February 350 Blocks Report

Posted on February 29, 2020 by prairiemoonquilts in 350 Blocks Project

I’m not gonna say February flew by, because for us here on the ranch, it didn’t. It seemed to drag out forever. I’m not gonna blame it on the extra day, either! Maybe it was because we’re so ready for warmer weather, but it was still cold and nasty quite a bit of the time. Maybe it was because I still have my foot in a boot.

But because it seemed like February had about 50 days . . . I sewed a LOT! One of my trackers was to machine piece 1 hour a day, and I stuck with it really well. However, I was busy finishing things up, and setting things together, so there wasn’t much actual block making. I always say that at some point after making all these blocks, they need to be set together and quilted!

One of the blocks I made was hand pieced. This is my Block 4 from the Daredevils Quilt-Along by Barbara Brackman. Eight more to go.

And I made one extra block from a past guild challenge. I ended up with 11 blocks from the challenge itself, so I made one more to give myself an easy number to set together. These will turn into a Comfort Quilt for our guild’s stash to give away. The block pattern is called Dashing, and you can find it free HERE.

I also finished some other things I’m gonna show you in a future post soon, and while all the blocks for two of these quilts were finished, I made some extra filler bits, and I’m counting them as 12 more blocks. Six of the blocks were these easy little signature blocks that finish at 3 inches square.

So my total for February is 14, not quite halfway to the goal. But I’ll catch up.

How did you do?

It’s your turn to report in and let us all know what you got done. Just leave a comment on this post, or contact me, or email me. You can check out the Project Page to see how we’re all doing so far.

The January prize winner is Maxine!

Our block goal for March is 31 blocks, for a year-to-date total of 75.

Spring may finally be on its way here, and I’m ready. I only have a few days left in my boot, and I have a lot more sewing planned. Happy stitching to us all in March!

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  1. Marianne says:

    I only got 14 done and 4 partials. I was working on forming rows, sashing and borders and I am here at Quiltfest in Hampton roads for six days so that is not bad. I got extra made last month that makes me at just about one a day 😍. March has me at the AQSLancaster show for a week and I will be putting another ufo into rows and then sashing and bordering. That is my last trip for the year and I still think I can do 350 for 2020!

  2. Diana S says:

    A productive month putting borders on quilt tops and binding the quilts. As far as making blocks, not good at all. Only 15 for the month. I have 7 small quilts going with me this week for motel sewing (bindings) but once home it’s sewing time as in making blocks. I had thought about taking my machine along this trip but decided not too. It’s easy to hand stitch bindings on at night in the motel room. Day time will be spent looking at birds. The other week we saw 8 Whooping Cranes in the fields near the bay. And Galen saw a bunch on the Whooping Crane boat tour. So it’s back to Rockport once again!

  3. Phillis Harding says:

    I managed to do 112 blocks this month and completed 2 quilt tops. It has been a busy month around here and I have 7 quilts in a pile ready to quilt. Hopefully I can get these done before company arrives at the end of the month. I did manage to get my fabric organized and flung a bunch I will never use to friends.

  4. Marcia in TX says:

    My total for February is 21. I made the Temecula heart quilt. 20 2 1/4″ finished blocks plus some plain fill in and borders. I actually quilted and bound it. After that I did the binding on a 64×80 quilt. So 1 ufo finished and 1 new one finished so it doesn’t become a ufo.

    • Paula in NE OH says:

      I made the tree at Christmas and wanted to make the heart, too, but… things got in the way. I bet is is lovely.

  5. Peggy says:

    I only managed 4 blocks for February…2 for Pat Sloan’s “Out West!” QAL, and 2 blocks for the 2020 Color Challenge BOM” with @patternsbyjen . I’ve been busy helping a friend who is to have knee replacement surgery, as well as other non-quilting activities. Shelly, you’re right…I thought February would never end. Looks like March will be a repeat for me. 🙁

  6. My February total was 36. I am happy with that, though I have heaps more to do.

  7. Tonia says:

    Total for January and February 34! I am trying to make some other projects in my sewing life–like aprons, and lunch scarves, and blouses (because I sat all winter apparently and now nothing fits well ugh) But I am working on the 2019 Countdown blocks and a GreatGrand baby hidden 9/I spy. And, like our Shelley, at some point these amazing blocks become a top and the goal to learn to quilt nicely on my home machine needs accomplished as well. Here is to a productive March—what ever goals we have!

  8. Ginny says:

    29 blocks for February. Need to catch up for January. Been make individual blocks for table pieces, mini runner & 42” Dresden; all for Granddaughters Wedding

  9. Maxine E says:

    I finished 21 blocks this month. Some were for an EPP sewalong and some were for another secret project. I also finished my first cuddle quilt which is not as fun to sew as it is soft. I think I will stick with just using cuddle fabric for backings.

  10. February was not as bad as I expected with surgery to remove cataracts. I made 42 blocks for my Vortex Quilt and 24 for my scrappy quilt. So 66 more blocks for me. I also finished a pillow cover for the Project 11.4 challenge. Otherwise I cut strips for a rag rug and worked on knitting socks when I could see.
    So happy to hear you might be rid of your boot soon and I love the hand pieced block. Thanks for the great pattern for the Dashing Block

  11. Shirley Guier says:

    I have 36 tulips and 2 log cabins for guild. That’s 38. I’ve been quilting instead of pacing and not doing a good job of that. I had 2 colds last month and that slowed me down.

  12. Angela says:

    I agree with you, this month did drag on and on. February has always been my least favorite month; which kinda bothers me because it’s my birthday month. I hate Winter and by the time February comes around I am more than ready for Spring (which is my favorite season).
    I finished hand-quilting another needleturn appliquéd quilt and then moved on to a counted cross stitch Christmas stocking for my dad.
    So … I have another big fat ZERO for my blocks completed this month. I’m hoping March will bring back my quilting mojo. 😊

  13. Marsha Parkhill says:

    41 blocks for Feb.

  14. Dortha says:

    I had 32 blocks this month. No finish but good progress.

  15. Paula M says:

    I have zero to report. I have been clearing and organizing. I did make two rice bags and prepped Kathy Schmitz Westmoreland Ave – need the help of a roofer and a door maker 😅.

  16. My February total is 135. This included several NICU tops and one twin charity.

  17. Christi Bentley says:

    I have 34 blocks this month. Finished blocks for my Vintage Farm Girl, and Winterlude quilts as well as a wall hanging from scraps from my Summertime Sampler.

  18. Fran Courson says:

    My February total was 96 blocks. I was so excited to be able to complete so many blocks, especially since two of the blocks were 100:Patch blocks.

  19. Amanda M. says:

    I made 51 blocks this month. I’m lacking motivation again this month; I should have had a baby quilt done BEFORE the baby came earlier this month but it’s still not done. I have a couple of quilts in need of trimming and binding but since it has thawed out I have been on the road too much. I hope that March is better.

  20. Angie in SoCal says:

    Put down 45 for February. I finished my two secret quilt tops. Quilted the smaller one and will show March 4th. The other I am presently quilting. I must finish a baby quilt for St. Anne’s soon.

  21. KT says:

    Just 30 blocks for me in February, and no finishes–hopefully I’ll do better in March!

  22. Raewyn says:

    Glad to hear you’ll be out of your boot soon 🙂 February sped by but also was a tough month with the heat. My tally was 53. I was pretty surprised when I tallied them all up!! Many thanks, again!

  23. Sharon Gratz says:

    Not many blocks for February…..only 5, but my Geezerman and I have had some wonderful out of state family time for almost 3 weeks……and we are not home yet. 🙂 I didn’t think he would ever agree to leave Florida during the winter time but here we are where it’s been 18 degrees at times where we are in Indiana.

  24. Kerry says:

    60 exactly, making a total of 86 completed blocks, but a fair few partial crosses to be made up and a rather a long chain of the 16 patches to be on the machine. It was another wet and windy month!

  25. Aileen Kline says:

    Oh Boy February is gone. I didn’t make any blocks. I did finish a house dress I started in November. Hemmed and ready to wear today. Pockets are a little low but that’s fine. I got tired of moving it around my sewing room. Speaking of sewing room, I added more shelves and clean up about 85% of my room. Found Shoe boxes full of blocks. About 500 + 4 patches and 9 patches, 40 string blocks, 25 Carolina crossroad blocks, 2 Shoe boxes full of HST. Some sown, some paired waiting to be sown. Another shoe box full of squares in assorted sizes. I cut up several piles of scraps from the pieces left from Christmas gifts. Made a cover for a cat bed. Lastly I made to pillows for boxes to be used as cat beds in my sewing room from 2 dog biscuit buckets of 15 year old scraps. I got a lot done but no blocks. I should have some good numbers in March now that I found so many goodies

  26. Joan says:

    141 blocks-Yahoo! Almost done with a top that used all one inch by two inch finished pieces–cut & sewn seperately. I’m starting on the smaller one-inch strips I have collected (box overflowing) making 9 patches and a courthouse steps type block to get a handle on all of those small pieces. I am making a Jack’s Chain quilt using those small 9-patches. Also finished the Indigo Blues quilt top. Was an easy one with larger pieces… Have set aside the 365 day quilt for now–but see that it is going into larger blocks (instead of the three and a half inch ones with multiple tiny pieces) so may start up again on that…

  27. Betty K says:

    I must have been out of my mind this short month of Feb. I completed 110 blocks. Besides working on cat mats, crumb blocks and BOM’s I have made 96 blocks for a couple of quilts (most 6″ blocks). I hope I don’t wake up and continue with good numbers for March.

  28. dianne says:

    I did105 , BUT I finally finished the quilting on two others that have been waiting for me. I did the Temecula sew along (finishes tomorrow) and working on a Mrs. Miller

  29. Elle says:

    I’m in for 8 blocks for February. It was mostly a month of quilting and binding and cutting. March will be a big blocks-produced month 🙂

  30. Suelynn Williams says:

    26 for me. I did some more organizing, too. Welcome March!

  31. Michele says:

    I had 62 blocks in February! a few complex blocks, and a lot of 9-patches 🙂

  32. Marlene says:

    18 . . . the only pieced blocks in a one-block, 80′ x 80″, made on Feb 1 & 2 for QOV Sew Day. It’s been just to darn COLD to work in the room where I do all my piecing and quilting. I worked in my “other” sewing room and finished up several embroidery-related UFO’s, made some new pieces. and hand quilted/embroidered on a long-running quilt project (that I hand pieced) while watching my embroidery machine run and change the thread. It was a very good month for UFO’s, not so good for making blocks. Today, I need to sew the lining and stitch a tote. The sun is shining brightly and warming up my quilting “studio” (aka dining room) and I am going to start piecing on the first of two need-to-get-done QOV tops. Then, finally!, I will start cutting and piecing my first “new” quilt of the year. My rule: finish a UFO before starting a new quilt. February definitely took care of THAT!!

  33. sharonG says:

    36 blocks this month

  34. Ginabeth says:

    I had 41 blocks in February. I have mostly quilted the last two weeks.
    I’m excited to actually finish a BOM the month after the last block! These blocks were counted as part of the 350 for 2019 and the last two in 2020. Just lack border quilting and binding. Oh, I guess this is really two months after the last block.
    Thanks for doing the count makes you want to sew.

  35. Angela Neese says:

    108 blocks – plus borders and putting together 2 queen-sized quilts for 2 granddaughters! My friend, Jill quilted them, now I’m furiously finishing the bindings so I can (finally) make a quilt for myself.

  36. Crystal F says:

    120 blocks for me….busy month because of Quilts of Valor National Sew Day!

  37. Julie M. says:

    February always seems like a long month to me as well.
    I got off to a slow start making blocks but did get 6 tops sandwiched and so far 4 of them quilted and binding attached. Getting those tops done helped me to get my block making mojo back I surprised myself with a total block count of 74. And I finished a UFO flimsy that has been hanging over my head. Welcome March!

  38. Wanda Marvel says:

    I got 15 blocks in February.

  39. Cathy Wight says:

    February Solar Flare Block’s – 132.

  40. Sue Norfleet says:

    50 blocks! And I wasn’t able to sew as much as I wanted.

  41. Paula Mullet says:

    I had 188 blocks this month. I am doing the Temecula “mystery” and I have made 87 blocks for that, 92 for two stash busting projects and the rest for small projects. Thank you for organizing this Shelly, it is really fun!

  42. Judy Sovereign says:

    Well I made 109 blocks. Quilted 2 one a King and the other a throw. Got the king binding all done but have to finish the throw. Need to get some of those blocks set together. Glad your loosing the boot.

  43. Janet D says:

    I made 96 blocks in February, and finished the month by tearing apart my sewing space. No gradual organizing here, just take it to bare bones and start over…what ever was I thinking! Hope to finish this week so I can sew again.

  44. Cheryl says:

    I did 36 blocks for February and finished three ufos.

  45. Clara Chandler says:

    12 blocks for February.
    I’m leading the mystery quilt at my LQS again this year and the blocks are big (16 1/2 x 16 1/2) so 8 made for this project so far. 4 blocks made for the Perfect 5 sampler quilt and I’m stitching the rows together next. A tote was made for my granddaughter’s Valentine gift–no blocks. Good to hear the boot is coming off, Shelly.

  46. Pam Martin says:

    Only 31 blocks.

  47. Barbara says:

    February was more productive, I made 69 blocks.

  48. Wendy says:

    47 for me. Been a slower month!

  49. Marsha Y. says:

    Put aside most of my quilting projects to finish farm taxes this month. I did manage to get 4 blocks completed. Hopefully I will have more blocks next month since I have been working on hundreds of units that will make up blocks for March. Understand the boot slowing you down as it stopped me in my tracks. hope you get well soon.

  50. Louise says:

    It was another great month for sewing. But, there was one big difference from January. The view out my window in January was snow and gray skies. The view out the window in February was the ocean and blue skies. The sound and sight of the ocean was amazing.

    I finished 190 blocks this month.

  51. Emma says:

    I only finished 4, I’m so behind this month! But I’m making stained glass style blocks out of my scraps and decided to make them finish at 12 inches… So it was slow going. I made 2 with red scraps and 2 with orange.

  52. Stephanie says:

    Everyone has been so productive. Well done!
    My total for Feb is 55. 1 tunnel, 21 string, 30 random rails and a strippy top that I will call 4 blocks.

  53. Rose Marie Smith says:

    I just plugged along this month. 10 pieced strips for a long ago UFO that I am trying to finish. 5 globes, 3 Branch Out and 4 borders for a round robin……making a total of 22 blocks. I also made 4 pillowcases.
    I probably won’t hit a high like January for quite a while. I want to finish stuff.

  54. Karrin Hurd says:

    My total was 64 blocks. Glad you will be out of your boot soon!

  55. katie z. says:

    48 blocks for February, for 181 (hopefully) for the year!


    Thanks for hosting!

  56. Debi F says:

    A little late to report this party, but 84 blocks for February. Love being busy during snow season!

  57. Mary Durham says:

    I surprised myself when I looked at my tally card. I had 45 blocks for the month. I had forgotten about some I did the first few days of the month.

  58. Joy Dabney says:

    22 blocks made for February.

  59. Linda Knight says:

    156 for me. Then I started setting the rows together on a new quilt.

  60. Beverly says:

    Sorry so late. Let’s say 25 for me. I am trying to finish three quilts. Hopefully they will get finished by the middle of the month, so I can start a baby quilt and work on my memory quilt. Three more blocks to make before figuring layout and the fill in blocks. I have the sewing room almost organized.

  61. mimisdarlins says:

    Nice blocks! Sorry I’m late reporting….29 blocks for me in February. I’d hoped for more but that’s how it goes. I have a number of quilts on the agenda, so maybe I’ll have a bigger total for March 🙂

  62. Christopher Thomas says:

    It was a nice month. I was able to get 334 blocks done and sent 22 quilts to the quilters to be quilted. Will be so glad to get a quilting machine so that I can do some of these myself.

    I have been good about working on my hand towels each night for one hour so I have been able to keep that up. Hope March holds the same.

  63. Meloney Funk says:

    I got 41 done. I feel like I’m behind my normal year. I’ve not been as focused and started crocheting again. I need to balance those two.

  64. Donita M says:

    I didn’t get much sewn for February. Completed 5 blocks. Dr released me to drive and I pushed myself to start moving more so I could get back to work the first of March. Now to get back into a “regular” routine. Hopefully March will see me at the sewing machine more…

  65. Patty says:

    I got 47 blocks done!! I love using scrap sq. that I already have cut. Hopefully I can keep on sewing!!

  66. Danice says:

    Goodness, I made no, zero, blocks in February. So much going on. ‘Will be sewing again very soon.

  67. Judy Smith says:

    I had 7 blocks in February. Sorry I’m so late.

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