Grandma’s Lone Star

Posted on August 5, 2015 by prairiemoonquilts in Longarm Quilting

I have a very, very dear friend named Brandon. One of the reasons we’re such good friends is because we share the same sense of humor!

We used to work together, and occasionally, he’d see me working on a quilt over my lunch hour. And he’d name it for me. The name always began with “Grandma’s” — “Grandma’s Flower Garden”, “Grandma’s Baskets”, “Grandma’s Stars”, etc. So funny — we got many good laughs out of it!

Brandon’s Grandma Bonelle is a quilter, and a while back, Brandon’s mother, Shirley, called and asked if I would quilt a quilt for Bonelle. Why, of course I would!

The quilt is a king-sized Lone Star quilt, and is the last quilt Bonelle pieced before moving into the nursing home. She pieced it in burgundy and dark green, planning to use it around the holidays as a Christmas quilt. Bonelle is 98 years old.

When Shirley took it back to her, she said Bonelle put it on her bed and hosted Show & Tell in her room!


She was overheard telling someone: “I’m almost 100 and I’ve never seen anything like this stitching.” Isn’t she adorable?

I only managed one shot of the quilt while it was in my possession. It’s a close-up of one corner of the background. I opted for a continuous background design that the star could float on, rather than the traditional feather wreaths for those areas.


I quilted the borders pretty simply because the outer border was an overhang, and the inner border’s busy fabric didn’t show the quilting anyway. I’m soo so glad that Bonelle likes it!

And I don’t know what she’s calling it, but I’ve named it “Grandma’s Lone Star”! I’m sure Brandon will approve.

14 responses to “Grandma’s Lone Star”

  1. Barbara says:

    Neat story!

  2. Barb B says:

    That’s so cool, Shelly. Glad you were able to do this for them. It’s beautiful!! Yes, Brandon would approve!

  3. Paula says:

    How sweet….she looks so proud of it. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Janet Smith says:

    I like the story. And of course the quilting is beautiful, as always.

  5. Rose Marie says:

    I agree with Grandma Bonelle. We’ve never seen stitching like this!! Good job.

  6. Patricia Hotz says:


  7. Virginia Smith says:

    Special Quilt for special people quilted by a very feeling quilter!

  8. Cindy says:

    What a wonderful story. Love the way you quilted it

  9. Susan says:

    I love that idea of the frame quilting. It’s so pretty. I’m curious what you did in the star itself.

  10. Bonelle looks for 98. What a sweetheart and what a sweetheart were you to quilt that for her. Gorgeous quilting, Shelly.

  11. Why can’t a proofread before that finger hits send??
    Bonelle looks fabulous for 98.

  12. Marsha Yahl says:

    I am going to see Bonelle this afternoon, so I am sure I will get to admire the quilt. You always do a wonderful job of quilting, Shelly!

  13. Kathleen Fraser says:

    Wow. Nice work. What a sweet little lady.

  14. I love this post, it’s wonderful to see this lovely lady still making quilts. I’m sure she’ll always appreciate your beautiful quilting on her last project.

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