February 350 Blocks Report

Posted on February 28, 2014 by prairiemoonquilts in 350 Blocks Project

So how’s it going?

Several of you are already months ahead of the game. No problems with February’s meager goal, huh?

Even I am doing better than I expected. I made 62 more blocks this month! And . . . I’m going to my Scrapbuster’s Club meeting tonight, where I expect to make some more, but I’ll just count those toward next month’s total, since I’m posting now.

Furthermore, I forgot to take pictures of most of them, and some of them I can’t show you yet, but 2 of them were for a Quilt of Valor that our guild is making as a group, and 30 of them were for this quilt that I posted about on Monday. If you didn’t see it, you can check it out and get the free pattern for it HERE.Rollinfolded

Now it’s your turn . . .

How did you do? It’s time to report your totals, and let us all know how you did. Comment here, or contact me with your totals. And if you have a link to a post of your own, don’t forget to include it, so we can all go look at what you’re working on. I’ll get the page updated as you send me the info. We have 60 participants so far this year!!! And if you haven’t joined in yet, it’s not too late. There is a prize winner every month, and you’ll still be eligible for the grand prizes at the end of the year, so don’t be shy — jump on in!

Remember, don’t compare yourself to the others — this is not a race! I just think it’s fun to see how many blocks we can make, and a lot of the time, counting them makes you realize that you do more than you think you do — getting to 350 isn’t so difficult, right?

The March goal is posted on the Project page. I’m adding 30 more blocks for March, for a yearly total of 80. Lots of you are already past that, so you can just cruise. Me, I’m storing up in case I have a dry spell later on down the road! I’ll draw for a February prize winner in a week or so, after you’ve all had time to report in.

Happy stitching!


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  1. Linda says:

    By cramming the last two days I have finished 28 blocks for February. I got all the blocks done for my Civil War quilt and all the blocks for a quilt for a new great grand baby due in June plus an extra for both. Now I learned that I will have a 6th great grand baby in October which calls for another quilt. Also, I love the look of your Rollin Along quilt. I will download the pattern if I haven’t already.

  2. Susand says:

    20 blocks for February. Meager, yes, but it will help at the end. =)

  3. Rose Marie says:

    I have 61 blocks to report. Edina raffle quilt and one table runner. More raffle quilt blocks to make next month!! Squaring along!!!!

  4. Andrea O'Brien says:

    I made 60 blocks this month. One quilt top was for my aunt, with some fabric strips from my uncle’s shirts (he passed away last August). The other is for a quilt top that I am making from some of the leftover fabric that I used in one of my best friend’s cancer courage quilt, that I gave to her last October shortly before she had to re-start chemo (her second bout with breast cancer). Sadly, my friend passed away 9 days ago, but she knew how loved she was by those around her. She also told me many times how the quilt I gave her was the most meaningful things anybody had ever done for her, and how comforted she was by it whenever she used it.

    These two projects have been truly labors of love and are putting a whole new meaning to the term “quiltherapy”.

  5. Sue Hook says:

    I made 33 blocks this month. Quilted a quilt for my aunt, completed my top from block of the month last year and also my completed an Activity Quilt for my great nieces.

  6. Nanette S. says:

    Happy End of February! I have completed 58 new blocks! I am having so much fun keeping count of my finished blocks. Thanks for the motivation!

  7. KT says:

    Only 25 blocks done this month–next month should be better (I hope!)

  8. Celine says:

    I completed 25 blocks this month, 5 short of the target I am afraid.. Let’s hope the 3 extra days in March will help me meet it. My blog post is here: http://espritpatch.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/more-blocks-this-week.html

  9. Susan says:

    I have completed 46 blocks this month. 36 Farmer’s Wife and 10 four patch to help my daughter with her quilt.

  10. Shar says:

    This is my first try at doing a blog post for my block count. I hope that this worked. I did get 1 quilt put together for all the blocks I did last month. I’m working on the other quilt. So here is the blog post let me know if it works http://stitchedwithfriends.blogspot.com/2014/02/block-collection.html

  11. Bobbi says:

    I’ve only done 2 blocks so far this year. Last month, I pieced together a backing for one quilt. I’m counting that as a block because I used so many different fabrics. And this month I made a jelly roll race quilt. I’m counting that top as a single block since it’s one big thing.

    On the plus side, the jelly roll race quilt is completely finished, and the other one is about 2/3 quilted. So I’m making good progress, even if I’m not making any blocks.


  12. Kathy says:

    Ok here it is for February’s count. I have been VERY busy. I finished 1 twin quilt for a friend who is ill. She needs a new kidney and is always cold. It has 47 small blocks 4 1/2 “. And by nights end I will have finished a queen quilt for an auction at my church for next week ( Friday ). It contains 64 squares. So that is my total for the month of February. 47+64=111 PHEW! I am now going to do a mystery quilt in March. Don’t know how many blocks or how big the quilt will be but I’m all in. Gosh I love quilting..

  13. Here are my numbers for February:
    Bowties 68
    LeMoyne Stars 9
    Hexies 2
    Tell It to the Stars 2

    My total for the month was 81 blocks.

  14. Cindy in ND says:

    Hi, I’m new to your group. I did 557 blocks this month if I’m doing this right. Most of them were for the Star Light Star Bright Quilt Along with Happy Quilting Melissa. 305 were HST’s, 72 flying geese, then I quit writing down what the blocks were for. You can go look at my flikr page, CindyD1959. Tell me if I’m doing this wrong. The quilt along blocks are 20″ big, and I’ll have 9 when I’m done.

  15. Jane B says:

    Wow reading through the comments I am impressed by how much everyone is getting done. I finished a total of 31 blocks for February. Nine were scrappy hearts for the 15 Minutes of Play Block challenge and the rest were a mix of Celtic Solstice and my Star Struck QOV projects. I feel great when I can get 2 blocks done in a night after work. I will try to start posting my progress on my flikr page: janequiltsslowly.

  16. Bari says:

    I posted my totals on my blog yesterday, but forgot to link it up here. I made a total of 66 blocks for February. You can read about them and see them here – http://wp.me/prxfA-1sl

    Everyone is doing so well! I am like Shelly though and am trying to get some “margin” for those months I won’t get so many done!

  17. Deanna says:

    A slow sewing month here. 12 blocks. That makes 45 for the year so far. Better than nothing, but my heart and head could sure use a little more sewing time.

  18. Karen says:

    I’m afraid I just got done two heart blocks for a Valentine’s Day card this month. I’ve been in the mood to declutter my house, so that’s what I’ve done instead. Hopefully March will see more sewing.

  19. Judy says:

    Count me in for 51 blocks. 10 Split Nine patch for my leader/ender project, 16 for a camp challenge, another 16 for camp mystery quilt and 4 for the guild opportunity quilt. I’m not sure that adds up, but that is the major ones. I hope to do some machine quilting in March, so will probably be short on blocks pieced for this month. I really enjoy keeping track of them. Thanks for the inspiration.

  20. Heather says:

    if we were counting blocks that got started, I’d have a lot more to report, but for finished, I have one block and 13 postcards for a total of 14. I should do well next month as I have a whole bunch already started. Ihave a blog post written which will be up on Tuesday.

  21. Janet Volz says:

    I completed 88 blocks in February.

  22. Cassandra says:

    I’m so pleased with myself! I completed a baby quilt top that contains 32 blocks. Woohoo!! Congrats on your awesome total this month!

  23. Katie Z. says:

    48 total for me…


  24. Lori says:

    It seems forever ago, but I made 36 blocks for Quilts of Valor, which is enough for three tops. I blogged about it here: https://lorieast.com/wordpress/2014/02/01/sew-day/

    Now. Have I set those blocks together? Uhhh, no. :/ Guess I’d better get busy!

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