February 350 Blocks Report

Posted on February 28, 2021 by prairiemoonquilts in 350 Blocks Project

Well, as I said yesterday, I have sewed my little heart out this month. Short month, but I fit as much into it as I possibly could.

We had a severe cold snap, and I found that if I kept working, kept moving, and stayed busy, I stayed warmer, and it kept my mind off it — haha!

I was also cleaning, as mentioned yesterday, and finding lots of things to work on. One quilt top I found only needed one side border added — what strange turn of events caused me to stop at that point? I can’t remember, but it’s ridiculous!

I also came across stacks of previously-made blocks that only need to be set together. Some had already had the setting started. So I have finished three more quilt tops, and am working on three more to finish setting them together.

And I made 127 blocks this month!

Sixty-one of them were for the Crown Royal Quilt. And I counted the I Heart You quilt as 5 blocks.

I made 37 9-patch blocks. Here are a few of them:

I made one guild exchange block, a signature block for our champion block maker, Christopher, two Dresden Plate blocks, and a heart block for Deanna for her daughter’s wedding quilt:

I also drug out this project because I finally came up with a plan for what I want to do with it. Also, it’s taking up THREE drawers in my rolling cart, so it’s time to get it put together and out of my way. I made 16 more blocks for it:

And while working with those tiny triangles, it spawned an entire ‘nother new project, and I made a couple test blocks for that one. I’ll show it to you once I get going good.

And I picked up where I left off a long time ago on hand piecing my Daredevils blocks. I finished Block 5:

Like I said, a busy, busy month! It feels good to have some things finished, and lots more things organized and moving along. I can only hope March is as productive!

Now to re-clean my cutting table!

How did YOU do? Did you find lots of stitching time in February?

It’s time to report in with your totals and let us know what you’re working on. I have the Project Page updated with what I know up to this point.

Our new block goal for March is 31 blocks, for a year-to-date total of 75 blocks.

Our January prize winner is Wanda, who was up to 16 blocks at the end of last month. Right on goal!

I hope you all have a wonderfully stitchy March!

82 responses to “February 350 Blocks Report”

  1. Susan Siemens says:

    I made 40 friendship star blocks for the Quilting with Love group on Facebook. I had to make 8 more blocks for the quilt I was working on In January just to get a Larger variety of colours, then 10 more for the matching baby quilt. Now I have lots of orphan blocks left over. So a total of 58 blocks this month. Lots of other sewing was done, 2 baby sleep sacks and hats, masks, a vest for my grandson, and a few headbands.

  2. Diana S says:

    You had a good month Shelly. Love your blocks. My total for the month is 41. 24 Friendship Stars for the group Susan S. mentioned. 12 for the Sunshine groups block lotto. And 5 mug rugs using quilt blocks. Am happy with my total, especially we were 2 of the many Texans without power. At least ours was only off for 40 hours! But we did have water and hot water at that plus I was able to cook meals. Just could not sew!!!

  3. dianne says:

    I did 88 this month….but I have 10 quilts going now…..(said I wasn’t going to do that again!…). Doing the Schoolgirl Sampler BOW so was 30 of them! No cleaning.

  4. I managed to crank out 7 blocks for a string quilt.

  5. Barbara B says:

    252 blocks completed in Feb.

  6. PAULA M MORGAN says:

    With all the downsizing and re-organization, I really am surprised to report 53 blocks for Back the Blue flag. I will count the improve block and bargello blocks next month when I am either finished or further along…

  7. denniele says:

    You had an awesome month! I only finished 7 blocks that I can share. Still finishing up that 2020 Temperature Quilt and that will save me! HAHA!

  8. Crystal F says:

    Completed 28 blocks….all while homeschooling my grandson!

  9. Marlene Clausen says:

    63 blocks for February. Why do some projects just take up so much space? Hunting for a piece of fabric I needed for some borders, it occurred to me I have three projects in my project shelves that are taking up way too much space. They are really simple ones, too. Decided to make them my next, new quilts. Will not only give me some needed space; but, will put a large pile of available fabric back into inventory.

  10. Karen E. says:

    Congrats, Shelly, on so much progress during g the shortest month!

    I’m working on two very different paper-pieced quilts at the same time. One of them has such tiny blocks that progress is very slow, and I completed 91 blocks this month. I’ll finish the 8th and last block of My Kinda Town today, but then there’s the puzzle of putting irregular blocks into a quilt top. I’m afraid that may be the hardest part. Stay tuned!

  11. I had a very productive month with 98 blocks completed. It has been a good month for sewing.

  12. Debra Freese says:

    77 blocks for February.
    63 for the Limerick quilt. #theirishchainsewcial
    And 14 sections for the Hope’s Journey quilt.
    Both are finished tops and I’ll quilt them when my longarm is free.

  13. Fran says:

    Only made 86 blocks this month.

  14. Randy Menninghaus says:

    63 for me …. ( I saw Marlene had 63 as well) A good month for me as I was trying to get tops done.

  15. Suelynn Williams says:

    So impressed with your successes! I made 75 – wow for me! I’m also keeping my cutting table clear except for the current project and putting tools away after each completed step. I’m finding more of the floor throughout the house a little pile at a time! Thank you for the good ideas.

  16. Wow that’s impressive! I only made 29 this month, 51 so far this year…

  17. Linda Knight says:

    This has been a good month at the sewing machine for me, although not all of it was quilting. I made 19 masks, shortened 3 pairs of slacks for my granddaughter, quilted 4 throw quilts and bound 3 of them and made 134 blocks using up scraps that were cut into strips. That’s what you can do when you can’t get out of the house because of snow.

  18. Cathy Wight says:

    Good thing January was a good month for me as I neglected to write anything down. And remembered I spent time cutting out projects and making backs and binding. So can only claim 6 blocks for February.

  19. I’ve finished one UFO, so no block construction there, just assembling a pillow. But between the Feb Color Block quilt top, the SAHRR project, and the String Tulip QAL, I made 40 blocks this past month. I’m surprised!

  20. Kathi B says:

    I only managed to complete 7 blocks in February. Was trying to get all our stuff together for our accountant. Hopefully, March will be better.

  21. Maxine E says:

    22 blocks for me this month. I can’t wait to see what you do with the hst’s. The project I am working on has a lot of hst’s. I have been sewing them into dutch pinwheel blocks. But I like the 4 patch of hst’s a lot. Maybe I can combine the two into one quilt. I have A LOT of them from different projects.

  22. Becky Cogan says:

    It sounds like everyone has been very productive. I made 3 quilts for Renee totaling 85 blocks and 20 more blocks for a total of 105. You know when you’re auditioning fabrics it’s hard to have a clean cutting table.

  23. Julie M. says:

    I had a productive month with a couple of quilting days with my sister. Ended up with 101 blocks and found a sandwiched quilt I was able to complete for charity. Slow steady progress.

  24. Christi Bentley says:

    You had a good month! I finished 53 blocks…….I finished my Morewood Mystery and my Snowflake quilts. I also made several leaf blocks for a new project.

  25. KT says:

    I managed 32 blocks in February–a couple of snow days plus February break gave me more time to sew!

  26. Angela says:

    Wowza, I wasn’t anywhere near as productive as you were this month!
    I made 67 storm at sea blocks this month.
    Once again I missed a month of reporting my blocks … in January I completed 27 churn dash blocks.
    Hoping for an early Spring and no more snow. I’m itching to get my hands in the dirt and plant some perennials; I have ten lilac bushes waiting to be planted.

  27. You made SEW MANY BLOCKS this month! I love them all but the Daredevil block is my absolute favorite. I have not seen that pattern before.

    I finished 30 blocks in February. My running YTD total is 49. I did machine quilt and bind two tops this month though, so it is ok that my block making was not so high.

    Thanks for this fun challenge! dq at http://http://dreamworthyquilts.blogspot.com/2021/02/350-blocks-challenge.html

  28. Sorry, I am listed as Deana on your name list. I should have mentioned that in my previous comment. Instead of dq from dreamworthyquilts.blogspot.com.


  29. Stephanie says:

    Wow, that’s a lot of HSTs!
    I made 24 Heartstring blocks, 20 Happy Stars, 22 animal center Plus blocks for the Stay Home Round Robin, and made 14 rows of scrappy houses. Total of 80
    Our area had a snap lockdown, so I stayed in and sewed.

  30. Amanda M. says:

    I created 110 blocks for 6 projects out of 14 sewing days. I also quilted and bound 2 quilts. I’m glad that the excess length of cold is over but I last sewed over a week ago. I’ve been working on getting stuff ready to quilt however. I got the chain saw out today and created a lot of brush that I’m procrastinating on cleaning up so maybe tomorrow I’ll be motivated to start sewing for March.

  31. Louise R. says:

    I found more sewing time this month than I thought I would and was able to finish 141 blocks.

  32. Sandi says:

    I did 10 blocks as I was mostly webbing blocks together and made a few quilt tops.

  33. Tonia says:

    27 blocks for assorted projects–was hoping for larger numbers–but I was happy to get 1 UFO quilted and bound. And 6 table mats done start to finish. I am working on quilting at home and it is a very slow process–but it is progressing. On to March!!!!

  34. Ceil P. says:

    I’m still working on charity quilts for my guild’s charity month. I made a total of 84 blocks; 82 for charity quilts and 2 for a different guild project. I made 5 charity quilt tops, have 2 of those quilts completely done and am in the process of sandwiching the other 3, as well as 2 others that I picked up as kits with the tops already finished by another quilter. That means 5 quilts to machine quilt, hopefully before March is over!

  35. Wendy says:

    74 for me. I like those Daredevil blocks!

  36. Marsha Parkhill says:

    17 blocks for me along with quilting some tops. You did good this month!

  37. Wanda says:

    20 blocks

  38. Pamela Avara says:

    Wow. I thought I had a list to get through. You were definitely busy. I made 58 blocks between finishing the wedding top, block for 2 different BOM, my Easy Breezy blocks and yet another test quilt for the quilting the wedding quilt. I think that’s everything.

  39. SHARON GRATZ says:

    It’s been a slow year for me, but I did manage to get 20 blocks made in Feb. 🙂

  40. Kerry says:

    Oh gosh people have been sew busy! *hangs head and wiggles toe in the dirt. Well done to all! I need to treadle!

  41. Shirley Guier says:

    I finished blocks for a quilt started a couple of years ago. That was 16 blocks. I got some done on another quilt but I won’t count them until I’m finished.

  42. Mary D. says:

    I had 114 for the month! I put together the blocks for two different Bonnie Hunter mysteries, made the Snowflake quilt Sew Sweet had going, and some potholders.

  43. Joan says:

    117 blocks made for five in progress quilts. One of them was a new project using two inch square scraps. No tops finished, but lots of scraps used and fabric more organized!

    I too enjoy hand pieceing. Seems complicated blocks go together faster! Will be fun to see that quilt of yours come together.

  44. Darlene Y says:

    Wow 88 blocks this month between several projects! sand castle quilt, 30 something quilt and churn dash blocks as leaders & Enders. I also made a small fabric basket. Several snow days helped get some sewing time in. I will say I did very little organizing my sewing room is not quite as tidy as the beginning of Feb.

  45. Clara says:

    Happy March to all!!
    37 blocks for my progress report. I’ve been using the Leader and Ender method which has been very helpful in my total. A focus this month has been a project with very small (1 1/2″) pieces–slow stitching. The binding of a quilt was completed and the quilt gifted. A great feeling!!
    The little 9 patches gave me another idea for a L/E project.

  46. Judy Sovereign says:

    Feb was a much better month. Got 46 blocks done. Several quilted for guild and lots of epp done. Training the new quilt police and she has sit and shake and fetch down pat.

  47. Coralie Wallace says:

    Three blocks completed in February. There are several almost finished, but not completely pieced, and some applique borders which are still in the works. Maybe will have them done in March. Stay safe.

  48. Karen says:

    Wow, you always amaze me at how much you can get done in a month! Way to go! I just got 5 blocks done but I’ve being doing lots of sorting and purging of things, and not just sewing related. So it feels great. Hopefully next month will be more productive.

  49. Marilyn Holder says:

    Total blocks for February: 38. I am on a roll!

  50. Susan says:

    What fun projects! I hope one of my hearts is next to yours in the final quilt. =) That’s a lot of blocks, congratulations! I counted my red heart quilt as 4 blocks. 28 blocks for February. Lots of part blocks! =)

  51. Bev Hovis says:

    Took a February break!
    Only 6 blocks but two were 10+ inch applique.. one a heron.

  52. Rose Marie Smith says:

    I added up what I managed to write on the February list and came up with 176. However, I am taking old leftovers and trying like mad to make them into something that can be put together. I know I didn’t get everything I sewed together counted. But who cares?
    What I really want is to have way less leftovers. Mathematically, though, I think this is impossible. The more you cut out new projects, sew together community service projects, cut out strips and squares, and then look at it all, there is even more leftovers. This is not like cooking and eating. Some leftovers will disappear in that! LOL

  53. Karrin Hurd says:

    Congratulations on your total! I did a little better this month with 32 blocks!

  54. mimisdarlins says:

    Congrats on getting so many blocks made! I love what you’re working on, particularly your hand pieced Daredevils block. The fabrics are great and look so beautifully warm and vintage.
    I managed 33 blocks for February, was hoping for more, but I’ll work toward a bigger total next month.

  55. Sally H says:

    88 blocks for the month, not counting the seams ripped out & re-sewn!

  56. Deanna says:

    February was another pretty good month: 68 blocks. I don’t expect to keep this pace up, but for now it is a lot of fun to see the numbers add up.

  57. Paula Hedges says:

    Hi, Shelly. Only 16 for me this month. I should have had 20 more to add, but chain piecing left me with 3 sides more to put on each block when it was time to call it a day yesterday. But, I’ll be ahead when March count comes up. Working on a t-shirt quilt for a client. I love the shirts this young lady chose as they tell so much about her!

  58. Paula Mu says:

    I had 67 blocks this month. I made a couple blocks for lots of projects.

  59. Julie in GA says:

    Congrats to you on a very productive month!
    I made blocks for 10 different projects in February, plus added borders to one quilt top, made five quilt backs, and finished the quilting and binding on one other quilt. My total for the month was 104.

  60. Kathy P says:

    I managed to complete 21 blocks for February. I’m off to a slow start this year. I cut out 7 blocks and hope to get them completed this week with more to come this month.

  61. Carissa says:

    It looks like most people have been very productive this month! I’ve been sewing along with the RSC21 this year, so it’s been fun to work with a specific color each month, in addition to another project or two. I was able to sew up 63 blocks this month. I have Easter sewing in March, so I hope I can keep the momentum going!

  62. katie z. says:

    17 new blocks for me… maybe a new low? But hey, I sewed, and I’ve already made four blocks in the last two days, so maybe there’s hope for me yet!


  63. Pam Desilets says:

    I all. I only. Made 24 blocks in February, but I did get 4 quilts quilted.

  64. Barb Roberts says:

    I’m at 179 for February. 150 hourglass (counting just half of these, they are so easy), 9 pinwheels, 4 old maids puzzle and 16 Hope’s Journey blocks. Thanks, Shelly!

  65. Debbi says:

    WOW Shelly! Great work and the organizing you got done as well…very impressive!

    For me I made 16 house blocks for Color my World BOM, I’m counting 4 blocks for center medallion of Color my World BOM, it took a full day to make, I also made 4 blocks of Nebula BOM, stitched 2 blocks for Snowflake sampler BOM, and made 2 stash blocks. All caught up on BOM I committed to. Unfortunately, doing that has taken up most of my sewing time this month and I haven’t progressed on other projects.

    Total of 28 blocks.

  66. Tonia says:

    I thought I had posted but don’t see it
    27 blocks for me this month.

  67. Danice says:

    Completed 8 blocks in February. All of your projects are looking awesome!

  68. Judy S. says:

    I had 30 blocks in February. Lots of piecing, now I need to do some quilting.

  69. Sharon says:


    I am a slacker– 21 blocks for February!

  70. Christine Thomas says:

    Wow, you’ve got such a lot done! We’ve had the opposite weather here – unseasonably mild and sunny so I’ve spent quite a bit of time gardening instead of sewing. I have made 21 blocks.

  71. Raewyn says:

    Oh wow!! What a great amount of sewing and an awesome tally – and a great sense of satisfaction I bet! My tally for February was 11 blocks – 2 weeks jury service and everything else conspired against me and my need to sew!

  72. Delana says:

    Been working on quilt sleeves and labels. Attached the binding on three quilts and I am working on hand stitching it down. I made 6 blocks in February.

  73. Ginabeth says:

    You have inspired me with all the projects you have going. I made 85 blocks in February. Also finished 2 quilts. Hope to get some binding done in March.

  74. Elaine W says:

    I made 39 blocks in Feb. most were string blocks I’m making for a scrap quilt. Overall a good month as I completed another UFO. That makes 3 for this year. Not bad. Still have a few to go.

  75. You had a great month in February!
    Here’s my count:
    SAHRR 18
    PQ12.3. 1
    Pattern test 28
    Pattern test 4
    Eagle. 4
    RSC blocks 6
    Total Feb Blocks 61
    YTD Blocks:

    January 18

    February 61

    YTD Total: 79 Blocks

  76. Pam M says:

    For February I had 46 blocks. January I had 195 blocks, I don’t think I turned that in. I’ve completed 5 tops this year. They still need to be quilted. Two were UFO’s from a year or two ago.

  77. Marsha Y. says:

    WOW! You have been busy!! I did manage to get 14 blocks finished and some more near completion. I have been trying to organize this month so I can find my projects to complete!! Your organization challenges are an inspiration!

  78. Diane says:

    February block total for me is 41. And I still can’t see any of the surface of my desk.


  79. Sheila says:

    My total for February is 23, not quite a block a day. But I did almost finish quilting a top and have a second quilt ready to start quilting as soon as I finish up. So I’m happy with my progress.

  80. Beverly V says:

    Sorry so late. Once again I made zero blocks. I have to get back in swing of things. Need to clean off sewing table so I can sew whenever I get a few minutes

  81. christopher thomas says:

    Well I had more time to work on blocks this last month, we went from 40 hours to 30 hours to 25 hours at work so now I have more home time and with more home time I want to sew some more…..

    So my total for Feb is 428 blocks

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