Handmade Holidays

Posted on November 14, 2017 by prairiemoonquilts in Inspiration

It’s always been my dream to have a lovely decorated home for the holidays, full of wonderful handmade items I’ve made, handmade gifts to give, and homemade goodies like perfectly decorated Christmas cookies, or a fabulous line-up of fresh-baked pies with perfect crusts.

In my dreams, my home is clean and warm, and smells like sugar cookies and scented candles. It’s decorated with quilts, and my cats are well-behaved darlings.

Probably not ever gonna happen for me . . .

My schedule is too crazy, my house is a mid-remodel disaster, and let’s face it, I’m so far from being a domestic goddess it’s ridiculous! And speaking of ridiculous, this is the current state of my sewing room’s cutting table:

But still, I dream . . .

And today I’m gonna share some links with you, in case you’d like to join me in my dream of making some handmade gifts or decorations for your home this year.

First up, I really wanna make one of these State pillows from this free tutorial offered up by Kelly over at My Quilt Infatuation: Home State Pillow Tutorial.

And of course, I’d wrap it in handmade gift wrap such as THIS, and tie it up with a pretty ribbon and a handmade gift tag.

I’d make up yards and yards of this ROPE, or this TWINE, and use it for wrapping packages and making garlands . . .

And I’d choose some of Purl Soho’s free patterns to knit up some warm cuddly scarves and blankets.

I could also whip up a few quick quilts, like this one from Allison at Cluck Cluck Sew: Indigo Triangles Baby Quilt.

Ideally, I’d have my living room remodel finished so we could sit in front of our fireplace with our stockings hung, but that won’t happen either — at least not this year. And you’ll know when it does, cos I’ll be shouting it from the rooftops! I’m so ready to have all this mess done with!

Speaking of stockings, I’ll be back tomorrow to show you this year’s annual Prairie Moon Ranch Cowboy Christmas Stocking pattern, and meanwhile, all the others are still available in my Etsy Shop. Here’s what the 2015 stocking (called Kate) looks like:

And here’s the 2016 stocking, called Colby:

Seven of the stocking patterns are available in the PDF version for $3.75 each, which is a bargain — the Kate & Colby pattern is available in PDF format for $6.50 and includes both of these stocking patterns together.

And if you’d like to make a new Christmas tree skirt for your tree this year, my Liberty Stars pattern is great for that, and makes a beautiful tree skirt . . . or round table topper . . . or you can use the same pattern to make Christmas buntings, either for your front porch, or an indoor railing. Here’s a tree skirt I made out of French General fabric using the Liberty Stars pattern:

The Liberty Stars pattern is available in my Etsy Shop as well, and it’s on sale for 20% off from now until the end of the year, no coupon code needed.

So . . . are you dreaming of a handmade holiday season, too?

5 responses to “Handmade Holidays”

  1. Chrysanthemum says:

    In a perfect world, all dreams come true…. Love it! we live in the real world and we are dreamers and do what we can, how we can, when we can… keep calm and dream on!!!!!

  2. Rose Marie says:

    I dream also. I do like to decorate my house for each season and Christmas gets a little special stuff. But I don’t do it really big like I used to do it. Apartment living and old age are getting to me. But thanks to you, I still have a few things done in Christmas colors that I will be getting out soon. Keep on dreaming. You help the rest of us so much!!!

  3. randy says:

    It’s beginning to look a lot like christmas!!!

  4. katie z. says:

    I still need to make Kate. Maybe that will be a good new handwork project for me!

  5. I challenged myself one year ago to complete one Christmas item per month. I did real good until May and it went downhill from there. I’m going to repeat the challenge for 2018 and it would be fun to see if some of the rest of you will do the same and then post photos.

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