yard work is done and the house is clean, perhaps I can get back into my sewing room. Here’s a link to the quilt top I got made with those blocks. http://pamela.avaraarts.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/RedDP9.jpg

  28. katie z. says:

    116 new blocks
    704 total blocks

    Where did they all come from?

  29. Linda Knight says:

    I managed 21 blocks in July. True enough they were large blocks but at least I got to be in the quilt room briefly.

  30. Barb B says:

    Aah, just too much summer happening around here.

    No progress for me for July.

    August will be a better month for sewing–it HAS TO BE!

  31. Marsha Yahl says:

    I did manage to get 54 blocks done in August, even though I had to rip 20 apart and resew the right way!!!

  32. JanetD says:

    I managed 31 blocks in July. I’m happy with that.

  33. Karen says:

    I made 82 blocks in July. I was busy finishing my flowering snowball blocks. I not have a total 396 blocks for the year. I am happy with that.

  34. Karen says:

    I made 82 blocks in July. I was busy finishing my flowering snowball blocks. I not have a total 396 blocks for the year. I am happy with that.

  35. Beverly Vendt says:

    Looking forward to getting back to quilting. Been out of town for 3 1/2 months, but did get some hand quilting done. I would like to finish the quilt I am hand quilting and I will be starting another quilt this month. I also need to get busy on my doll quilts for Christmas shoebox for inner city children.

  36. Susan says:

    Zero this month. Completed lots of other fun sewing projects though.

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