February 350 Blocks Report

Posted on February 28, 2019 by prairiemoonquilts in 350 Blocks Project

Well, the short month is over, but winter is still hanging on really tight, much to my annoyance. But then, too, it has kept me inside sewing, so I can’t complain about that part!

This month I ended up with a block total of 34.

Here’s what I worked on . . .

I made four more blocks for my third version of my Summertime Sampler BOM quilt. Here’s one of them, and you can see two more of them HERE.

I made a guild exchange block for my friend Ginny. It’s a 3D Pinwheel from Christmas fabric. I made this little embroidered Valentine wall quilt (see the entire thing HERE):

I made 20 blocks for this wheelchair lap quilt (each block is made up of three 4-patches and a floral plain square — I didn’t count the row down the right side or the row across the bottom):

I completed one Improv Herringbone block. This is from a tutorial by Amy Garro at 13 Spools.

I finished Block 1 of the Hospital Sketches Quilt-Along. Block 2 came out yesterday, so I’m excited to get started on that!

I finished the first section of my Orphan Block quilt, and I’m counting each section as one block. Section 2 is underway, so I might get this one finished this year!

I made this block and posted it as a free pattern HERE:

And I made four Christmas ornaments for the Vintage Christmas Ornaments Quilt-Along. It started HERE last week, and Ornament #1 was posted on Tuesday, if you want to join along in that one. Here’s one of my ornaments. You can see the others HERE.

So there you have it! My month of sewing! How was your month of sewing?

It’s your turn to let us all know what you got done! Leave a comment or contact me with your numbers, and I’ll get them posted as soon as I can.

I’ve updated the Project Page with all the latest numbers. Our new block total for March is 27 blocks, for a year-to-date total of 65.

Our January prize winner is Karen C., who started off her first report with 14 blocks in January!

I hope we all get some good sewing time in March. Happy Stitching!

68 responses to “February 350 Blocks Report”

  1. I worked on blocks from several projects and have a total of 37 for February.

  2. Peggy Long says:

    I’ve been working on what I’m calling my “Disappearing Scraps” quilt. I made 20 11.5″ blocks , each made up of 4 disappearing 4 patch blocks. I also made 16 11.5″ disappearing 9 patch blocks for this quilt, but with the advice of my daughter (a very busy quilter), I’m saving those for another disappearing scrap quilt. In addition, I also made 33 11.5″ triple sashing strips and 30 3.5″ 9 patch cornerstones that my daughter calls ” chuck wagons” (like the purina logo). Since many of the sashing strips had to be pieced even within the color strips from scraps, I’m counting them as blocks. This brings my total for the month to 99. Skills worked on: consistent 1/4″ seams, nesting seams, 4 and 9 patch pattern usage. Skills perfected: NONE ha! Am still working on sewing blocks together, and thinking about making 1 or 2 borders to make this a queen sized quilt.

  3. Joanne says:

    I have a total of 30 for February, bringing my total for the year to date to 101!

    I have to dive into tax prep, so I think it March will be a slow quilting month for me, we’ll see.


  4. Wendy says:

    February was a very snowy month here, and I spent quite a few days holed up in my sewing room. I had 96 blocks this month.

  5. Janet M Smith says:

    I spent a lot of time sewing this month but only had 68 blocks. Seems like it should have been a lot more than that!

  6. Cynthia says:

    I got 73 blocks completed. A good sewing month for me.

  7. Stephanie says:

    Oh Shelly, you had a really good month. Lots of fun variety there.
    I had a great month. I made 75 blocks and a quilt top out of just 5 pieces, so I am calling that one block for a total of 76. The best part is that only 24 of those blocks are left, the rest are all in finished quilts. Wow, that never happens.

  8. sharonG says:

    I have 63 for February — a pretty good month for me

  9. Janet D says:

    I didn’t think I’d have anything for the month since all of February’s sewing was parts for blocks. In the last few days I decided I needed to see something for all those hours and got a count of 26.

  10. Julie M. says:

    I was on a Mission Trip in Kenya for 2 weeks but was able to get 25 done before I went.

  11. Clara Chandler says:

    I can submit 44 blocks to my count for this month. Two
    Block of the Month projects and paper pieced blocks for a larger quilt kept me occupied this month. Thank goodness! We had an unusual snow event, leaving 23″ on the ground and that kept us housebound for 3 days. It took forever to shovel the driveway.
    Now, I have to investigate the Vintage Ornament project you’ve teased us with…LOL!

  12. Tia says:

    I was lazy and got only 2 blocks done this month. On the other hand, I completed 4 law school applications, which are very, very lengthy!

  13. Becky says:

    I made 19 blocks for a wedding quilt! The quilt is done! YEAH!

  14. Maxine E says:

    I made a total of 44 blocks to finish off my Hunter’s Star Wedding Quilt. Just waiting for thread to arrive in the mail to start quilting it.

  15. Mary D. says:

    I had a total of 32 blocks. I have several cut, so I think the March total will be higher.

  16. Crystal F says:

    45 Quilt of Valor blocks…lots of red, white, and blue!

  17. Karen E. says:

    I made 228 blocks in February. Many of them are two-part 4” rail fence blocks, so they went very fast. They’re being sewn into a charity quilt too, which I should be able to complete this week.

    All the blocks you worked on this month are very eye-catching!

  18. Cheryl says:

    I spent a lot of time sewing again this month. I had 307 blocks and finished six UFOs and sent five quilts to be quilted. I know this won’t last, once the weather gets better, so I’m hitting it hard while I can.. lol.

  19. Julie A Craven says:

    Great job. I have been and still am on vacation, sew……………I did not sew at all in February. Very sad face, I miss my sewing machine and all my fabric. I will be home on March 5th, and you can bet your button I will be making up for lost time. Good job everyone

  20. Sandy says:

    Lots of quilting and some sewing but no completed blocks in February. There will be a lot of components coming together this month, so I’ll be able to catch up!

  21. Angie in SoCal says:

    I surprised myself and made 57 blocks. Most of them for a baby quilt top, string blocks, new project blocks, and a mini quilt of one block. You did good, Shelley!

  22. Elaine Walker says:

    My total isn’t as high as I felt it would be. Made 7 double star blocks to finish up my bee quilt from last year. 6 friendship stars for a QOV quilt. 16 to finish a UFO also from last year. 12 blocks for the rainbow scrap challenge. So a total of 41 blocks.

  23. Marcia in TX says:

    36 blocks total. This sure is keeping me busy. Thanks. I’m planning on doing Step Ladder by Jordan Fabrics this month… How do you count the block numbers for that?… By each 2 rows equalling one block? Sure beats the blocks with 25 pieces each this month with 5 piece sashing.
    You have been really busy this month. Kudos.

  24. Ginny says:

    Great going, Shelly! And I know you quilted several that were in your pile of personal quilts that only needed quilting.
    Good month for me. Sewing machine at the repair shop for a while but therefore lots of quilt cutting done.
    Pieced a small table octagon, pieced a ufo that was valentines orientated, and pieced a ufo lap quilt. The months total is 56 bocks. Good start for the year. My slow down will I need to quilt all of them and the ones from last month.

  25. 30 more blocks for me! Not bad since it was a month of travelling, doctor’s appointments and tests!
    Here’s the link to my blogs g post:
    Carol Andrews

  26. Randy Menninghaus says:

    69….. strange how being house bound adds to the count.

  27. Diana S says:

    Love your pictures and need to check out the links.
    As for me I had a not so productive month! Thank heavens I was on a table runner kick. Those 3 accounted for 13 blocks! Then 1 for the last block in the 2018 Kaffe mystery. Also jumped on the 52 blocks in 52 weeks. It’s on Facebook and it’s being done by the Canadian guilds. 6 blocks made for that. Grand total of 20 for the month! Need to have a good March!

  28. Debi Franklin says:

    Finished a baby quilt, and in process with a string quilt now. My total for February is 46.

  29. Christi Bentley says:

    55 for me. Finished QOV blocks, did a few for my main UFO challenge, my summertime sampler block and a couple of the filler sections for that, and then just leader/ender blocks that came together between sewing rows and tops together. Congrats to all!

  30. I had a total of 37 blocks: 30 string blocks, 4 for the Hand-Pieced QAL, a mermaid block, 1 Flourishes applique, and a Hospital Sketches applique.

  31. Louise says:

    This has been a good month for sewing. It was too snowy and icy to go anywhere.😉 I made 110 blocks this month and have two quilt tops ready to quilt.

  32. Phillis Harding says:

    I love all the blocks you got finished this month. I was able to piece 111 blocks this month and finished 3 tops. I hope to get them quilted this month. I did manage to quilt 2 queen sized tops this month and did the binding by machine for the first time ever.

  33. G. Catherine Wight says:

    We have been snowed in quite a bit this month so I completed 53 blocks. Most were for a challenge project using Victoria Findlay-Wolfe’s pattern ‘Thunderstruck ‘, but I finished about a dozen blocks for a crazy quilt I’ve been working on for many, many years. I’m getting so close to being done with it and am VERY excited about that!!!

  34. Paula Mullet says:

    I finished 76 blocks. I made a bunch of small blocks with Temecula Quilt Company’s “One Block Wednesday.” I made 6 to finish up my Bonnie Hunter “Scrappy Trip Around the World.” A final 22″ block was turned into a chair cushion for my mother-in-law. Thanks for all the work you do on this project.

  35. Karen says:

    Oh what a lovely surprise to have won the give-away! Thank you so very much! I’ll certainly look forward to that.
    I managed to reach the goal of 24 this month. I’m finding shooting for a goal is very helpful.
    All your blocks are wonderful, especially that applique one. Just beautiful! And thank you once again, for your kindness and all you share with us!

  36. Tonia says:

    46 blocks= February Count–I am surprised at what I got done! I have one oversized lap quilt at the quilter’s for a May graduation–a good feeling for sure! Several blocks on a Christmas quilt for a wedding in Sept. are done, and a May birthday gift well on its way. What a great feeling. Loved seeing photos of your progress!

  37. Amanda M. says:

    I only managed to make 69 blocks this past snowy and icy month but only fell once on the ice, scaring the cow I went down in front of. I had hoped to get more sewing done but just taking care of everything else took precedence. Spring can’t come soon enough but more snow and extreme cold is in the forecast.

  38. Aileen Kline says:

    No sewing this month. I helped my daughter pack her apartment and move it all to storage in Seattle. Then drove 3600 miles home to Florida. It took us 6 days because we were so physically battered from lugging all that stuff. We are both disabled. I thought we would never get home.
    Since arriving we have been moving furniture around to make a room for her to call her own.
    My sewing room is trashed. So the next few days will be spent organizing it. The room we emptied for her was my old sewing room. So I have to figure out how to get 4 extra sewing machines stowed into my reg sewing room, plus dozens and dozens of odds and end.
    I will sew if it kills me! HA HA! Sigh.

  39. Sharon Gratz says:

    Only 29 blocks this month. The flu takes it’s toll.

  40. Debbi says:

    Love all your blocks Shelly! You sure are on fire this month. I again did 0 blocks. Sewing machine is still buried under fabric I’m moving around to reorganize my sewing room. Making slow progress but soon I hope… Have a retreat in a couple of weeks so should have some blocks for March for sure.

  41. Betty K says:

    I thought I had already posted my Feb block count. I made 75 blocks for the month. I am involved in the BOW (Canadian) and a BOM. Also, still making cat mats – total of 8 for the month. Finished one quilt and working on several other quilt tops. I will be gone for a week in April to see my son in NJ so I am trying to keep up with my projects.

  42. Joan says:

    Four quilts completed in February. 68 blocks done in February. Many of them are 4″ (unfinished) string blocks from selvages and narrow strips saved over the years. The bucket I keep the strings in still looks as full as when I started–sigh!

  43. Sherry says:

    Even though it was a cold and snowy month it was also a busy one so only 27 blocks this month but I am hoping March will be more productive.

  44. Marlene Clausen says:

    Total of 87. 16 were star blocks for the top I made for a Quilt of Valor on National QOV Sew Day. The rest are for my first new project of the year. I never count QOV’s as new projects as I only make the tops and then they are shipped to Liberty, MO to be finished and presented. Will, likely, start quilting the new-make early next week. Am determined to finish every “new” project this year!!

  45. Deanna says:

    35 blocks which contributed to 3 finished tops. I wasn’t expecting quite that much and feel positive about the month.

  46. Scarlett says:

    Well, I can’t find any record of blocks I made for February – I did quite a bit of machine quilting, though. However, Jason was a sewing machine – he made 77 blocks!

  47. KT says:

    I worked on lots of different projects, making a few blocks for each, for a total of 25 for the month. Love seeing all your happy blocks!

  48. Linda Knight says:

    After my great start in January I have made no blocks at all in February. I have quilted one quilt and bound 2 for wedding gifts so this was not a total wasted month

  49. Rose Marie says:

    I did 201 in February. The last 3 took almost as much time as the first 198. I will not be producing as many blocks in the future as two very easy quilts now have all the blocks made. Onward to much more complicated things.

  50. Diane Jarvis says:

    Well I am at least now on the board with 5 blocks! Hope to have more this month. I am attending a 3 day retreat this month!!

  51. Christopher Thomas says:

    Well this has been a crazy month. Most of the time I can only sew on the weekends because of work, but I got layed off at the first of the month, so what is one to do, no need to dwell on what is not there, so I threw myself to the sewing machine.

    I got a total of 28 quilts made and ready to go to be quilted.

    So my block count for the month is 1,456.

    March will not be as much, because they called us all back to work so I will be only cutting out quilts during the week and sewing them together on the weekends.

    Happy quilting one and all

  52. Beverly Vendt says:

    I started and finished one quilt top using 39 blocks, started a fidgety quilt for 6 blocks, and 3 blocks on attic window quilt for granddaughter. So 48 blocks for February. I have been very busy volunteering last month, trying to get everything ready for a graduation. Glad to be done with that and hoping to sew since snow and cold is on the way. Hope to finish the fidgety quilt and would love to finish the quilt for my granddaughter. We will see if I can get motivated tomorrow to sew as I watch the snow come down.

  53. Paula says:

    64 blocks, for a secret Christmas gift, ( can not post pictures on social media as the recipient follows me!) plus one slow stitch block.

  54. Judy Smith says:

    33 blocks for me this month.

  55. Susan. S says:

    I made 5 Kaffe blocks for step 10 of the mystery and 20 more for step 7. I also started a 52 blocks in 52 weeks thing and made 4 of those. So 29 all together.

  56. Barbara B says:

    I made 121 blocks in February

  57. Joy Dabney says:

    22 blocks for February. I like having a goal to strive for makes me sew more.

  58. michele says:

    I was at 42 blocks for February. Some of my definitions of “block” had to be stretched- I made a Christmas tree top and a pixelated owl top, and counted each sewn-together strip as a block.

  59. Susan says:

    About 10. There were lots of school cancellation days, so had a lot of grandkid time. The boys actually did some sewing too. They like to push the buttons on the sewing machine to set stitches, and guide the fabric..

  60. Sherry V. says:

    Your blocks are terrific. Glad to see that you were able to show us more eye candy!

    I had to check my counts so here I am at the tail end of reporting in.

    Please add 13 blocks to my total.

    I did another 6 crumb blocks, 6 boxed square blocks and 1 block for guild.

    Thank you so much.

  61. Marsha Y. says:

    I only got 23 blocks done this month. Had planned on getting a couple of complete quilt tops done, but just didn’t happen. Did get some customer quilt tops quilted, so guess February wasn’t a total loss.

  62. Julie Kennedy says:

    I ended up with 27 blocks for February.

  63. Pam Martin says:

    90 blocks for me this month. I finished one easy queen size quilt at a retreat and 2 baby quilts in February.

  64. Danice says:

    Oh goodness, ‘forgot to report! I completed 29 blocks in February.

  65. Raewyn says:

    I’ve been a little slow to tally up and just have 11 to report for February (which I’ve only just written about on my blog!) Well done on your 34!

  66. Wendy O says:

    February was NOT my Star Month. Fact! It is hard to accomplish much when the sewing area is in 2 rooms and then the stuff is shifted around for a re-model! Fact!
    But, did get some sewing done! Finished a UFO of atleast5 yrs old. 7 blocks + figuring out a nice setting ( I call that 8 blocks). Then decided to start the 52 blocks in 52 weeks with other friends, 5 blocks and…..that’s it! 13 blocks!

  67. Susan N. says:

    You had a GREAT February! I love your Hospital Sketches block. I was on vacation and didn’t report in, but I only had 13 blocks for February because of being gone.

  68. Shirley says:

    I completed 25 blocks is February.

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