Hospital Sketches

Posted on February 14, 2019 by prairiemoonquilts in Inspiration, Quilt-Alongs & Bees

Well, I caved and started a new quilt. What’s more, I talked my sister into doing it, too! She’s my partner in crime for most of my quilting activities — how could she say no?

But when you see it, you’ll stop wondering why I gave in.

It’s a new Quilt-Along by Barbara Brackman, hosted on her Civil War Quilts blog HERE. Not only is this a very interesting blog for Civil War history, especially pertaining to quilts and textiles during that time period, but she hosts great quilt-alongs. I’ve resisted a couple in the past, but this one . . . oh, my! — it’s appliqué! It’s called “Hospital Sketches”, and there are interesting stories about Civil War hospitals that go along with each block.

I took one look at it, and riffled through my stash for the fabric right away. I found everything I need to make it right here at home in my own stash, so that’s another good reason for me to do it — it uses up some of the fabric laying around this place, right?

I bought a wonderful bundle of pinks, reds, and grays when I was in Paducah last year, and the project that I had in mind when I bought it never panned out for that particular fabric, so it was languishing in the stash. I pulled some other pieces to go with it, grabbed the neutrals left over from my last appliqué quilt, and got started.

Here’s my Block 1:

My entire quilt will be, basically, a red and cream quilt, with these other soft related colors thrown in. I’m loving it so much already.

The blocks can finish at various sizes, so I made my backgrounds a bit oversized, and once I get all the blocks done, I will decide what finished size I really want them, and trim them all down at that time. Since I didn’t have any large chunks of background fabric, mine are all pieced like large nine-patches from scraps. Once they’re trimmed down, they’ll be like uneven nine-patches, so it’ll make it even more interesting. Since I’ll also be piecing my borders from scraps, the unevenness won’t be noticeable in the end product. I didn’t want to have to buy anything for this quilt!

It is NOT too late for you to get in on this quilt-along. There’s the full-out full-size appliqué version like I’m doing, but there’s also a simplified version for those of you not so into the appliqué like I am. The blocks come out on the third Wednesday of every month, and did I mention they’re free? I’m excited to see Block 2 next week!

Check it all out HERE on Barbara’s Civil War Quilts blog.

There’s also a FaceBook group you can join, where you can see lots of different examples and color combinations and all sorts of other stuff. You can also ask questions and get help there, if you need it.

You know you wanna do this. Come on!

13 responses to “Hospital Sketches”

  1. denniele says:

    Woo hoo! Looks terrific! Love the colors.

  2. Angela says:

    Welcome to Hospital Sketches; I’m participating in this BOM too! I like to have all the block patterns in the beginning when I start a project, so I went ahead and paid the $15 to have the full-sized patterns mailed to me.
    Your first block is lovely with its romantic red and cream color scheme. Mine is a planned scrappy; like most of the quilts I make.
    I look forward to seeing your block each month and how your quilt comes together!

  3. A big fan of Barbara Brackman. I am collecting the blocks so I can make mine in the future. I look forward to seeing your blocks.

  4. Karrin Hurd says:

    Love your block, I’m participating too though I haven’t started m6 block yet. Great work! Appliqué is my favorite!

  5. Paula says:

    I started with Stars in her Crown, and felt a bit overwhelmed. I am collecting those blocks to also do in the future….this Hospital Sketches looks like something I can do with confidence…we will see! I love the look of this, always expected to do one in my future, may as well be now~

  6. Barbara A. Brackman says:

    Love it.

  7. Debbi says:

    Oh my, you are a temptress! Just came across a large grouping of pinks, browns and backgrounds in my stash last night. Would be perfect for this, maybe find some greens or do it in two colors? It would be a challenge….I sure don’t need a new start…one block a month, seems doable. I want to use my fabric and I’d like to learn applique. Serendipitous that your post coincides with the fabric being uncovered?

  8. Randy Menninghaus says:

    yikes you got Barbara replying in your comments. I love the image. Not much of a civil war fabric person but I love the look of your block…. I will wander over and have a look see….

  9. Jocelyn says:

    Wow! It’s beautiful!

  10. Angie in SoCal says:

    Argghh – another fabulous quilt, and I said I wouldn’t start another yet – ah me, how quickly things change.

  11. Oh, this is so beautiful! Love these colors on the pieced background, and I really like Barbara Brackman’s work and have a couple of her books, she’s so knowledgeable about fabrics and quilt history.

  12. Scarlett says:

    Beautiful! I wish I had time to do this one.

  13. Cindy Spearman says:

    I love your block!! Your quilt will be gorgeous!!!! I wish this was available in book form. Guess I won’t be paying along, however, I have so many others I need to work on. Can’t wait to see yours when it’s all done.

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